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Contributiones problematic[modificar fonte]

Please stop your unwanted Special:Contributiones/Samuele2002

Creating categories
  • 22:11, 3 martio 2017 (diff | hist) . . (+1)‎ . . Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de stato soveran, pais, stato membro del Union Europee, social state, member state of the Council of Europe, stato membro Nationes Unite, unitary state ‎
  • 22:10, 3 martio 2017 (diff | hist) . . (+20)‎ . . N Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de stato soveran, pais, stato membro del Union Europee, social state, member state of the Council of Europe, stato membro Nationes Unite, unitary state ‎ (Pagina create con 'CategoryWikidata')
  • 22:37, 26 februario 2017 (diff | hist) . . (0)‎ . . Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de determinator for date of periodic occurrence ‎
  • 22:37, 26 februario 2017 (diff | hist) . . (+22)‎ . . N Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de determinator for date of periodic occurrence ‎ (Pagina create con 'Categoria:Wikidaya')
  • 22:32, 26 februario 2017 (diff | hist) . . (+21)‎ . . N Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de communa de Italia, localitate populate ‎ (Pagina create con 'Category:Wikidata') (ultime)
outdated template calls

The standard template call is {{infobox/typo/entitate territorial administrative}} NOT {{Infobox entitate territorial administrative}}.

... 16:01, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)

Okay, but the cancellation is not the best way to correct whereas with your revert you canceled the corrections to the text that I had done. And also you should explain the reasons for the revert object --Samuele2002 (discussion) 16:06, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
user: --Samuele2002 (discussion) 16:07, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)

OK. E gratias pro adjutar! Si io vide un problem, io vade a explicar hic o in le commentario. 16:10, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)

Communa de Italia[modificar fonte]

Pro favor vide https://ia.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bagnolo_Mella&curid=40839&action=history re categoria e re termino municipalitate77.180.120.128 16:17, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)

Tu pote adjuatar, facer un favor? In Categoria:Instantia de communa de Italia existe paginas con "(comune)" - tu pote renominar illes a "(communa)"? E cuando existe ", Calabria" renominar a " (Calabria)"? 16:23, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)

user: I'll take care immediately --Samuele2002 (discussion) 19:18, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
Multe Gratias! Re Usator:Samuele2002/Sandbox Multe de le ligamines incoming es a causa de patronos, p.e. https://ia.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Patrono:Municipalitates_del_Calabria&diff=568844&oldid=568843 . Anque in futuro meglio renominar ", Calabria" anque a " (communa)" - si existe solo un communa. Parece que ", Calabria" viene de Wikipedia ingles. 21:18, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
user: Prego :) For the next page moving it.wikipedia look to see if putting (Calabria) or (Communa). --Samuele2002 (discussion) 21:28, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
For now I keep in case of homonyms (Calabria) then I will assess whether it is better to move pages to (Italia) who homonyms with no Italian cities --Samuele2002 (discussion) 21:33, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
No, in this Wikipedia dab should primarily done by type. Only if two things have the same name and type then more should be added. See Categoria:Instantia de film, Categoria:Instantia de taxon - the first thing that is added is the type, namely film, taxon. Then a specifier for time is added "film de <anno>", "taxon de <anno>" or a superclass "taxon de <nomine de superclasse>". To add "(Italia)" for things with an Italian base name, is bad, it will only result in further moving of pages. 21:58, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
user: Okay I get it thanks --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:20, 12 martio 2017 (UTC)
Multe gratias! 02:59, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)

Grazie mille for killing more commas that maybe have been imported from English Wikipedia. In le pagina https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandela existe solo un communa, correcte es Mandela (communa) no Mandela (Lazio). 21:22, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)

Ok Thanks --Samuele2002 (discussion) 21:24, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)

