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Map of comune of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (region Aosta Valley, Italy).svg
Classe sparse municipality[*]
Pais Italia
Capital Rhemes-Notre-Dame[*]
Population 82
Area 86,84 km² Edit this on Wikidata
Situate in Valle de Aosta
Altitude 1 725 ±1 m Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinatas 45°34'10.74"N, 7°7'7.32"E
Citates gemine Solarolo
Fuso horari UTC+01:00, UTC+02:00
Geonames ID 6535964
Sito web: http://www.comune.rhemes-notre-dame.ao.it/
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Rhêmes-Notre-Dame es un communa que se trova in le region del Valle de Aosta, in Italia.