Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1807-02-27, 1807 (Portland, Maine)
Decesso 1882-03-24 (Cambridge)
Causa de decesso peritonitis[*]
Loco de reposo Mount Auburn Cemetery[*]
Ethnicitate gente statounitese[*]
Citatania Statos Unite de America
Educate in Bowdoin College[*]
Occupation traductor, poeta[*], romancero[*], Professor, scriptor
Obras notabile The Song of Hiawatha[*], The Courtship of Miles Standish[*], Voices of the Night[*], The Children's Hour[*], The Poet and his Songs[*], The Bridge[*], The Builders[*], The Old Clock on the Stairs[*], The Two Angels[*], The Rainy Day[*], Paul Revere's Ride[*], From my Arm-Chair[*], The Building of the Ship[*], The Light of Stars[*], King Trisanku[*], The Legend Beautiful[*], Flowers[*], Children Children[*], Santa Filomena[*], Resignation[*], A Psalm of Life[*], The Singers[*], The Sifting of Peter[*], Old St. David's at Radnor[*], The Ladder of St. Augustine[*], The Village Blacksmith[*], The Wreck of the Hesperus[*], The Skeleton in Armour[*], Afternoon in February[*], Charles Sumner[*], Curfew[*], Decoration Day[*], The Open Window[*], Stay, Stay at Home, my Heart, and Rest[*]
Conjuge Fanny Appleton Longfellow[*], Mary Storer Potter Longfellow[*]
Infantes Alice Mary Longfellow[*], Ernest Wadsworth Longfellow[*], Edith Longfellow[*], Frances Longfellow[*], Charles Appleton Longfellow[*], Annie Longfellow Thorp[*]
Parentes matre Zilpah Wadsworth[*] patre Stephen Longfellow[*]
Fratres/sorores Samuel Longfellow[*], Anne Longfellow Pierce[*], Mary Longfellow Greenleaf[*], Stephen Longfellow[*], Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow[*]
Premios Pour le Mérite for Sciences and Arts order[*], Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences[*]
Lingua italiano, espaniol, anglese, francese, Lingua portugese, germano
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ISNI 0000 0001 2096 1392
VIAF 54150826
IMDB nm0519303
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Portland, Maine, 27 de februario 1807 - Cambridge, Massachusetts, 24 de martio 1882) era un autor e un professor a Harvard University famose como um poeta. Su poemas include Evangeline, The Courtship of Miles Standish, e The Song of Hiawatha.