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Isto es un archivo de commentos facite in le Taverna in 2005. Per favor non lo modifica. Face le modificationes in Wikipedia:Taverna.

Propuesta de listado de artículos

Disculpas por no escribir en interlingua, pero quiero informaros del listado de artículos que toda Wikipedia debería tener elaborado en Meta-wiki. Sólo es una ayuda y una orientación para usuarios que no sepan por donde empezar y para haceros una idea de artículos muy importantes que se supone deberíamos tener algún día. Siento no poder traducirlo porque desconozco esta lengua; pero os lo dejo aquí: Wikipedia:Obligatori articles (podéis modificar el título por alguno como "artículos que toda Wikipedia debería tener". Saludos, --Javier Carro 14:03 apr 21, 2005 (UTC)

I'm sorry for writing not in interlingua, but I just want to inform you that there is "a list of articles that all Wikipedias should have" which has been done in Meta-wiki. The list is done somehow as a guidance for those users who don't know where they can begin with and for you to get an idea of those articles which should really appear in each of the Wikipedias. I'm sorry again that i can't translate it because i don't know this language, but I leave it here: Wikipedia:Obligatori articles (you may modify the title with someone like "List of articles all languages should have). --Javier Carro 14:03 apr 21, 2005 (UTC

Essaye io de scripter pauco a pauco.--Jondel 04:39, 5 januario 2006 (UTC)

Stewards election


The stewards election has started on m:Stewards/elections 2005. Anyone can vote provided that he has a valid account on meta with a link to at least one user page, on a project where the editor is a participant, with at least 3 months participation to the project. Stewards can give sysop right on projects where there are no local bureaucrate. Please vote ! Yann 20:59 mai 19, 2005 (UTC)

PS: Please translate this. Thanks. Yann 20:59 mai 19, 2005 (UTC)

"Traduction del septimana" pro linguas auxiliar?

Hallo. Mi nomine es Almafeta, plus juvene administrator del Interlingua Wikipedia. Io ha essite ponderante pro como unes septimanas nunc re iste idea, e io esse sperante que apprender le pensatas de vos hic...

Pro promover le artificial linguas del Wikimedia, io vole initiar in Meta alco como le "Translation of the week" -- le 'Artificial language translation of the week.' Cata septimana, nos scribarea (o meliorarea, si ja existe in un Wikipedia) un articulo re un lingua artificial, o re un notate linguiste, o alco similar.

Nostre scopo esserea que haber plen articulos in le hex linguas artificial que ha Wikipedias (Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Klingon, Occidental, Volapük), pro monstrar le capacitate de linguas artificial; le dece plus active linguas Wikipedic (Anglese, Espaniol, Francese, German, Italiano, Japonese, Nederlandese, Polonese, Portugese, e Svedese) pro promover le linguas; e Latin, proque esseva le original 'lingua auxiliar'.

Que pensa vos?

-- Almafeta

Please Express Your Objection

There’s someone proposing a policy to close some minor, slow-growing, “hopeless” wikipedias on the wikimedia meta-wiki. (see Toytoy's proposed policy for wiki closure) This proposal is the enemy to the openness of the whole wikipedia community. I come here to inform you to express your opinion there. I think it's OK to use your own language on the talk page. Thank you. --Theodoranian05:49 jul 28, 2005 (UTC)

Thingking of Joining

Hi! I'm thingking of joining. I'm surprised I can understand interlingua through my Spanish and with the little French that I know.-- 06:09 sep 20, 2005 (UTC)(Jondel at the English wiki)

Heya... feel free to join. :) Yes, knowing any two of Interlingua's control languages is definately the easiest way to get into the language. If you need to look anything up while you get used to the language, over at, you can use this quickie grammar, this list of grammatical 'bits' (prepositions and the like) (with a full conjugation chart), and this searchable dictionary. Benvenite, Jondel -- al fortuna! :) Almafeta 11:30 sep 20, 2005 (UTC)
Gratias. Thank you. I've already joined. Io utilise mi diccionario de Latin, sed trate utilise le parol de interlingua et les referentias de super(above).--Jondel 00:07 sep 22, 2005 (UTC)
I'm signing up for the Interlingua jihad to convert the world to the way of Interlingua. Uh, I can't pilot airplanes and even firecrackers startle me so no suicide missions for me please. -- 00:26 sep 21, 2005 (UTC) (Jondel , now a new user name soon an interlingua legend).

