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Shouldn't this be renamed to Dumbo? There's only one film with this name, see en:Dumbo and the other interwikis. Also, the page is really short, shouldn't it be expanded? 20:14, 15 augusto 2011 (UTC)

Dumbo esseva delite pro vandalismo iterate per plure usatores. Le articulo ha essite blocate usque le vandalistas interwiki ha salite. Forsan il pote esser meliorate, ma nos ha articulos que debe esser expandite ante que le creation de articulos troppo vandalisabile. Almafeta 20:22, 15 augusto 2011 (UTC)
Can someone please add a real page then? The insulting vandalisms of Usator:Alberto Emilio Lopez Viñals have become beyond unexceptable. 20:03, 20 augusto 2011 (UTC)