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Benvenite![modificar fonte]

Benvenite al wikipedia in interlingua. =) Almafeta 21:42, 22 februario 2009 (UTC)

Gratias[modificar fonte]

Hola PaceFlama. Gratias per tu benvenite. --Fredomy 06:11, 2 junio 2009 (UTC)

Dubita[modificar fonte]

Salute PaceFlama. Benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua!

Io ha vidite que tu modificava le Portal del Communitate e etiam modificava le pagina de discussion del Portal del Communitate. Io te expressa infra mi opinion super lo que tu scribeva.

In le pagina del Portal del Communitate tu scribeva "discussion de Portal de communitate". Io pensarea que le pagina de discussion del Portal del Communitate es un spatio pro discuter super le Portal del Communitate, sed non le Portal del Communitate. Per exemplo, vide discussion:pagina principal, illo es pro discuter super le pagina principal, sed illo non es le pagina principal, ni le Taverna.

In le pagina de discussion del Portal del Communitate tu scribeva "isto es un pagina de discussion pro le communitate super Interlingua". Communmente in Wikipedia on non parla del lingua sed del projecto Wikipedia. Comocunque, io non es contrari a haber un spatio pro guidar al gente interessate a apprender interlingua, e le discussion super le lingua es etiam un spatio de adjuta.

Depost tu scribeva "Pro discussion general super alicun subject, pro favor usar Wikipedia:Taverna 2009. Isto pagina es principalmente pro le projectos de communitate, e le portal de communitate." Io trova iste phrase un pauc confuse. Le Taverna es le foro de discussion de Wikipedia in interlingua, e include le (sub-) projectos intro Wikipedia.

In le tertie paragrapho tu scribeva "Isto pagina es tamben pro gente que es novice a Interlingua [...] Gente que es novice e vole apprender Interlingua es incoragiate a usar Anglese [...] '" Le novicios o usatores de altere linguas deberea comenciar su contacto in le Taverna, ubi pote trovar al communitate integre pro adjutar les.

Mi dubita concrete es si tu voleva crear un spatio de discussion super interlingua e/o pro apprender interlingua. Io pensa que in ille caso nos deberea mover iste pagina de discussion a altere placia, e cambiar le texto del ligamines pro clarar lo.

Gratias pro tu responsa. Cordialmente, --Julian (disc.) 12:39, 15 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Pagina de discussion removite

Le pagina de discussion removite "Discussion: Portal del communitate".

The page is for the Community Portal discussion. I don't think it is good to remove/move it again. If the community is weak, this is because there are not many initiatives, no projects, no ideas regarding the Community Portal. Some people here know Interlingua at a level that do not allow them to communicate very fluid, so this is why I proposed to use English (or Interlingua) in that discussion page. My proposal was to come with some ideas for projects that the community can do using the Portal for the Community page. Let us know what projects can be proposed.

Mi dubita concrete es si tu voleva crear un spatio de discussion super interlingua e/o pro apprender interlingua. Io pensa que in ille caso nos deberea mover iste pagina de discussion a altere placia, e cambiar le texto del ligamines pro clarar lo. Gratias pro tu responsa. Cordialmente, --Julian (disc.) 12:39, 15 decembre 2009 (UTC)

That discussion page is not for learning Interlingua, maybe this was a mis-understanding. To create a page for learning Interlingua, at other address, it is not a bad idea, if you have a concrete solution, just create the page. It may help some newcomers. Thank you for your answer. Cordialmente, ---PaceFlama 05:02, 16 decembre 2009 (UTC)

(original message)

Hello PaceFlama,
I hope you don't mind I moved your message to your discussion page. I did it because it's easier to follow the discussion.
I'm sorry but I still don't get your interpretation of the Community Portal discussion page. One thing is the portal itself and another thing is a discussion page about the portal. It seems to me that you are looking exactly for the Tavern. That's the place to propose new projects and new initiatives, to inform the community, and to make the community stronger. You can use Interlingua or English and people will perfectly understand.
Note: If you prefer, I can write in Interligua. I responded in English because I thought you'd feel more comfortable.
Regards, --Julian (disc.) 20:32, 16 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Community Portal discussion page[modificar fonte]

Hello PaceFlama,

Based on your questions, I modified the English text on the Tavern. Now it explicitly says that English can be used. I also moved back the Community Portal discussion page to its original function. Please, don't consider the current state of pages and redirections as definitive.

I also want to make a more active community. I believe that splitting the Tavern without a clear criterion could lead to an unnecessary confusion, especially to users of other projects. On the other hand, some particular topics usually discussed on the Tavern can be discussed on other subpages, like the bot requests.

Anyway, we must clearly define the topic to subdivide the Tavern, and propose it to the community, and after that, make the changes.

Regards, --Julian (disc.) 21:54, 18 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Etiquette[modificar fonte]

Hello PaceFlama,

Please, don't do personal attacks, and try to respect the etiquette. Protection is used when there is an edit war. Please, if you modify the Community Portal discussion page again, write a clearer description. At the beginning it could be in English, and then translated into Interlingua.

Thank you.

--Julian (disc.) 03:39, 19 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Hello Julian,

This is done.

Thank you --PaceFlama 18:42, 20 decembre 2009 (UTC)

Benvenite e ettiqueta[modificar fonte]

Benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua!
Salute, PaceFlama, e benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua! Gratias pro participar in iste projecto. Es un bon idea leger le sequente topicos ante que tu initia tu contributiones a Wikipedia:

Le cinque pilares, un summario del principios fundamental de Wikipedia.
Adjuta de Wikipedia, pro apprender plus a proposito de iste projecto.
Vista-Community Help.png
Questiones frequente, pro un lista del questiones plus frequente super le projecto.
Comment icon crystal.png
Taverna, ubi tu pote commentar e facer questiones a altere wikipedistas.
Nuvola apps kate.png
Le sabliera, pro facer probas de modification.
Per firmare.PNG
Isto es tu pagina de discussion, ubi tu pote reciper messages de altere wikipedistas. Non oblida signar tote le commentos que tu face, con le button presente o con quatro tildes (~~~~). Memora que le articulos non debe esser signate. Nos desira que tu frue de tu experientia in Wikipedia!


André. 23:25, 9 januario 2010 (UTC). Salute, PaceFlama, e benvenite a Wikipedia in interlingua! Io desira que tu ha multe e bon experientias in iste wiki! Io te suggere amicalmente que tu lege specialmente Wikipedia:Etiquetta, e io te invita cordialmente que tu commenta super iste topico in le Taverna. Io aperiva iste topico in le Taverna per que recentemente tu faceva attacos personal al usator Julian Mendez, probabilemente sin mal intentiones. Sed, como il esseva plus que un attaco, e illo esseva in paginas public (non in le paginas de usator), io vole que nos, como communitate clara iste subjecto. Io te incoragia a scriber in interlingua (pro me es dificile alicun vices, tamben!) e io te recommenda usar le dictionario anglese-interlingua del UMI. Nonobstante, si tu prefere scriber in anglese de tote manieras, usa anglese. Gratias per tu attention, e novemente, benvenite! ―André. 23:25, 9 januario 2010 (UTC)