Roger Penrose

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Roger Penrose
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1931-08-08 (Colchester)
Citatania Regno Unite
Educate in University College London[*], Universitate de Cambridge, University College School[*]
Occupation mathematico, physico, philosopho[*], professor universitari[*], Astronomo, astrophysico[*]
Obras notabile Penrose triangle[*], Penrose tiling[*], Penrose process[*], Penrose diagram[*], The Emperor's New Mind[*], Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe[*], The Road to Reality[*], Cycles of Time[*], The Nature of Space and Time[*], Shadows of the Mind[*], Moore–Penrose inverse[*], twistor theory[*], Riemannian Penrose inequality[*], Penrose interpretation[*], Diósi–Penrose model[*], Newman–Penrose formalism[*], Penrose stairs[*], Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems[*], Penrose transform[*], Terrell rotation[*], Penrose–Lucas argument[*], andromeda paradox[*]
Religion agnosticismo
Conjuge Vanessa Thomas[*], Joan Isabel Wedge[*]
Parentes matre Margaret Leathes[*] patre Lionel Penrose[*]
Fratres/sorores Shirley Hodgson[*], Jonathan Penrose[*], Oliver Penrose[*]
Premios Fellow of the Royal Society[*], Copley Medal[*], Royal Medal[*], Adams Prize[*], Eddington Medal[*], IOP Dirac Medal[*], Albert Einstein Medal[*], Naylor Prize and Lectureship[*], Helmholtz Medal[*], Karl Schwarzschild Medal[*], Marcel Grossmann Award[*], Josiah Willard Gibbs Lectureship[*], Order of Merit[*], De Morgan Medal[*], Amaldi Medal[*], Fonseca Prize[*], Wolf Prize in Physics[*], Dirac Medal for the Advancement of Physics[*], honorary doctor of the University of Warsaw[*], honorary doctor of the Catholic University of Louvain[*], Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics[*], Knight Bachelor[*], Pomeranchuk Prize[*], Commander of the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland[*], Premio Nobel pro Physica, Dalton Medal[*], Clarivate Citation Laureates[*], Royal Society Science Books Prize[*], Forder Lectureship[*]
Lingua anglese
ISNI 0000000084056757
VIAF 108188624
IMDB nm0672295
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Roger Penrose (nascite in Colchester, Anglaterra, le 8 de augusto 1931) es un mathematico anglese qui recipeva le Premio Nobel pro Physica in 2020 "pro le discoperta que le formation de foramines nigre es un prediction robuste del theoria general de relativitate". Ille ganiava un medie portion del Premio Nobel; le altere medietate era dividite inter Andrea Ghez e Reinhard Genzel pro le discoperta del foramine nigre central del Via Lactee.[1]

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