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subclasse de: vector-borne disease[*], animal disease[*]
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Commons: Zoonoses

Zoonose (grek. zoon animal + grek nosos maladia) es un maladia infectiose, causate per bacterios, viruses, priones, fungos (microbic) o parasitos, que normalmente infecta animales ma tamben pote esser transmittite a homines. Un tal dispersion pote esser o directe o indirecte p.ex. via aqua, comestibiles o vectores como rattos, vespertilions, porcos, pulices, muscas, culices o zeccas e multe alteres. Plure maladias tamben pote esser transmittite ab homines a animales, zoonose reverse p.ex tuberculose, salmonella e mycoses e echinococcose.

Zoonoses bacterial importante:[modificar | modificar fonte]

tuberculose, salmonella, campylobacteriose, peste, tularemia, anthrace, brucellose, listeriose, (febre undulante), EHEC (Enterohemorrhagic Esherichia coli) Q-febre ornithose

Zoonoses viral importante:[modificar | modificar fonte]

rabies, influensa de aves (p.ex. variante H5N1)

Zoonoses prionic importante[modificar | modificar fonte]

Encephalopathia spongiforme bovin

Zoonoses fungal importante[modificar | modificar fonte]


Zoonoses parasitari importante:[modificar | modificar fonte]

trichinose, toxoplasmose, echinococcose

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