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instantia de: citate, capital, city with millions of inhabitants, federal capital, municipality of Austria, place with town rights and privileges, statuatory city of Austria, state of Austria, district of Austria, metropolis, tourist destination

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Area 414,87 Kilometro quadrate
Situate in Austria, Allied-occupied Austria, Germania Nazi, Federal State of Austria, First Republic of Austria, Republic of German-Austria, Austria-Hungary, Austrian Empire
Zona horari UTC+01:00, UTC+02:00, Hora Central Europee
ISO 3166-2 AT-9
Geonames ID 2761367, 2761369 2761333, 2761367, 2761369
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Vienna (in germano Wien) es le capital del Republica de Austria. Illo es un urbe cum 1,8 milliones de habitantes, situate al ripa del fluvio Danubio (in germano Donau).

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