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Jackie Chan
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Sexo mascule
Nascentia 1954-04-07 (Victoria Peak)
Supernomine 大哥
Ethnicitate Han
Citatania Statos Unite de America, China, British Hong Kong[*], Hong Kong
Educate in Dickson College[*]
Occupation director de cinema[*], comico[*], productor de cinema[*], cantator[*], scenarista[*], stunt performer[*], actor de film[*], choreographo[*], judoka[*], taekwondo athlete[*], politico[*]
Obras notabile Drunken Master[*], The Young Master[*], Project A[*], Police Story[*], Rush Hour[*]
Religion Buddhismo
Conjuge Lin Feng-jiao[*]
Infantes Jaycee Chan[*], Etta Ng[*]
Parentes matre Lee-Lee Chan[*] patre Charles Chan[*]
Premios Silver Bauhinia Star[*], Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres[*], Member of the Order of the British Empire[*], Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor[*], Golden Horse Award for Best Leading Actor[*], Academy Honorary Award[*], star on Hollywood Walk of Fame[*]
Lingua anglese, Cantonese[*], mandarin
Sito http://www.jackiechan.com/
ISNI 0000 0001 1480 4307
VIAF 116650054
IMDB nm0000329
Commons Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan (nascite le 7 april 1954) es un actor chinese.

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