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Cordialmente, Adailton msg 20:40, 23 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Requesta pro deletion[modificar fonte]

Requesta pro deletion - spatio patrono[modificar fonte]

Request 1:

Done. --Holder (discussion) 05:30, 18 martio 2017 (UTC)
Thank you. 11:09, 19 martio 2017 (UTC)

Request 2:

Done. --Holder (discussion) 13:58, 19 martio 2017 (UTC)
Thank you. 17:09, 19 martio 2017 (UTC)

Request 3:

Request 4:

Request 5:

Request 6:

Request 7:

Request 8:

Request 9:

Requesta pro deletion - spatio categoria[modificar fonte]

Backlog in Categoria:Wikipedia:A deler, but maybe not all safe to delete. Category also list article space items, but the requests here are only for category-item.

Request 1

  • 3x under C Canes‎, Carnivores‎, Chimpanzes‎ - biota are sorted by taxon categories having scientific name: Canis, Carnivora, ...
  • 1x under D "David Bowie" - one article for the person, but only one list in the Annex links back Special:Referentias a iste pagina/David Bowie
  • 1x under G "Gastropodes‎" - the article is Gastropoda
  • 1x under H "Homo" - the article is Homo (taxon), so if one would create a category it would be Categoria:Homo (taxon)
  • 1x under I "Instantia de Oceano‎" - wrong capitalization
  • 6x under P 5x "Patron...." and 1x Pecietta, the latter are all at Categoria:Wikipedia:Pecietta, to match Wikipedia:Pecietta
  • 14x under W 6x "Wikidata:" - created in error, partially in English. 1x "Wikipedia:Eliminar" (verb used in interface is "deler", and so the category is named "Wikipedia:A deler"), 7x Wikipedians/Wikipedianos - the term is Usator, items are in Categoria:Wikipedia:Usator. No categories for location of user. 18:29, 20 martio 2017 (UTC)

Request 2

Request 3 (currently the special page Special:Categorias non usate lists 221 elements)

Request 4

Request 5

  • 31x subcategories in Categoria:Wikipedia:Pecietta: this wiki has at least 14000 stubs (pecietta), that means at least 75% of all article pages would receive a second classification, apart from normal content classification. That does not scale. petscan can be used to find intersection between Categoria:Wikipedia:Pecietta and a topical category.
  • level specific subcategories in Categoria:Wikipedia:Usator/lingua, the general language categories can stay. There are only 325 users that use the babel-template, and there are already 82 language categories. That makes 4 users per language. To split these by level is overkill. Several categories for lang+level have not even been created. Example: Categoria:Usator af 6 users, 3x level 1, 3x level 3. No cat for af-1. But sort key can indicate level. If one want to re-install categories one day, the should go into user space, e.g. Categoria:Usator:Lingua/xyz-a or Categoria:Wikipedia:Usator/lingua/xyz-a . With global user pages the desire for local user pages has declined anyway. Other example: Categoria:Usator isv 4 subcategories, but only one user at all.
  • several plural and intersection inside Categoria:Gente per occupation, including inside subcategories 20:05, 5 april 2017 (UTC)
    Most subcategories of Categoria:Gente per occupation deleted. Remaining subcategories are not empty. --Holder (discussion) 03:23, 6 april 2017 (UTC)
    Categoria:Exploratores, the protected article inside should have Categoria:Explorator 03:29, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

Request 6

Requesta pro deletion - spatio appendice[modificar fonte]

Request 1:

Requesta pro deletion - spatio articulo[modificar fonte]

Request 1

  • in Categoria:Wikipedia:A deler there is "Benutzer:Gehling/papa" which is German, and 1900s, 1910s, ... which is English. Several article discussion pages exist, were the article never existed or was deleted. And some misnomers, Departamento Tarija, Acidobacteria (Q21441820) 16:02, 22 martio 2017 (UTC)

Request 2

Request 3

Request 4 (maybe "longterm task")

Request 5

Request 6

Request 7

Requesta pro deletion - spatios diverse[modificar fonte]

