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Io non pote trovar information que "ixode" es un valide parola in interlingua. Qui pote? -- Dissident (Discussion) 02:57, 11 augusto 2006 (UTC)

I guess it's found in enough source languages. An alternative might be *ticce or similar (English tick, French tique, Italian zecca, German Zecke) (Sorry, my IA skills are mostly passive). 00:58, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)
This dictionary gives "ricino", though. http://ia.wiktionary.org/wiki/eid_t I don't think it's a good choice, though, since it doesn't appear to have the meaning "tick" in any derived words in the source languages, only in Latin itself. (The derived ricin ->castor bean or ricin protein aren't self-explanatory.) 01:12, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)
Non esse in le IED ni le CEID. Le pluse actual dictionarios de Interlingua esse Nederlandese-Interlingua e Francese-Interlingua, e io non pote compar illes. Almafeta 03:50, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)
Seems you didn't like "ricino", might be an amateurish choice on a wiki-based dictionary. My (personal) choice for *ticce rather than *zecce is that English and French are larger languages than German and Italian, and *z is a later evolution from *t, through Grimm's law.
Another word I wonder about was "historietta(s)" for "comic(s)" (the visual medium, not comedians), it seems to be based primarily on Spanish, and I can't find it in any dictionaries with that meaning, only the meaning "anecdote", see Discussion:Historietta. I've found the translation "magazin in designos", but it seems to denote the magaines rather than the medium, and it isn't really self-explanatory. Same user as last IP, might get me a user soon. 12:15, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)
Le commento esseva delite in error... pardono. -_-; Un regula general de Interlingua, si il non ha consenso in le linguas de fonte, le regula esse que usar un forma latin (como vidite in le particulos de Interlingua: sed, ab, etc.). Iste regula esse plus utile quando le regula latin ja esse usate, specialmente con animales.
Ma io, io habe nulle preferentia... ixoce, ticce, zecce, o al Ma si vos vole scriber un articulo re "zecces", sia un placer leger le resultato. Nos representa le generation nove de Interlingua, e alicun veces, le dictionarios scribite per le generation previe non basta...
E sr. 83, io sia felice habe un nomine con que referer a te. =) Almafeta 17:24, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)
I now have created a new user. Wakuran 18:47, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)