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Please for bot flag for my bot. It's interwiki bot working on cs:, it does non-controversial automatic interwiki addiction, but his main domain is human assisted problematical interwiki (this operation is working on about 200 languages at same time, but maximal about 20 pages per day).

Sometimes this bot do standard interwiki addiction, but only in the languages with bot flag.

Bot is based on pywikipedia. Already with bot status in about 40 languages, including almost all from top20: cs, eo, sl, pl, de, sr, hr, da, en, el, es, it, sk, sh, vec, ro, no, ... (see here Awaiting for bot: some more languages.

If you have any question, please write it to my discuss page JAnDbot 13:19, 17 januario 2007 (UTC) / JAn

Illo sembla bon. Stato de bot accordate. -- Dissident (Discussion) 23:00, 21 februario 2007 (UTC)