I could not find a way to filter all pages in the category which have "," or "(". But in this list https://petscan.wmflabs.org/?psid=821236 one can see all pages and search in the browser for ",". Could you just rename all pages that have dab to "... (communa)"? Further conflicts can be solved later, but then at least the existing pages are fixed. BTW: With (Lazio) there is another problem, since some people seem to have the opinion that in Interlingua it is "Latio" not "Lazio". Proper names in the dab only create more sources for conflict. 22:02, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)

user: Thanks for the link. For (Lazio) -> (Latio) stand corrected immediately. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:09, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)
No! As explained above the type shall be in the dab. And not all people agee that it should be Latio! I wrote "some people seem to have the opinion..." 22:26, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)
Usator: Into Interlingua Lazio is Latio so I think goes well move pages from (Lazio) to (Latio) saw that all the pages of the municipalities of Lazio have written Latio and not so for Lazio also bring it to page content I think the right way is in Anyway (Latio). --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:38, 13 martio 2017 (UTC)
See above "No, in this Wikipedia dab should primarily done by type." You replied "Okay I get it thanks". "Lazio"/"Latio" is not a type. It is location. There are often things at the same location that have a different type. Dab goes by type. You don't write "Terminator (USA)" but "Terminator (film)". 00:05, 14 martio 2017 (UTC)

https://ia.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Recerca&search=comune - only 4 found via this search: Vajont (comune), Valtournenche (comune), Valpelline (comune), Tirolo (comune) 17:47, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 20:42, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

Can you rename Patrono:Municipalitates del Lombardia to Patrono:Navbox/articulo/communa de Italia in Lombardia? Other should be moved too, but since you are adding this, to new articles, this one seems the most important. It should have Navbox as prefix, and should have "/" because that generates a navigation on the template page. And it should have articulo, since it is related to the article namespace. 21:35, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

usator: Done ;) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:03, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

The recent Bione (Italia) is ambiguous, since there is Bione - quartiere di Lecco. Maybe avoid (Italia) for communas de Italia and use (communa) or the province name. 22:02, 26 martio 2017 (UTC)

Infobox[modificar fonte]

Can you rename Patrono:Infobox Settlement to Patrono:Infobox/articulo/entitate territorial? 1) Settlement is not interlingua. 2) The infoboxes are named according to the namespace, e.g. "articulo", "appendice", "projecto", see Special:Indice_de_prefixos/Patrono:Infobox/ . The "typo" infoboxes all belong to the article space and are carefully replaced or turned into redirects. 17:12, 14 martio 2017 (UTC)

I move the page immediately --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:15, 14 martio 2017 (UTC)
Usator: Done. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:21, 14 martio 2017 (UTC)

Great help! And now when looking at Special:Indice de prefixos/Patrono:Infobox/ I see I made a mistake, it should include "instantia de", so Patrono:Infobox/articulo/instantia de entitate territorial. Could you move again? The boxes are not for classes like "provinces of Italy" but for individual instances, like "province of Rome". That is what "typo" was for, it is used for instantiating a member of a class. 17:32, 14 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done ;) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 19:33, 15 martio 2017 (UTC)

Great! Thank you! Two more of general importance, number 1: Patrono:Infobox to Patrono:Infobox generic. Name is derived from nl:Sjabloon:Infobox generiek. Reason: It will then be possible to include in articles {{infobox}} without "/" , this will make the typing easier, and editors can spend their time on other stuff. The "/" looks a bit alien in article source code. This Wikipedia uses one infobox template and it automatically selects what actual subtemplate will be included. After you move, only two or three templates need to be adjusted, and one has a further technical improvement in this Wiki. 17:19, 16 martio 2017 (UTC) I moved the page, but it's best that I move also subpages? https://ia.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Indice_de_prefixos/Patrono:Infobox/ --Samuele2002 (discussion) 20:22, 16 martio 2017 (UTC)
No, subpages shall stay. Now all the other stuff is adjusted, and the replacement tracking updated at Patrono:Infobox, now without "/". Here is number 2: Patrono:Infobox/articulo to Patrono:Infobox/articulo/. Then the article space related code in Patrono:Infobox can be moved to Patrono:Infobox/articulo. There the code will decide what to do, include a specific subtemplate or use the all-article default template Patrono:Infobox/articulo/. 22:55, 16 martio 2017 (UTC)
usator: I moved Patrono: Infobox/articulo to Patrono: Infobox/articulo/. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 10:19, 17 martio 2017 (UTC)

