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ia-0 Iste usator ha nulle cognoscentia de interlingua (o lo comprende con difficultate considerabile).
cs-N Iste usator ha checo como lingua materne.
en-3 Iste usator ha cognoscentias avantiate de anglese.
de-1 Iste usator ha cognoscentias de base de germano.
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I apologize, I do not speak interlingua (yet). But I was attracted by the sound of it and the easiness of understanding, and I decided, that I could learn a bit of it. Maybe, that may, that be ... :o) that in some time, when I will be able to understand a bit, I will help you all to build it. Up to the time I will use Paginas sub observation as the store for paginas which I would like to read and from which I will be able to learn myself this interesting language. And then, after all, I may add some pictures (Imagines?) and some interwiki. I am already contributing here and here. And I apologize again, I will be very irregular user.

 Reo On - mi nomine es Petr Skůpa.

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