In Categoria:Wikipedia:A deler

  • the namespaces Portal: and Adjuta: have been merged to Wikipedia: since the distinction was often unclear. It is all project interneal stuff. Several left over pages listed for deletion.
  • in the namespace Wikipedia: several pages had non-Interlingua names, or non-interlingua content. Also, "Lista de estranieros in positiones eminente de Ukrainia" and a similar one belong to Appendice space, and were marked for deletion by the creator. Wikipedia:Esbozo - it is Wikipedia:Pecietta 16:02, 22 martio 2017 (UTC)

Request 2:

Request 3:

Request 4:

Request 5:

  • All in Categoria:Wikipedia:A deler - several redirects from English, misspellings "Edit Piaf", text in Polish about Interlingua Wikipedia - but Polish text can be created at plwiki, several weird shortcuts VP, IMAG - no images in this wiki at all. 17:28, 12 april 2017 (UTC)

Requesta pro modification[modificar fonte]

Requesta pro renomination[modificar fonte]

In Categoria:Wikidata:Instantia de citate there are 99 places that use ", " but in this Wiki all items should use "( )" for disambiguation. Admin is needed to avoid the creation of a redirect. There are already 3587 redirects and 241 involve ", ". The massive amount of redirects, makes this special page less useful for humans to control correctness of the redirects, e.g. one can see there "Alphabetica →‎ Poesia" which looks wrong. If you could help to get rid off ", " for place names, without creating new redirects, that would be great. 22:33, 26 martio 2017 (UTC)

This is really great help! You do so much for this Wikipedia! The pages you moved to "( )" automatically appeared at Categoria:Wikipedia:Disambiguation. 08:13, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

The pages should now have a move button in the first paragraph. Can you check Casper, Wyoming? This could make your work easier. Is it correct? I cannot test. I don't know how to deselect "create redirect", you have to click it all the time? 23:19, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

The move button works correctly but I indeed have to deselect the redirect button. --Holder (discussion) 19:54, 29 martio 2017 (UTC)
Thank you. Maybe it is now deselected [1] 02:44, 30 martio 2017 (UTC)
You're right. That's great! --Holder (discussion) 04:40, 30 martio 2017 (UTC)

All pages with comma: Categoria:Wikipedia:Nomine de pagina contine comma but some are OK, e.g. Isten, áldd meg a magyart is a song. And no idea what to do with Conferentia International de Interlingua, Bulgaria, 2003 etc, this need research. 23:22, 27 martio 2017 (UTC)

The pages now have a move link in the first line of the article content. It displays the target name. It should only be used for place names, almost all these comma-articles about places are from USA and Spain. 12:08, 28 martio 2017 (UTC)

Done. --Holder (discussion) 05:03, 30 martio 2017 (UTC)

This was a tremendous help! Please rename Salinella salvae to Salinella salve (leave no redirect), the taxon name has been changed in Wikidata and the item appeared at Categoria:Wikidata:Nomine de taxon e nomine basic de pagina esse differente which tracks differences between article names and taxon name data. 22:27, 3 april 2017 (UTC)

Requesta pro de-deletion[modificar fonte]


Requesta pro de-protection[modificar fonte]

Please unprotect the pages in Special:Titulos protegite. In case of Artur Balder please restore old revisions, in this Wiki pages don't need to be deleted just because they contain spam. If the title is valid - en:Artur Balder exists - a page can easily be converted into a mini article. Same for Dumbo (film de 1941) which exists at en:Dumbo, a stub can be created using the old content. Discussion:Sri Lanka - no undeletion, but certainly unprotection, in case someone wants to discuss. 05:15, 16 april 2017 (UTC)

I've unprotected the pages and restored Artur Balder. The article on the Disney film still exits under Dumbo. --Holder (discussion) 05:26, 16 april 2017 (UTC)

Requesta pro flag[modificar fonte]

Can you set bot flag/group for Usator:ListeriaBot? According to Special:Auth_central/ListeriaBot it is set for several wikis already. Maybe it reduces the load in recent changes. 20:16, 11 april 2017 (UTC)

No, I can't. Only bureaucrats or stewards can do that. --Holder (discussion) 04:28, 12 april 2017 (UTC)

