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Crystal Clear action run.png Iste conto es un robot operate per es:User:Lucien leGrey.

Si iste robot functiona incorrectemente, un Administrator pote blocar lo. Non-administratores pote reportar comportamentos erronee de robots al Taverna.

Automata info[modificar | modificar fonte]

  • Owner: m:User:Lucien leGrey
  • Contact: m:User talk:Lucien leGrey
  • Activities: Interwiki working from the spanish (es:) Wikipedia.
  • Operation mode: Mostly manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.
  • Program: Pywikipediabot
  • Created: March, 29, 2008
  • Wikipedias with bot flag at March 2009: es, en, it, pl, pt, nl, fr, de, sv, ru, ja, gl, ast, ca, cs, da, la, an, lad. Testing on ext, , cbk-zam, eo, eu.
  • Logs: about, for, contributions