John Bardeen

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John Bardeen
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1908-05-23 (Madison)
Decesso 1991-01-30 (Boston, Massachusetts)
Causa de decesso infarcto cardiac
Citatania Statos Unite de America
Educate in Princeton University, University of Wisconsin–Madison[*]
Occupation physico, ingeniero[*], inventor, professor universitari[*], electrical engineer[*], scientista[*]
Conjuge Jane Maxwell[*]
Infantes James M. Bardeen[*]
Parentes patre Charles Russell Bardeen[*]
Premios Premio Nobel pro Physica, Premio Nobel pro Physica, Stuart Ballantine Medal[*], Harold Pender Award[*], Lomonosov Gold Medal[*], Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize[*], IEEE Medal of Honor[*], Fritz London Memorial Prizes[*], National Medal of Science[*], National Inventors Hall of Fame[*], Presidential Medal of Freedom[*], Franklin Medal[*], Fellow of the American Physical Society[*], Foreign Member of the Royal Society[*]
Lingua anglese
ISNI 0000 0000 6659 2249
VIAF 91244949
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John Bardeen (23 de maio 1908 in Madison, Wisconsin - 23 de januario 1991 in Boston, Massachusetts) era un ingeniero e physico, e un del quatro personas qui ha ganiate le Premio Nobel duo veces.

Bardeen ha recipite le Premio Nobel pro Physica duo veces, in 1956 pro le invention del transistor e in 1972 pro le theoria de superconductivitate. Ille es un del quatro personas qui ha ganiate le Premio Nobel duo veces (le alteres son Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, e Frederick Sanger) e le sol persona qui ha ganiate duo veces le Premio Nobel pro Physica.