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Bruce Lee in 1973

Lee Jun-fan (Chinese 李小龙 (Chinese simple), 李小龍 (Chinese traditional)) con nomen scena (Anglese Bruce Lee, nascite die 27 de novembre 1940 San Francisco, morto die 20 de julio 1973, esseva perito de artes martial et actor Chinese et Americano.

Cinematographia[modificar | modificar fonte]

Pellicula[modificar | modificar fonte]

Annus Titulus Persona Notae
1969 Marlowe Winslow Wong
1971 The Big Boss Cheng Chao-an "Pugno de Furia" (Fists of Fury) etiam vocate.
1972 Fist of Fury Chen Zhen "Connection Sinica" (The Chinese Connection) etiam vocate
1972 Way of the Dragon Tang Lung "Retorno de Dragon" (Return of the Dragon) etiam vocate
1973 Enter the Dragon Lee Post sue morte
1979 The Real Bruce Lee Bruce Lee ante sue more Pellicula de Lee post sue morte edita
2010 Bruce Lee, My Brother Bruce Lee ut iuvene ad adulto Pellicula semibiographica

Television[modificar | modificar fonte]

Annus Titulus Persona Notae
1966–1967 The Green Hornet Kato 26 episoda
1966–1967 Batman Kato 3 episoda
1967 Ironside Leon Soo Episodum: "Tagged for Murder"
1969 Blondie Instructor karate Episodum: "Pick on Someone Your Own Size"
1969 Here Come the Brides Lin Episodum: "Marriage Chinese Style"
1970–1972 Enjoy Yourself Tonight Se ipse 2 episoda
1971 Longstreet Li Tsung 4 episoda
1971 The Pierre Berton Show Se ipse

De altere, Lee in pellicula, appareva, post mortem: Game of Death ("Joco de morte") 1978 .

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Ligamines externi[modificar | modificar fonte]

Statua de Bruce Lee in Hong Kong.