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Un Introduction a Interlingua, le Lingua International[modificar fonte]

An Introduction to Interlingua, the International Language[modificar fonte]

This leaflet is a beginners' introduction to Interlingua, the modern latinate language understood and used (often unknowingly) throughout Europe and the Americas. The information below is written in Interlingua, and you'll find you understand it, even if it's slow to read. There is a word-by-word translation in the right-hand column. Interlingua is not an invented language or a utopian world peace project: it's a practical, pragmatic, and accessible guide to European linguistics, cleverly disguised as a foreign language.

Que es Interlingua?: Interlingua es le lingua inter le linguas, le forma contemporanee de latino classic. Interlingua es le materia linguistic commun del linguas europee principal: anglese, francese, espaniol/portugese, italiano, le linguas germanic e le linguas slave (in special lingua russo).

What is Interlingua?: Interlingua is the language between the languages, the contemporary form of classical Latin. Interlingua is the common linguistic material of-the principal European languages: English, French, Spanish + Portugese, Italian, the Germanic languages and the Slavic languages (Russian especially).

Vocabulario: Le vocabulario de interlingua consiste del parolas greco-latin in lor formas le plus generic. Istes parolas forma le nucleo del linguas romance, un grande parte del altere linguas europee, e quasi tote le vocabulario scientific international.

Vocabulary: The vocabulary of Interlingua consists of-the greco-latin words in their most generic forms. These words form the nucleus of-the romance languages, a large part of-the other european languages, and almost all of the international scientific vocabulary.

Grammatica: Le grammatica de interlingua es multo simple, e ha le structuras commun inter su linguas fonte mais sin lor non-international irregularitates.

Grammar: The grammar of interlingua is very simple. It has the structures [that are] common between its source languages but without their non-international irregularities.

A Prime Vista: Un persona qui cognosce un o duo linguas romance (e/o anglese, latino) pote leger textos in interlingua facilemente. Un texto clar (o scientific) in interlingua es comprehensibile a circa cinque mille million personas.

At First Sight: A person who knows one or two Romance languages (and/or English, Latin) can read texts in Interlingua easily. A clear (or scientific) text in interlingua is comprehensible to about five thousand million people.

Interlingua in Practica: Interlingua ha essite usate in quasi omne contextos de communication international. Interlingua es multo utile como un introduction al studio de linguas, e como un education complete in le radices greco-latin.

Interlingua in Practice: Interlingua has been used in almost all contexts of international communication. Interlingua is very useful as an introduction to-the study of languages, and as a complete education in greco-latin roots.

Apprender Interlingua: On pote apprender interlingua a un alte grado in alcun menses, e postea leger espaniol, francese, etc. Le sol requirimentos son le voler e un poco de tempore libere (un connection al Internet es anque utile).

To Learn Interlingua: One can learn interlingua to a high degree in a number of months, and afterwards can read Spanish, French, etc. The only requirements are the willpower and a bit of free time (a connection to-the Internet is also useful).

Tu pote trovar extra informationes in le Internet, si tu ha accesso. Le sequente sitos son multo utile: