Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin
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Pronunciation del nomine
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1952-10-07 (V.F. Snegiryov Maternity Hospital No.6)
Ethnicitate Russians[*]
Citatania Union Sovietic, Russia
Educate in FSB Academy[*], Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University[*], Academy of Foreign Intelligence[*], School 193[*], School 281[*], Saint Petersburg Mining University[*], Saint Petersburg State University[*], Q103920735[*]
Occupation politico[*], jurista[*], judoka[*], autobiographo[*], sambo fighter[*], stunt performer[*], coach[*], intelligence agent[*], military personnel[*], advocato[*]
Obras notabile A Plea for Caution From Russia[*], Russia at the Turn of the Millennium[*], Russia Muscles Up — the Challenges We Must Rise to Face[*], Russia: The Ethnicity Issue[*], Economic Tasks[*], Democracy and the Quality of Government[*], Building Justice: A Social Policy for Russia[*], Being Strong: National Security Guarantees for Russia[*], Time to Trust Russia: A Common Front Against Terror[*], We Share German Priorities[*]
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Religion Russian Orthodox Church[*], Eastern Orthodoxy[*]
Conjuge Lyudmila Putina[*]
Infantes Katerina Tikhonova[*], Maria Vorontsova[*]
Parentes matre Maria Ivanovna Shelomova[*] patre Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin[*]
Premios The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], The World's Most Powerful People[*], Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour[*], 'Verschlossene Auster' award[*], Medal of Merit of the National People's Army[*], Order of Honour[*], Confucius Peace Prize[*], Order of the Badge of Honour[*], Order "For Merit to the Republic of Dagestan"[*], Time Person of the Year[*], Master of Sport of the USSR[*], Order of Ho Chi Minh[*], King Abdulaziz Medal[*], Order of Ismoili Somoni[*], Order of Zayed[*], Order of Outstanding Merit[*], Order of the Precious Wand[*], Order of the Liberator[*], Registered firearms[*], Order of the Republic of Serbia[*], Order of Friendship[*], Grand Cross of the Order of Saint-Charles[*], Order of José Martí[*], Medal "Participant of the March-Shot Bosnia-Kosovo 12 June 1999"[*], Памятная медаль А. М. Горчакова[*], Order of St. Prince Vladimir[*], Order of Glory and Honor[*], Order of St. Sava[*], honorary professor[*], honorary member[*], Honoured Coach of Russia[*], Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh 1st class[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service"[*], Order of the Golden Eagle[*], Gold Olympic Order[*], National Order of Merit[*], Order Manas[*], Honorary citizen of Saint Petersburg[*], Honored Coach[*], weapon of honor[*], Friendship Medal[*], honorary doctor of the University of Athens[*], Order of Honour and Glory[*], Uatsamonga Order[*], Order of Agostinho Neto[*], honorary doctor of the Tsinghua University[*], Order of Nazarbayev[*], honorary doctor of Saint Petersburg State University[*], honorary doctor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University[*], honorary doctor of the Yerevan State University[*], honorary doctor of the Turkmen State University[*], honorary doctor of the Baku Slavic University[*], honorary doctor of the University of Belgrade[*], honorary doctor of the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service", 3rd class[*], Medal "For Impeccable Service", 2nd class[*], Honorary citizen of Astrakhan[*], Order of the "Commonwealth"[*], Q56309514[*], Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh[*], Order of Saint-Charles[*], Order of King Abdulaziz al Saud[*], Olympic Order[*], Ig Nobel Prize[*]
Lingua russo, germano, anglese, svedese
Signatura Putin signature.svg
Sito http://putin.kremlin.ru, http://eng.putin.kremlin.ru/
ISNI 0000 0001 2130 7085
VIAF 125145970358732252841
IMDB nm1269884
Commons Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovič[1] Putin (in russo: Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин; Petroburgo, 7 de octobre 1952) es un politico, ex-militar et ex-agente de spionage del KGB sovietic, actualmente presidente del Federation Russe desde le 7 de maio 2012. Ille es in su quarte mandato presidential non consecutive, habente essite previemente in carga desde 1999 a 2008, e habente anque servite como prime ministro desde 1999 a 2000, e de nove desde 2008 a 2012. Al anno 2021, le officio de presidentia de Vladimir Putin[2] es le secunde le plus longeve de Europa, post illo de Aljaksandr Lukašėnka in Russia Blanc.

  1. litteralmente: Vladimiro [filio] de Vladimiro
  2. Derivation: Entitates: 1. (it) Vladimir Putin || 2. (es) Vladímir Putin || (pt) Vladimir Putin || 3. (fr) Vladimir Poutine || 4. (en) Vladimir Putin || Controlo: (de) Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin || (ru) Путин, Владимир Владимирович || - (Extra): (la) Vladimirus Putin