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Lev Tolstoj
Leo Tolstoy, portrait.jpg
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1828-08-28 (Yasnaya Polyana)
Decesso 1910-11-07 (Lev Tolstoy)
Causa de decesso pneumonia[*]
Loco de reposo Yasnaya Polyana[*]
Ethnicitate Russians[*]
Citatania Imperio Russe
Educate in Kazan Federal University[*]
Occupation scriptor, dramaturgo, philosopho[*], romancero[*], pedagogue[*], essayista[*], children's writer[*], diarist[*]
Obras notabile War and Peace[*], Anna Karenina[*], A Confession[*], The Kingdom of God Is Within You[*], Sebastopol Sketches[*], What Is Art?[*], What Is to Be Done?[*], Boyhood[*], Childhood[*], The Cossacks[*], The Death of Ivan Ilyich[*], Family Happiness[*], Hadji Murat[*], The Kreutzer Sonata[*], Resurrection[*], The Forged Coupon[*], Youth[*], The Fruits of Enlightenment[*], The Light Shines in the Darkness[*], The Living Corpse[*], The Power of Darkness[*], The Devil[*], Albert[*], Alyosha the Pot[*], The Big Oven[*], Croesus and Fate[*], Father Sergius[*], God Sees the Truth, But Waits[*], The Grain[*], How Much Land Does a Man Need?[*], Ivan the Fool[*], Kholstomer[*], A Lost Opportunity[*], Master and Man[*], Promoting a Devil[*], Quench the Spark[*], The Raid[*], Repentance[*], The Snowstorm[*], The Three Hermits[*], Three Deaths[*], The Three Questions[*], Too Dear![*], What Men Live By[*], Where Love Is, God Is[*], Wisdom of Children[*], Work, Death, and Sickness[*]
Religion Orthodox Christianity[*], Tolstoyan movement[*], Christianismo
Conjuge Sophia Tolstaya[*]
Infantes Sergey Tolstoy[*], Tatyana Sukhotina-Tolstaya[*], Ilya Tolstoy[*], Lev Lvovich Tolstoy[*], Alexandra Tolstaya[*], Maria L'vovna Tolstaya[*]
Parentes patre Nikolay Tolstoy[*]
Fratres/sorores Maria Tolstoy[*]
Premios Order of Saint Anna, 4th class[*], Q1131478[*], Medal In memory of Crimean War[*], Q4286775[*]
Lingua russo, francese, anglese
Signatura Leo Tolstoy signature.svg
Sito http://tolstoy.ru/
ISNI 0000 0001 2242 4494
VIAF 96987389
IMDB nm0866243
Commons Leo Tolstoy

Le conte Leo Tolstoy [-óy] (in russo Лев Николаевич Толстой, API [lʲɛf nʲɪkɐˈlaɪvʲɪtɕ tɐlˈstoj] Lev Nikolayevitsh Tolstoy) (9 de septembre [28 de augusto de s. a.] 1828 – 20 novembre [7 novembre de s. a.] 1910) es un russe autor (prosaista) etiam un pensator ethic et religiose. Ille es un del plus grande prosaista mundial in le stilo de realismo. Inter su obras le plus cognite es le romance "Guerra e Pace" re le vita de russe societate durante le Guerras napoleonic, e le romance "Anna Karenina". Istos es considerate como classicos del romance russe.

Leo Tolstoy nasceva in un familia aristocratic russe de Tolstoys. Ille esseva un officiero artillero in su juventute, e participava in le Guerra de Crimea, de que Tolstoy scribeva "Le contos de Sevastopol" in 1855. In su vetere annos, quando ille esseva un autor cognitissime, Tolstoy se interessava pro recercas moral e religiose, que le placiava in opposition al Ecclesia russe official.