Disambiguation[modificar fonte]

Categoria:Wikipedia:Disambiguation - pages you move from "," to "()" should appear there. Good? 18:34, 15 martio 2017 (UTC)

Usator: It is good idea --Samuele2002 (discussion) 19:58, 15 martio 2017 (UTC)

Comma: Canna, Calabria, Cardinale, Calabria, Filadelfia, Calabria, Grimaldi, Calabria, Pizzo, Calabria, Samo, Calabria, San Lorenzo, Calabria Sant'Onofrio, Calabria Savelli, Calabria Scilla, Calabria, Sellia, Calabria, Subiaco, Lazio, Taverna, Calabria, Tivoli, Lazio, Trenta, Calabria, Zumpano, Calabria 21:45, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

I found a way to create a tracking category, 394 in Categoria:Wikipedia:Nomine de pagina contine comma 00:56, 21 martio 2017 (UTC)

Usator: Great least it's easier to find the pages you want to move. The move from "," to "()" --Samuele2002 (discussion) 06:03, 21 martio 2017 (UTC)

https://petscan.wmflabs.org/?psid=835896 - all territorial entities outside USA that use comma. The links before did include items where comma is OK, e.g. in a title of a song. 22:03, 22 martio 2017 (UTC)

Okay Thanks. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:05, 22 martio 2017 (UTC)

Could you move the 9 outside Spain and USA, so that only two countries are problematic? https://petscan.wmflabs.org/?psid=836592 15:38, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Now I the move --Samuele2002 (discussion) 18:25, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)
https://petscan.wmflabs.org/?psid=836592 - two are left, 1x Calabria, 1x Vietnam. 19:32, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)
Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:22, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Please move Thanh Hoa to Thanh Hoa (citate), there is also a province, and a district. 16:00, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 18:26, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Mayorga, Leyte to Mayorga (Valladolid) 20:20, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:22, 23 martio 2017 (UTC)

Municipio de Espania to Municipalitate de Espania; Peñafiel, Spain to Peñafiel (Valladolid), Orbita, Spain to Orbita (Avila), La Sierpe, Spain to La Sierpe (Salamanca), Manzanillo, Spain to Manzanillo (Valladolid), Buenaventura (Spain) to Buenaventura (Toledo), Zamora (España) to Zamora (municipalitate de Espania), Cantagallo to Cantagallo (Salamanca) 18:23, 26 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done :) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 20:40, 26 martio 2017 (UTC)

I asked an admin to help with renaming, admins can do it without creating new redirects. There are already 241 redirects involving a comma, which makes the list of redirects less useful for humans, because harder to read. 22:37, 26 martio 2017 (UTC)

usator: It is true it would be useful to suppress the creation of redirect. And even eliminate redirect of this type would serve. In fact I was thinking of making application to become administrator (I am administrator on it.wikiversity beta.wikiversity test.Wikipedia and test2.Wikipedia) what do you think? --Samuele2002 (discussion) 12:30, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)
Maybe that would be good. But probably you need more knowledge in interlingua to be accepted by others editors. I don't care, because you understand the language good enough for changing "," to "()". But maybe better to wait a bit more. Only 250 left and an admin is helping. 23:31, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

Langa, Castile-Leon to Langa (Avila) - in Spain should use the province name, like most of the others. Otherwise too chaotic. 23:31, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

Adminship[modificar fonte]

re "In fact I was thinking of making application to become administrator (I am administrator on it.wikiversity beta.wikiversity test.Wikipedia and test2.Wikipedia) what do you think?"

