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genere de Triticeae[*]
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ID NCBI: 49317
ID ITIS: 782021
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Triticale es un genere de cereal, un hybrida artificial de Tritico e Secale; le major parte del recolta es usate como forrage, e un parte minor es vendite pro consumption per humanos.[1] Su nomine es un portmanteau del nomines de su generes parental.

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  1.,the%20U.S.%20Standards%20for%20Triticale Archived 2021-08-13 at the Wayback Machine Sito del Departamento de Agricultura Statounitese: " an artificial or man-made hybrid of rye and wheat. It is grown mostly for forage or animal feed although some triticale-based foods can be purchased at health food stores or are to be found in some breakfast cereals."