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Rango fossile: 12.9–0 Ma Mioceno medie - Presente[1]

Classification scientific
Regno: Animalia
Phylo: Chordata
Classe: Mammalia
Infraclasse: Placentalia
Legion: Laurasiatheria
Infralegion: Fereuungulata
Superordine: Ferae
Ordine: Pholidota
Familia: Manidae
Gray, 1821[2]
Linnaeus, 1758

Typo specie
Manis pentadactyla
Linnaeus, 1758
  Manis crassicaudata   Manis culionensis   Manis javanica   Manis pentadactyla

Manis es un genere de mammiferos placentari del familia Manidae.

Corresponde al clado del asian pangolines.

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Referentias[modificar fonte]

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