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Si tu vole facer un requesta pro tu bot, solmente seque iste passos: If you want to make a request for your bot, just follow these steps:
1. Crea un usator pro tu bot. Il es fortemente recommendate haber le parola "bot" como suffixo del nomine del bot. 1. Create a user for your bot. It is strongly recommended to have the word "bot" as a suffix of the bot's name.
2. Adde {{bot}} in su pagina de usuario. Per exemplo, si tu pagina de discussion es in "es": {{bot|TuNomine|site=es}}. 2. Add {{bot}} into its user page. For example, if your talk page is in "en": {{bot|YourName|site=en}}.
3. Usa le button pro crear un nove pagina. Le nomine deberea esser "Wikipedia:Requesta de " e le nomine de tu bot. 3. Use the button for creating a new page. The name should be "Wikipedia:Requesta de " and the name of your bot.
4. Transclude le requesta al fin de iste pagina. Per exemplo: "{{Wikipedia:Requesta de BOT}}", ubi BOT es le nomine de tu bot. 4. Transclude the request at the end of this page. For example: "{{Wikipedia:Requesta de BOT}}", where BOT is the name of your bot.
5. Attende que un administrator te permitte currer le bot. 5. Wait for an administrator to allow you to run the bot.
6. Depost, tu deberea currer le bot normalmente. Le stato essera concedite depost de alicun tempore de proba. 6. After that, you should run your bot normally. The status will be granted after some time of testing.
Formulario Form
1. Operator: tu nomine e le wikipedia ubi tu ha tu pagina de discussion 1. Operator: your name and the wikipedia where you have your talk page
2. Automatic or Manually Assisted: (Automatic o Assistite Manualmente) Automatic: specifica si illo es surveliate o non surveliate, Assisite Manualmente: le usator debe confirmar cata cambio 2. Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic: Specify whether supervised or unsupervised, Manually Assisted: User must manually confirm every change
3. Programming Language(s): (Linguage(s) de programmation) 3. Programming Language(s):
4. Function Summary: (Summario de Function) un parve description super que illo face 4. Function Summary: a short description about what it does
5. Edit period(s): (Periodo(s) de Edition) (e.g. continue, quotidian, executiones de un vice) 5. Edit period(s): (e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run)
6. Edit rate requested: (Taxa de Edition Requestate) Numero de modificationes per unitate de tempore 6. Edit rate requested: X edits per TIME
7. Already has a bot flag (Y/N): (Jam ha un flag de bot (Y/N)) Y pro SI / N pro NO, e ubi 7. Already has a bot flag (Y/N): Yes / No, and where
8. Function Details: (Detalios de Function) Lista detalios super le function complete hic 8. Function Details: List full function details here

Requestas / Requests[modificar | modificar fonte]

KuBOT[modificar | modificar fonte]

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  • 1. Operator  : Usator:KuboF
  • 2. Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • 3. Programming Language(s)  : Python (Pywikibot)
  • 4. Function Summary  : text-replacement
  • 5. Edit period(s)  : from time to time or on requests
  • 6. Edit rate requested  : ~4,000 per day (and then long time of silent)
  • 7. Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : yes, see sulutil:KuBOT (home wiki is Esperanto Wikipedia)
  • 8. Function Details  : there are many articles starting by '''{{PAGENAME}}''' (like Ligosullo) - these occurrences should be substituted; after this work I have nothing in my plan but I am available for small requests (small in mean "time I need to dedicate to the task").

Amike! --KuboF (discussion) 03:02, 2 martio 2014 (UTC)

Saluton kaj bonvenon! Please, let your bot make around 100 edits. Dankon, --Julian (disc.) 15:21, 2 martio 2014 (UTC)

Symbol support vote.svg Approved for trial.

Vidu miajn kontribuojn. I have added to the articles an empty {{Infobox Settlement}} - it should be modified to accept data from Wikidata in similar way (now the template accept only web site, but many many municipalities haven't its website on Wikidata jet or haven't web site at all). I prefer not to modify iawiki templates myself, because I am occupied by eowiki templates - inform me, if I should't add the empty template. Amike! --KuboF (discussion) 15:31, 14 martio 2014 (UTC)

Symbol keep vote.svg Approved.

I granted the bot flag to KuBOT. You may let the bot run now. Once the bot has finished its job, I will remove the flag. The bot will be allowed to run without the flag as long as it does not make too many edits per day (around 50 edits). If you think that the bot will make many more edits, please request the bot flag again. Dankon, --Julian (disc.) 08:45, 15 martio 2014 (UTC)

I have removed the bot flag. Thank you for your contributions. --Julian (disc.) 19:07, 18 maio 2014 (UTC)
You're welcome! If you want some robot help, tell me on eowiki. --KuboF (discussion) 11:41, 27 maio 2014 (UTC)