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Ecce le discussiones concernente le Frontispicio facite in le anno 2005. Per favor non modifica iste archivo, ma adde nove entratas a Discussion:Frontispicio.Martijn 23:02, 22 junio 2006 (UTC)Responder[responder]


Sorry for writing in english, just wanted to remind you all that the donation drive is over so you can take down the link from the top of your page [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/user:the_bellman]

Translation of the week

Currently we have started a project on meta.wikipedia to get an article translated in as many wikipedias as possible every week. The article will be about a subject that usually gets rarely translated and has a lot of links to other subjects. Currently we have no-one to translate in your language. If someone is interested to participate please see: meta:Translation of the week You can also submit articles from your own languages there that you think deserve translation, but have a small chance of it. The articles must not be to short and not to long and have lots of links to possible other articles! en:user:Waerth


http:\\commons.wikipedia.org. -> http://commons.wikipedia.org.


Le ligamine sub "George Bernard Shaw" debe ligar a Irlanda, non a 'Ireland,' le parola anglese.

E, pote alcun administratore face disprotegite iste pagina? Nunc esse troppo difficile a reparar le frontispicio... Almafeta 01:16 mai 19, 2005 (UTC)