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Alphabet Audio[modificar fonte]

hello from Greece guys!

use this if you want>>

{{Listen|filename=Ell-AlphabitosUpload.ogg|title=Greek Alphabet|description=(Listen to a Greek speaker recite the Greek Alphabet)|format=[[Ogg]]}} or


Contradiction in source[modificar fonte]

This source states: http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/docs/n2411.pdf

"No Bactrian abecedary has been found to date. Greek letters have numeric values based on their alphabetical orders. It is conceivable that SHO could be identified with the archaic Greek letter SAN, which has a value of 90; but no Bactrian text with that number has been yet discovered. SAN has not been separately encoded in the UCS, although its descendant, SAMPI, has been. (SAN looks rather different from SAMPI, and it is possible that it should be encoded as well for purposes of representing archaic Greek text, in the same way that ARCHAIC KOPPA and KOPPA have been disunified.) If SHO were identified with SAN, it should be ordered – alphabetically – after PI (80) and before KOPPA (90)."

This source had minor error of assigning 900 to San - corrected in citation - which San because of placing it between Pi and Qoppa, must have correct value 90. 14:34, 5 julio 2008 (UTC)