To Mr Anonymous guy of[modificar fonte]

To Mr Anonymous guy of, thank you very much for your contributions! Please create a user name and we can discuss more. Please also respect the contributions of others.--Jondel (discussion) 10:28, 4 april 2017 (UTC)


Vandalism[modificar fonte]

Special:Contributiones/ 03:24, 6 april 2017 (UTC)

Spam or vandalism[modificar fonte]

Hi Holder how are you? Could you clarify if the link and image removed here is spam or not, specialy for our friend with good but misplaced intentions ? Thanks.--Jondel (discussion) 13:51, 7 april 2017 (UTC)

Hi Jondel. I don't think that the file and the link are spam. For me it seems to be ok to use these in article about radiology. But on the other hand I don't think that this question is important enough to quarrel about. Best regards. --Holder (discussion) 14:09, 7 april 2017 (UTC)

I totally agree! But do please do your part to help the person to grow up. By the way, I am grateful for your intervention here. Keep up the good work!--Jondel (discussion) 14:54, 7 april 2017 (UTC)

RE the link: The section "Referentias" is to be used for direct references made with the ref-tag. Free links are spam, as they are not attached to parts of the article. There are dozens of online ressources about radiology, since the source languages for interlingua are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Russian, one can post even more plain links than in any of the source-language Wikipedias. One could maybe link to an interlingua ressource, but to English - it is spam. RE the image: it shows a human looking at computer screens. No reason indicated, why that should be placed before the article introduction. Furthermore it is the same image as used on the linked article radiologista. I created a section "Galleria" so one can put different images there. 16:20, 7 april 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for help and clarification. To be clear the category can be replaced else a deletion without an explanation or prior agreement would be a vandalism. You work to to allow a description in the image at the infobox is very helpful. In a single article I will not pursue duplicate images. However a description is required. If there are 2 images, the one with a description should be retained. I will be trying to study how to create description at the infobox. The Gallerias are awesome! References and authoritive sources are really needed in all articles since wikipedia is an encyclopedia, ideally here, in interlingua, at the least in English. A source outside of wikipedia is required, else it would a circular reference and not authoritive. Some authoritive sources are newspapers, magazines, other encyclopedias, printed or online, books etc. --Jondel (discussion) 01:10, 8 april 2017 (UTC)

There is a Spanish version of britannicca. Would a Spanish source be preferrable? I can dig it up.--Jondel (discussion) 02:35, 8 april 2017 (UTC)

Let's discuss this somewhere else. Maybe in Taverna, or if you unprotect, in your talk. Otherwise Holder gets a notification every time for stuff that is maybe not so important for him. He is mainly here, because he is a global admin and a Small Wiki Watcher. He did a tremendous job especially in removing the comma dab from iawiki. 14:20, 8 april 2017 (UTC)

In the Taverna then! Hip-hip horay for Holder --Jondel (discussion) 06:39, 9 april 2017 (UTC)!

Deletiones injuste requestate per adresses IP anonyme[modificar fonte]

Hi Holder – In future please don't accept without questioning the requests for rapid deletion made by "anonymous" IP addresses, especially if there's no evidence of community consensus on the relevant talk pages or in the Taverna. Any request from such an IP address probably comes from the globally banned user Tobias Conradi, who (among his productive contributions) has caused a great deal of damage that is going to take months to repair, including many unjustified deletions. Thanks – Martijn (discussion) 20:22, 21 april 2017 (UTC)

Hi Martijn. Thank you for your note. I started to delete pages where deletion-template has been set in a year ago so I didn't thought that there is something wrong with it. If you think that some (or many) of the pages I've deleted should be restored please tell me so I can do it. Best regards. --Holder (discussion) 05:25, 22 april 2017 (UTC)
Thanks for the offer. As a local admin I'm capable of restoring pages, though, so no worries there. There was a lack of active local admins for quite a while, with User:Almafeta being the only one holding down the fort. This would explain why those templates lasted so long. Then this globally banned vandal made the mistake of attracting my attention on my talk page, so now I'm back. :) – Martijn (discussion) 22:09, 26 april 2017 (UTC)