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Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1952-10-07 (Sancte Petroburgo)
Ethnicitate Russians[*]
Citatania Union Sovietic, Russia
Educate in Academy of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation[*], Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University[*], Academy of Foreign Intelligence[*], School 193[*], School 281[*], Saint Petersburg Mining University[*], Saint Petersburg State University[*], St. Petersburg Institute of the FSB of Russia[*]
Occupation politico[*], judoka[*], stunt performer[*], intelligence agent[*], President of the Republic[*]
Obras notabile A Plea for Caution From Russia[*], Russia at the Turn of the Millennium[*], Russia Muscles Up — the Challenges We Must Rise to Face[*], Russia: The Ethnicity Issue[*], Economic Tasks[*], Democracy and the Quality of Government[*], Building Justice: A Social Policy for Russia[*], Being Strong: National Security Guarantees for Russia[*], Time to Trust Russia: A Common Front Against Terror[*], We Share German Priorities[*]
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Religion Eastern Orthodoxy[*]
Conjuge Lyudmila Ocheretnaya[*]
Infantes Katerina Tikhonova[*], Maria Vorontsova[*], Elizaveta Rozova[*]
Parentes matre Maria Ivanovna Shelomova[*] patre Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin[*]
Premios The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour[*], 'Verschlossene Auster' award[*], Medal of Merit of the National People's Army[*], Order of Honour[*], Confucius Peace Prize[*], Order of the Badge of Honour[*], Order "For Merit to the Republic of Dagestan"[*], Time Person of the Year[*], Master of Sport of the USSR[*], Order of Ho Chi Minh[*], King Abdulaziz Medal[*], Order of Ismoili Somoni[*], Order of Zayed[*], Order of Outstanding Merit[*], Order of the Precious Wand[*], Order of the Liberator[*], Registered firearms[*], Order of the Republic of Serbia[*], Order of the Friendship of Peoples[*], Grand Cross of the Order of Saint-Charles[*], Order of José Martí[*], Medal "Participant of the March-Shot Bosnia-Kosovo 12 June 1999"[*], Памятная медаль А. М. Горчакова[*], Order of St. Prince Vladimir[*], Order of Glory and Honor[*], Order of St. Sava[*], honorary professor[*], honorary member[*], Honoured Coach of Russia[*], Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh 1st class[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service"[*], Order of the Golden Eagle[*], Gold Olympic Order[*], National Order of Merit[*], Order of Manas, 1st class[*], honorary citizen of Saint Petersburg[*], Honored Coach[*], weapon of honor[*], Friendship Medal[*], honorary doctor of the University of Athens[*], Order of Honour and Glory[*], Uatsamonga Order[*], Order of Agostinho Neto[*], honorary doctor of the Tsinghua University[*], Order of Nazarbayev[*], honorary doctor of Saint Petersburg State University[*], honorary doctor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University[*], honorary doctor of the Yerevan State University[*], honorary doctor of the Turkmen State University[*], honorary doctor of the Baku Slavic University[*], honorary doctor of the University of Belgrade[*], honorary doctor of the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service", 3rd class[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service", 2nd class[*], Honorary citizen of Astrakhan[*], Order of the "Commonwealth"[*], honorary citizen of Sevastopol[*], Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh[*], Order of Saint-Charles[*], Order of King Abdulaziz al Saud[*], Ig Nobel Prize[*], Honorary citizen of Kazan[*], Order of Sheikh-ul-Islam[*], Time 100[*], Time 100[*], Order of Akhmad Kadyrov[*]
Lingua russo, germano, anglese
ISNI 0000000121307085
VIAF 125145970358732252841, 492144647699681057839
IMDB nm1269884
Commons Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin (in russo: Владимир Владимирович Путин, latinisate litteralmente: Vladimir de Vladimir Putin; Petroburgo, 7 de octobre 1952) es un politico, ex-militar et ex-agente de spionage del KGB sovietic, actualmente presidente del Federation Russe desde le 7 de maio 2012. Ille es in su quarte mandato presidential non consecutive, habente essite previemente in carga desde 1999 a 2008, e habente anque servite como prime ministro desde 1999 a 2000, e de nove desde 2008 a 2012. Al anno 2021, le officio de presidentia de Vladimir Putin[1] es le secunde le plus longeve de Europa, post illo de Aljaksandr Lukašėnka in Russia Blanc. Le 24 de februario 2022 le presidente Putin parla al Federation tra le discurso «Re le conduction de un "operation militar special" (специальной военной операции, specialjnoj voennoj operacii)», annunciante effictivemente le invasion militar illegal de Ukraina.

  1. Derivation: Entitates: 1. (it) Vladimir Putin || 2. (es) Vladímir Putin || (pt) Vladimir Putin || 3. (fr) Vladimir Poutine || 4. (en) Vladimir Putin || Controlo: (de) Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin || (ru) Путин, Владимир Владимирович || - (Extra): (la) Vladimirus Putin