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Provincia de Palawan

Capitolio provincial de Palawan

Bandiera de Palawan
Scuto de armas of Palawan
Scuto de armas
Supernomine(s): Le Optime Insula Philippin[1]
Le Ultime Frontiera del Philippinas[2][3]
Classe province of the Philippines[*]
Pais Philippinas
Capital Puerto Princesa[*]
Population 939 594
Area 14 649,73 km² Edit this on Wikidata
Situate in Mimaropa[*], Western Visayas[*]
Coordinatas 10°0'N, 118°50'E
Fuso horari UTC+08:00[*]
ISO 3166-2 PH-PLW
Geonames ID 1696177
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Palawan (province)

Palawan (paˈlawan), officialmente le Provincia de Palawan, es un provincia archipelagic del Philippinas que es situate in le region MIMAROPA (region tagalog del sud-west).


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