You help a lot, you ask if you don't understand, you react to suggestions. You know probably the admin tools at least a bit because you are admin in other places. You speak English and Italian. There is some stuff to do here which needs admin rights. But after the clean-up, for what would one need a local admin? I think, after the clean-up the focus should be on content creation. It would be good to have a bureaucrat to allow bots to work - and to have bots. This wiki is designed to not need much admin intervention, e.g. all disambiguation pages are at "X (disambiguation)", they never need to be moved, as people discuss and do in English Wikipedia. No local files - all come from Commons. And most of the files that are used, are defined in Wikidata - less work for humans here. Article space-pages are normally not deleted, even if someone creates a nonsense page under a valid page title, then the page is connected with Wikidata, the infobox added, some small words written and done. No need for deletion discussion etc. There is also no notability limit. Interlingua is made for a broad audience, if an item exits in Wikidata and some other Wikipedia or Wikispecies, then it can exist here.

This Wikipedia is probably the first to have infoboxes filled from Wikidata on all article pages. Categorization is partially automated, you have seen this for "( )", but categorization also uses P31 and P279 from Wikidata. It goes back to the basics and is more democratic - no 'elite' to decide what is notable etc. Even having no local admins could be an option. The few things to do -after clean-up-, could be done by stewards, which hopefully have less conflict of interest, since they are not involved in editing here. 01:06, 28 martio 2017 (UTC)

OK I got it. ;) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 22:13, 2 april 2017 (UTC)
One admin here deleted lots of pages about isotopes, offering no explanantion. Another installed a block/filter that makes creating small pages more complicated. And today one admin decided to block Radiologia to enforce his view on what content the article should have, calling the edits of the opponent vandalism and refusing to explain. Also his command of interlingua is very bad, I wonder why he was elected as admin. I hope for his admin right abuse he will get his admin status removed. He even made the block cascading, so only admins can now edit several of the main infobox templates. One has to clean up after him almost every time he creates a new page (infobox missing, Latin/English content, file included in top, often left centered, instead of using the infobox). What a luck he is not very productive with article creation. User:Holder was very helpful, the ","-place name dabs have all be converted to "()". Maybe better if only you, FritzVonHomburg and Holder would be admins here. 02:21, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

Hola Senior anonymo de ! Io spero que tenea tu bona tempo hic et io gaude de tu contributiones como le patronos de info box. Io es administrator perque io respecto le regulas e essaie supporte totes include tu. Tracta per favore crea conta de Usor.--Jondel (discussion) 06:10, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

No, you don't respect the rules, you created Oncologia but didn't connect it in Wikidata, this behavior is very common with your articles. Also you again inserted images in the article introduction, left bound, so they appear before the text, while images for articles should be included via the right-hand infobox. Also you still have the block on radiologia active, which prevents that non-admins improve the infoboxes. The boxes are essential for tracking, categorization and display of data from Wikidata. And you did use your admin rights in a content dispute you were involved, which clearly is abuse of these rights. Admin intervention is really a mess in this Wiki. Much harm has been done. For several months one cannot create short pages, e.g. no redirects, and no pages via Wikipedia:Autopagina without inserting some unneeded text. We should remove all admin rights and let User:Holder or other stewards intervene if there is something to do that only a user with admin rights can do. 08:31, 4 april 2017 (UTC)
It is true some administrators are doing strange actions. The problem of the removal of the flag is that of admin should be asked Steward and serves a good motivation (or inactivity or a vote). You need an admin to undo what they are wrong in other admin in particular remove the protection on pages where it is not needed and review the anti-abuse filters. Holder It was a lot of help with those movements (I am now proceeding to fix links to pages that have moved). Works for me to become a director and Holder is already global administrator, however, it would be useful also he became administrator also where the flag would be very useful in FritzVonHomburg . For the flag assignment should contact one of the two bureaucrats ( JCB or Julian Mendez) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 09:50, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

Renomination[modificar fonte]

