T. S. Eliot

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T. S. Eliot
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1888-09-26 (St. Louis)
Decesso 1965-01-04 (Kensington)
Causa de decesso emphysema pulmonar
Loco de reposo Church of Saint Michael[*]
Citatania Statos Unite de America, Regno Unite
Educate in Universitate de Paris[*], Harvard University, Merton College[*], Milton Academy[*], Harvard College[*], Eliot House[*]
Occupation dramaturgo, poeta[*], essayista[*], critico litterari[*], critico social[*], short story writer[*], professor universitari[*], scenarista[*], lyricist[*], children's writer[*], jornalista[*], critic[*]
Obras notabile The Waste Land[*], Four Quartets[*]
Religion Unitarianismo, Anglo-Catholicism[*]
Conjuge Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot[*], Valerie Eliot[*]
Parentes matre Charlotte Champe Stearns[*] patre Henry Ware Eliot[*]
Fratres/sorores Henry Ware Eliot[*], Ada Eliot[*], Marian Cushing Eliot[*], Margaret Dawes Eliot[*], Theodora Sterling Eliot[*], Charlotte Eliot[*]
Premios Premio Nobel pro Litteratura, Presidential Medal of Freedom[*], Pour le Mérite for Sciences and Arts order[*], Emerson-Thoreau Medal[*], Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical[*], Tony Award for Best Original Score[*], Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical[*], Officer of the Legion of Honour[*], Pour le Mérite[*], Order of Merit[*], Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres‎[*]
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VIAF 56609282
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Commons T.S. Eliot

T. S. Eliot, nate Thomas Stearns Eliot, (St. Louis, Missouri, SUA le 26 de septembre 1888London, Anglaterra le 4 de januario 1965 era un poeta statounitese-anglese e le ganiator del Premio Nobel pro Litteratura in 1948.

Poesia[modificar | modificar fonte]

  • 1917: Prufrock and Other Observations
  • 1920: Poems
  • 1922: The Waste Land
  • 1925: The Hollow Men
  • 1927-1954: Ariel poems, que include le poema "The Journey of the Magi"
  • 1930: Ash Wednesday
  • 1931: Coriolan
  • 1939: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
  • 1939: "The Marching Song of the Pollicle Dogs" e "Billy M'Caw: The Remarkable Parrot", in le obra commun The Queen's Book of the Red Cross
  • 1945: Four Quartets

Teatro[modificar | modificar fonte]

  • 1926: Sweeney Agonistes, representate in 1934
  • 1934: The Rock
  • 1935: Murder in the Cathedral
  • 1939: The Family Reunion
  • 1949: The Cocktail Party
  • 1954: The Confidential Clerk
  • 1959: The Elder Statesman, representate in 1958

Non-fiction[modificar | modificar fonte]

  • 1920: The Sacred Wood: Essays on Poetry and Criticism
  • 1920: The Second-Order Mind
  • 1920: Tradition and the individual talent
  • 1924: Homage to John Dryden
  • 1928: Shakespeare and the Stoicism of Seneca
  • 1928: For Lancelot Andrewes
  • 1929: Dante
  • 1917-1932: Selected Essays
  • 1933: The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism
  • 1934: After Strange Gods (1934)
  • 1934: Elizabethan Essays
  • 1936: Essays Ancient and Modern
  • 1940: The Idea of a Christian Society
  • 1948: Notes Towards the Definition of Culture
  • 1951: Poetry and Drama
  • 1954: The Three Voices of Poetry
  • 1957: On Poetry and Poets
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