Localized date formats need to be verified

Dear Wikipedians,

I need your help to look at date formats for your language. I created a large list of formats here. Please take a look and fix any mistakes or add any new formats. This will help interwiki bot to match en:April 1, fr:1 avril, ru:1 апреля, zh:4月1日, and all other sites together.

What's needed: Look here at every format for your language, fix any mistakes, note any exceptions (some languages have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc naming schemas, or year 1 is written as '1 (year)' unlike all other years).

Also, I would like to receive a bot status on your site for my bot Usator:YurikBot. It will be mostly involved in interwikies.

Thank you!!!

You can contact me at en:Yurik (-- 22:03 sep 24, 2005 (UTC))


On potesne borrar ista pagina? Can somebody delete this?--Jondel 09:19 oct 6, 2005 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Presume bon fide

Roge modificar ista guia (guideline) bassate ab spaniol. Pro referentia, vide version anglece. Gratias.--Jondel 07:33 oct 25, 2005 (UTC)

Wikipedian by country

Wikipedia in interlingua have a category for wikipedians by country??

please see this examples:

Categoria por país o ubicación - Category by country or location - Categoria per paese o posizione - 类别按国家或地点 Fecha de creación
a b
da:Kategori:Wikipedianere efter nationalitet 16:01 20 jul 2005 Palnatoke
de:Kategorie:Benutzer nach Land 15:01 30 jul 2005 Suit
en:Category:Wikipedians by location 15:53 26 jul 2005 Thereverendeg (Category:Wikipedians by country 17:09 21 ago 2004 . . Joseph Dwayne)
es:Categoría:Wikipedia:Wikipedistas por países 10:39 12 may 2005 FAR
eo:Kategorio:Vikipediistoj laŭ landoj 16:19 11 jun 2004 ArnoLagrange
no:Kategori:Wikipedia-brukere etter område 07:32, 10 noviembre 2005 Vibeke
pt:Categoria:!Wikipedistas por país 21:45 12 oct 2005 NTBot (Categoria:Usuários pelo país 03:49 19 may 2005 . . Mnts)
ru:Категория:Википедия:Участники по странам 07:56 5 nov 2005 Maximaximax
sv:Kategori:Användare efter geografi 18:13 20 oct 2005 Habj
zh:Category:各地维基人 02:55 22 abr 2005 Vipuser

--Mnts 08:36, 13 novembre 2005 (UTC)

Articulos non in interlingua

De tempore a tempore io vide articulos hic que non es in interlingua. Per exemplo: Región Andina (Colombia). In loco de deler los, forsan nos poterea crear un noto pro indicar que "iste articulo non es interlingua, on debe traducer lo" o alco simile. -- Jmb 04:10, 10 decembre 2005 (UTC)

Jam habe translate Región Andina (Colombia) pauco sed iste articulo necessita plus materiales. Me informa si ille vos place si existe alteras articulos in alteras linguas pro pote io translate ipsos.Gratias. --Jondel 02:44, 14 decembre 2005 (UTC)
Forsan Patrono:revision pote devenir usate, como Jmb propone supra, e le category:Articulos pro revider (que le template apporta) pro registrar e traciar iste articulos facilemente. /Phenice 22:20, 14 decembre 2005 (UTC)
Il me sembla bon idea. Va a usar lo.--Jondel 01:17, 29 decembre 2005 (UTC)