Please move Adjuta:Traduction de contento to Wikipedia:Traduction de contento - the help-namespace isn't used in this Wiki, all help is either in the project-namespace (Wikipedia:) or on meta.wikimedia.org or mediawiki.org 16:17, 24 martio 2017 (UTC)

usator: Done. But because it is not used the namespace Adjuta? --Samuele2002 (discussion) 19:46, 24 martio 2017 (UTC)
This page is now also connected in Wikidata. If you look at the other sitelinks (interwiki), then you see, several use Wikipedia:, other Help:. Italian uses Help: (Aiuto) for this item. Since it was translated from Italian it ended up being in Adjuta:. All project pages (Wikipedia:) are help pages. To simplify operation, only the project space is used in this Wiki. This Wiki has more Help, Category and Template pages than real articles. And almost no daily editor, currently you and Fritz are the only ones. The benefit of one namespace for project stuff: All pages in one special page: https://ia.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Tote_le_paginas?from=&to=&namespace=4 23:09, 24 martio 2017 (UTC)
I understood, thanks --Samuele2002 (discussion) 07:25, 25 martio 2017 (UTC)

CII-10 to CIM-10 - the term choosen is "Maladia", see Classification International de Maladias. 15:10, 25 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:27, 25 martio 2017 (UTC)

Conosa to Conosea, the previous renaming was wrong, as the page is for the taxon with rank "class", not "subphylum". Restore old name. 18:05, 25 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 18:09, 25 martio 2017 (UTC)

Grammatica de Interlingua to Grammatica de interlingua, compare others in Categoria:Interlingua 00:09, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done --Samuele2002 (discussion) 12:32, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

Lolita to Lolita (libro), in Wikidata it say the item connected to the page is a book. There are also two films named "Lolita". After that link the plain name to Lolita (disambiguation). 02:10, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

Great help, thank you! 08:34, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

Disney to The Walt Disney Company 17:33, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

Done sorry if I answer only now. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 14:21, 15 april 2017 (UTC)
No problem! You moved it quick, and it was easy to see it in your contributions :-) 14:27, 16 april 2017 (UTC)
:) --Samuele2002 (discussion) 14:38, 16 april 2017 (UTC)

Admin Jondel[modificar fonte]

List[modificar fonte]

  • 15:57, 3 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 3 dies (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, non pote modificar su proprie pagina de discussion) (Elimination de contento de paginas)
  • 21:12, 3 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Radiologia [Modificar=Permitter solmente al administratores] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al administratores] (infinite) [in cascada] (Vandalismo excessive) (hist)
  • 09:33, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 3 dies (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, non pote modificar su proprie pagina de discussion)
  • 09:41, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 3 dies (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate, non pote modificar su proprie pagina de discussion)
  • 09:44, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 3 dies (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate, non pote modificar su proprie pagina de discussion)
  • 09:52, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Discussion Usator:Jondel [Modificar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) (hist)
  • 09:53, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Sutura chirurgic [Modificar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) (hist)
  • 09:54, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Antonio Pigafetta [Modificar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) (hist)
  • 09:56, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Resistor [Modificar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) (hist)
  • 10:00, 4 april 2017 Jondel (Discussion | contributiones) protegeva Phase (materia) [Modificar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) [Renominar=Permitter solmente al usatores autoconfirmate] (infinite) (hist)

Discussion[modificar fonte]

Thank you for your intervention on his talk page. Some of the problematic edit-actions are logged there until he blocked page access. He is re-introducing old infobox-calls (e.g. infobox/typo/persona), plural category names that don't match any article name and never will Category:Exploratores, simply wrong category names ("Categoria:Maladia Cancere", article is Cancere (maladia)), and protection pages wherever he wants to keep his way of managing article content. 10:08, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

Now handing out names "troll", "terrorist", shouting "ENOUGH" [1], one more time recommending high volume contributors, that know MediaWiki programming to go to "blogs" ... The IPs acted in good manner, discussing /content-edits/, asking about /content-edits/, explaining /content edits/ on Discussion Usator:Samuele2002, Discussion Usator:Holder, Discussion Usator:FritzVonHomburg. Nothing in that regard by Jondel. 10:16, 4 april 2017 (UTC)

