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{{{dms-lat}}} {{{dms-long}}} / {{{dec-lat}}}, {{{dec-long}}} This template, {{Coord/link}}, is used by {{Coord}}.


{{coord|10|N|30|W}} 10°N 30°W / 10, -30
{{coord|10|11|N|30|31|W}} 10°11′N 30°31′W / 10.183, -30.517
{{coord|10|11|12|N|30|31|32|W}} 10°11′12″N 30°31′32″W / 10.18667, -30.52556

Notes on classes[modificar]

Note: the span classes "geo-default", "geo-dec", and "geo-dms" are defined at See there for instructions on how to choose which to display. "latitude" and "longitude" also have styles.

In addition, "geo" and the nested "latitude" and "longitude" have special meaning as a Geo microformat; see also