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John Herschel

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John Herschel
Pronunciation del nomine
Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1792-03-07, 1792 (Slough)
Decesso 1871-05-11, 1871 (Kent)
Loco de reposo Abbatia de Westminster
Citatania United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland[*]
Educate in Eton College[*], St John's College[*]
Occupation Astronomo, photographo[*], mathematico, chimico, physico, scriptor
Obras notabile expedition[*], Mesuration, General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars[*]
Conjuge Lady Margaret Brodie Stewart[*]
Infantes John Herschel[*], Alexander Stewart Herschel[*], Caroline Emilia Mary Herschel[*], Isabella Herschel[*], Sir William Herschel, 2nd Baronet[*], Margaret Louisa Marshall[*], Maria Sophie Herschel[*], Amelia Herschel[*], Julia Mary Herschel[*], Matilda Rose Herschel[*], Francisca Herschel[*], Constance Anne Herschel[*]
Parentes matre Mary Baldwin[*] patre William Herschel
Premios Fellow of the Royal Society[*], Copley Medal[*], Copley Medal[*], Pour le Mérite for Sciences and Arts order[*], Royal Medal[*], Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society[*], Lalande Prize[*], Bakerian Lecture[*], Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences[*]
Lingua anglese
ISNI 0000000120990257
VIAF 9887999
Commons John Herschel

John Frederick William Herschel (7 de martio 1792 in Buckinghamshire, Anglaterra – 11 de maio 1871 in Kent, Anglaterra) esseva un astronomo anglese. Ille esseva le filio de William Herschel e le nepto de Caroline Herschel.