It is very good that you are concerned about the quality of the articles, Mr Anonymous guy of ip I fear if we let you have your way you will create even more problems. Kindly create a user name and we can discuss more. Kindly respect our regulations here and don't antagonize. If you wish to contribute to the cause of knowledge or interlingua, you can blog. We have to work as a community here. Please understand that I am one of the earliest administrators here and in the English wiki.--Jondel (discussion) 10:19, 4 april 2017 (UTC)
Jondel, nowhere do you show where "regulations" were not respected - except with your own actions. You didn't respect them, because you abused your admin position in an editorial conflict. You even refuse to discuss by blocking your user talk page. Nowhere do you show what "problems" were created, beside that you reverted fixing infobox-links, singularization of category names and inserting "pecietta"-template, where this is calculated by the infobox. You also blocked infobox editing, nowhere did you provide an explanation for this. You revert and block and don't explain. You acted like a hooligan/vandal. There was problem-free cooperation between three registered users and IPs. The IPs initiated a lot of clean-up and improvements. Adding infoboxes, programming, connecting with Wikidata, creating new articles. iawiki is now over 20 000 articles. And there are still 10000 non-article pages, that need review. The whole Wikipedia is under review. And you severely interrupt the work by prohibiting infobox editing. 22:59, 5 april 2017 (UTC)

On his talk (IPs cannot reply there): " kindly check if he is the one who is vandalizing. There was no explanation for the removal of the image and his tone is very antagonizing. We 've been here a long time. Many of us are going to be here quite a long time. Please elicit the opinion of other collegue administrators first. As far as I see it I am not impeding his work now." - Of course the protections are hindering development. And "being here" is of no value, working here is of value. Now, look what contributions have been made by Jondel? Image spam insertion lefthand before article text, just the three recent examples Discussion:Amputation, Discussion:Chirurgia, Discussion:Radiologia. And on Resistor he inserts a weird stub template and immediately protects the page. There are 14400 stubs in Categoria:Wikipedia:Pecietta - is he going to categorize all content a second time? There is already the normal topic categorization. "Please elicit the opinion of other collegue administrators first." - The admins here are main source for problems. What one needs is the opinion of actual contributors. Today there was vandalism, which so far is very rare and it is a weird coincidence that it happened now. It was immediately detected and reported at Discussion Usator:Holder#Vandalism. Holder is VERY helpful. Images can be decided at the Taverna. 13:24, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

I am very glad that you are able to work with Holder. Please continue to do so. I will try to coordinate with him then. I regret that you don't like the resistor image. Why on God's earth do we have to remove the images and categories? --Jondel (discussion) 13:54, 6 april 2017 (UTC)
It is irrelevant if you are glad about my ability to work with Holder or not - the issue that currently exists is that your page protections hinder the developpment of this Wiki. Also, it is not that I don't like the image on Resistor, but I don't like to have it twice. Why did you insert the stub template with "technologia" and then protected Resistor? If you think that it falls under technologia, then fix the real categorization, because currently it is under Componentes electronic/Electronica/Physica/Scientias natural/Scientia. You are abusing your admin tools if you first change articles and then protect them against reversion. 19:05, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

Only in an emergency, or war, or military, friend, is it not necessary to not be able to work with others. It is totally relevant and crucial that you are able to work with others and contribute to the harmony and flow of the group. You really need to be more respectully of other people's works specially admins and guards, managers, etc in real life. They maintain that things run well. Regarding the resistor, I need to see a description. I am an electronic engineer by academic training. One image is absolutely fine by me. If you remove a category kindly replace it with a better one. It is unfair to make others restore a category. If there are others who object or you know would object, please put it up for votation, like what you recently did regarding images. I am not abusing admin tools nor am I your enemy. You really need to learn how to work in a community. Many of us worked hard to put this in place. We are likely to be here most of the time when you are gone. I am going to remove the protect at Resistor now. --Jondel (discussion) 15:06, 7 april 2017 (UTC)

Edit request[modificar fonte]

Can you change in Wikipedia:Pagina principal the top "Benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua!" into "Benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua!", so one can directly read about this encyclopedia? 22:46, 5 april 2017 (UTC)

Done. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 04:57, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

Taverna[modificar fonte]

