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00079 2011-11-14 Interwiki links between en:Information science and ru:Информатика en.wikipedia link Mergedisputed.svg
00080 2012-06-17 Interwiki links between en:Bagpipes, en:Gaida and es:Gaita en.wikipedia link Mergedisputed.svg
00081 2012-10-22 Interwiki links between ca:Aceguá and pt:Aceguá ca.wikipedia link Sub-arrows 2.svg
00082 2012-11-24 Interwiki links between en:Vitamin D and de:Cholecalciferol en.wikipedia link Mergedisputed.svg
00083 2012-12-15 Interwiki links between en:List of the mothers of the Ottoman Sultans and tr:Valide sultanlar listesi en.wikipedia link Mergedisputed.svg
00084 2013-01-02 Interwiki links at hr:Wikipedija:Kafić hr.wikipedia link Mergedisputed.svg
00085 2013-01-31 Use of Wikidata on Hebrew Wikipedia he.wikipedia link Mail-sealed-send.svg
00086 2013-02-14 Use of Wikidata on English Wikipedia en.wikipedia link Mail-sealed-send.svg
00087 2013-03-07 Use of Wikidata on Icelandic Wikipedia is.wikipedia link Mail-sealed-send.svg

¡Feliz 5º wikicumpleaños![modificar fonte]

¡Feliz wikicumpleaños!

Hola, Synthebot. Paso a saludarte y a felicitarte por tu quinto año en Wikipedia. Te deseo todo lo mejor, aunque seas un bot. Allan Javier Aguilar Castillo 20:56, 24 februario 2012 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Muchas gracias!

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Gaim.svg Hi!

If you have 5 minutes, please have a quick look at the this Book important2.svg FAQ . It explains the most common edits that sometimes generate questions.

Please leave your message following the sequential number.

Thank you very much.

מפעיל בוט יקר,

מערכת ויקינתונים הופעלה בוויקיפדיה העברית.

הבוט שלך המשיך להוסיף קישורים בין־לשוניים ("בינוויקי") לערכים שהם כבר לא נחוצים בהם ובשל כך נחסם. ייתכן שהחסימה תוסר אם התכנה של הבוט שלך תשודרג בהתאם. תודה על ההבנה ועל עזרתך לתחזוקת ויקיפדיה העברית.

Stop hand.svg

Dear bot operator,

Wikidata was deployed on the Hebrew Wikipedia.

Your bot kept adding interlanguage ("interwiki") links to articles from which they were removed and was blocked because of this. It may be unblocked if you update your bot software accordingly. Thank you for understanding and for your contribution to the maintenance of the Hebrew Wikipedia.

(original message)

Dear Amire80,

I just updated Synthebot to prevent adding redundant links. Would you please unblock it ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Julian - שיחה 03:51, 1 בפברואר 2013 (IST)

I unblocked you.
Thank you again for your contribution. --אמיר א׳ אהרוני - שיחה 08:29, 1 בפברואר 2013 (IST)

(original message)

Wikidata is here; please disable any interwiki bots on the English Wikipedia


Wikidata has been deployed to the English Wikipedia. Going forward, Wikidata will manage interwiki links. Further information: m:Wikidata/Deployment Questions and <https://blog.wikimedia.de/?p=13892>.

Important note: Bots that continue to add, remove, or update interwiki links on the English Wikipedia may be blocked from editing after Saturday, February 16, 2013.

If you are running pywikipedia's interwiki.py, please update to pyrev:11073 which will automatically prevent your bot from updating links on this wiki.

If you have any questions, please ask at the bot owners' noticeboard. Thank you for your past work maintaining interwiki links. It has been very appreciated and we're looking forward to an even brighter future with Wikidata. Legoktm (discussion) 10:18, 14 februario 2013 (UTC)Responder[responder]

(original message)

Hello Legoktm,
Thank you very much for your message.
Regards, --Julian (disc.) 01:49, 17 februario 2013 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Synthebot @ is.wikipedia

Since today is.wikipedia is getting language links from Wikidata. You should either update your bot, once an update that makes pywikipedia compatible with Wikidata becomes available, or stop its present job of maintaining interlanguage links. Thanks.--Snaevar (talk) 00:39, 7 March 2013 (UTC)

(original message)

Hello Snaevar,
Thank you very much for your message.
Regards, --Julian (disc.) 19:57, 19 martio 2013 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Uklanjanje bot zastavice / Removal of bot flag[modificar fonte]

(Bosanski) Želim da vas obavjestim da je se na bs.wiki donijela odluka da se uklone bot zastavice kod neaktivnih i/ili interwiki botova. Vaš bot spada u najmanje jednu od ove dvije kategorije. Ova odluka je donešena zbog zbivanja oko Wikidata koje je dovelo do toga da su interwiki botovi postali nepotrebni. Ako želite da zadržite vašu bot zastavicu onda možete podnijeti taj zahtjev ovdje sa dodatnim informacijama o poslovima koje bi bot obavljao i na koji nacin. Imaj te na umu da ovo treba da bude konkretan i koristan posao za zajednicu da bih se zastavica zadržala. Ako imate bilo kakvih pitanja kontaktirajte me na mojoj stranici za razgovor. Ukoliko ne reagujete na ovu poruku ce se uklanjanje zastavice izvršiti nakon nekoliko sedmica. Medutim, uvijek ste dobrodošli da podnesete novi zahtjev za bot zastavicu.

(English) I want to inform you that on bs.wiki there has been a voting that resulted in accepting the removal of bot flags for inactive and/or interwiki bots. Your bot has been identified to meet at least one of these criteria. This decision has been made due to the new developments with Wikidata by which all interwiki bots have become unnecessary. If you want to keep your bot flag, then please report that here by indicating what new task your bot will be performing and how this will be done. Note however that this has to be a concrete and useful task for the community before it will be accepted. If you have any questions, please let me know on my talk page. In case of no response, the removal of the bot flag will be performed within a few weeks from now. However, after that period you are always welcome to file a new request for a bot flag.

-- Edin(r) 01:23, 27 april 2013 (CEST)

Bot flag on frwiki[modificar fonte]


As a bureaucrat on frwiki, I was checking the activity of the bots, and noticed that yours had been inactive for at least 6 months. Morover, the interwikis are now centralized on Wikidata. It is not reasonable that an unmonitored account keeps a bot flag, as it may be more easily hacked. Do you wish to keep the bot flag? If this is the case, please tell me so (preferably on my talk page on frwiki, otherwise on my talk page on this project). Without any answer from you, the bot flag will be removed in one month.

Thank you for your comprehension, Litlok (discussion) 15:48, 10 julio 2014 (UTC)Responder[responder]

I asked you about one month ago if you wanted to keep the bot flag of your bot on frwiki, but (maybe I have missed something) it seems you have not answered yet. Well, it's summer time... so you still have another month to respond :-) Litlok (discussion) 22:22, 11 augusto 2014 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Thank you for your answer; the account will keep the bot flag. Litlok (discussion) 07:25, 14 augusto 2014 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Global bot[modificar fonte]

Dear Julian Mendez your Global bot Synthebot was inactive for over a year. As interwiki links are no longer maintained via global bots, there is a consensus to remove Global bot flags from inactive accounts, and those active only on few projects (local bot flags to be requested instead of global). If you intend to run your bot globally with new functionality in near future please let us know. Otherwise global bot flag will be removed, but you can naturally re-request it later if needed. You can also request removal of global bot flag yourself if you wish so. Thanks for your service to global Wikimedia community! --6AND5 (discussion) 10:26, 17 januario 2015 (UTC)Responder[responder]