As Neves

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As Neves

Scuto de armas of {{{official_name}}}
Scuto de armas
Classe municipality of Galicia[*]
Pais Espania
Population 3 746
Area 65,99 km² Edit this on Wikidata
Situate in Pontevedra Province[*]
Altitude 630 m Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinatas 42°5'17"N, 8°24'54"W
Fuso horari UTC+01:00
Geonames ID 6360234
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As Neves

As Neves es un municipalitate que se trova in le provincia de Pontevedra, in le communitate autonome de Gallecia, Espania. Illo ha un population de 3 746 habitantes.