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Hi Mathonius I was under impression that wikis have their autonomy to decide what page is good to keep or should be deleted. It is really not fair for English-speaking bulldozer to dictate what are the policies on our wikipedia. We want to be as autonomous as possible. We don't need self-put policemen to delete and mess-up with our wikipedia, unless they know Interlingua Language and our Interlingua spirit. Architengi (discussion) 22:06, 20 julio 2012 (UTC)[responder]

Hello Architengi, I'm not here to involve myself with the issues you appear to have with PeioR. I'm sorry I've given you the bad impression that I'm here to dictate policies and decide what should and shouldn't be deleted. It is common practice to use userpages to present yourself and to use talkpages to communicate with others, not the other way around. Feel free to explain why you insist on creating someone else's userpage, but I'll leave this to the local administrator(s) instead. Again, apologies. Mathonius (discussion) 22:38, 20 julio 2012 (UTC)[responder]