  • Wikipedia:Taverna#Wikipedia:Articulo con plus de 30 KB - one more, like pecietta it can be calculated from PAGESIZE. The creator of the old pecietta-system now is after re-creating the 30K system which is maintained manually and will not be directly updated if pages grow. The user wants to revert the template clean-up and automatization. 21:17, 8 april 2017 (UTC)
ah, I understand --Samuele2002 (discussion) 06:34, 9 april 2017 (UTC)
But the IP does not understand, largely because the template documetation was terrible. I've tried to clarify it; please read; I'll translate if you like; comments welcome. Briefly, this concerns only the "long articles" among the "Articulos Vital" as determined by Meta. I don't know the details of their algorithm, but it's not simply PAGESIZE > 30000.
Who created the "old pecietta system"? Certainly not I. (Topic for another conversation.)
Cordialmente, Tortoise0308 (discussion) 20:30, 9 april 2017 (UTC)
Of course for "30 KB" it is the page size. If an article is in the 1000 is another criterion. If one combines both criteria, one gets the 30 KB that are in the 1000 articles every Wikipedia should have. One only needs Wikidata and PAGESIZE. No manual marking. And certainly not in discussion pages! You created the peciettas, you added them to dozens of articles. Why not work on article text content, you have some knowledge of interlingua. Let article marking be done by software and programming. 05:59, 10 april 2017 (UTC)

Attack by inactive admins and Jondel[modificar fonte]

Almafeta modified the filter, so that contributions via IP are not possible anymore. McDutch blocked 5x 65536 = 327 680 addresses

  • 15:08, 17 april 2017 McDutchie (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 1 anno (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate) (Ban evasion by globally blocked user)
  • 15:05, 17 april 2017 McDutchie (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 1 anno (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate) (Ban evasion by globally blocked user)
  • 14:59, 17 april 2017 McDutchie (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 1 anno (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate) (Ban evasion by globally blocked user)
  • 14:54, 17 april 2017 McDutchie (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 1 anno (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate) (Ban evasion by globally blocked user, see meta:Requests_for_comment/Globally_blocked_user_active_on_iawiki)
  • 14:51, 17 april 2017 McDutchie (Discussion | contributiones) blocava (Discussion) con un tempore de expiration de 1 anno (usatores anonyme solmente, creation de contos disactivate, e-mail blocate) (Ban evasion by globally blocked user, see meta:Requests_for_comment/Globally_blocked_user_active_on_iawiki)

The two claim that IPs have vandalized, but you can judge by yourself, you have seen the suggestions by the IPs and the reasons they gave for the proposed actions. It is sad. 16:54, 17 april 2017 (UTC)

Usator:FritzVonHomburg - This IP cannot write on your talk page anymore. Good that this IP can at least contact Samuele2002. The admins are completely mad. Samuele, please bring best regards to FritzVonHomburg. I thank him for all his contributions. 17:03, 17 april 2017 (UTC)

Also here it is not possible to write about certain things, because then the block/filter is activated. 17:10, 17 april 2017 (UTC)

Meanwhile, I turned the message now I see what I can do to help --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:14, 17 april 2017 (UTC)
Gratias! It could be that they even blocked Usator:FritzVonHomburg. I wanted to write a section "Test" and content "Test" in his talk but this was blocked by "Long term abuse stopper". Let's see if Fritz will contribute during the next days. He could be blocked by filters, so that one cannot openly see the block. Maybe coordinate with Usator:Holder. 17:22, 17 april 2017 (UTC)
Yes Usator:Holder is necessary for to see if the filters are correct or are detrimental to some users / ip. In addition to being able to help solve this problem. --Samuele2002 (discussion) 17:37, 17 april 2017 (UTC)

Holder also speaks German. IP wrote message in German at Discussion_Usator:FritzVonHomburg#Wikipedia:Expansion vs Special:Registro/Almafeta - Fritz replied and agrees that deleting and blocking without prior discussion about the reasons is not OK. He also says current situation is frustrating, their seems to be disagreement about minimal article length and that it seems some admins implement their point of view without "taking the community with them". - At least Fritz is not blocked, he edited in article space! 18:44, 17 april 2017 (UTC)