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instantia de: Martio, calendar month of a given year[*], month starting on Tuesday[*]
parte de: 2016

precedite per: 2016-02 , succedite per: 2016-04
initio: 1 martio 2016 , fin: 31 martio 2016
Commons: March 2016
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Q22949803 2016-02-26
Championnat du Super Rugby 2016 : les résultats de la première journée Q17633526
Q15944870 2016-03-02 2016-06-18 Expedition 47 Q18201623
Q19866736 2016-03-02 2017-03-14 The Real O'Neals serie de television
Q20715692 2016-03-02 2018-04-11[1] Hap and Leonard serie de television
Q20899708 2016-03-02 2016-10-22 Lab Rats: Elite Force serie de television
Q21856032 2016-03-02 2016-03-09 2016 Algarve Cup Q27020041
Q22963053 2016-03-02 2016-11-26 2016 A Lyga Q27020041
Q22977820 2016-03-02 2016-03-09 2016 Cyprus Cup Q27020041
Q23808982 2016-03-02 2016-03-07 2016 African Wrestling Championships Q27020041
Q24258608 2016-03-02 2016-07-04 Carambolages Q59861107
Q24869703 2016-03-02 2016-03-06 2016 Sportland Trophy Q2990963
Q25092518 2016-03-02 2016-05-24 The Real O'Neals, season 1 Q3464665
Q55348186 2016-03-02 2016-06-12 Henri Michaux. Face à face Q29023906
Q62034580 2016-03-02 2018-02-26 Cosmetic Appeal, HRQoL and Effectiveness of Simple and Pseudotesticular Techniques of Orchidectomy in Prostate Cancer Q30612
Q62062490 2016-03-02 2018-08 Impact of Ursodeoxycholic Acid, Silymarin, Antioxidants and Colchicine on Fibrosis Regression in HCV After SVR Q30612
Q62818586 2016-03-02 2019-03-31 Efficacy of Pulmonary Vein Isolation Alone in Patients With Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Q30612
Q63011186 2016-03-02 2016-04-05 Accuracy of SpO2 for Noninvasive Pulse Oximeter Sensor (RD DCI) Q30612
Q63591497 2016-03-02 2017-05-01 Effects of Incorporating Sprouted and Non-sprouted Chickpea Flour in Pasta Products Analyzed in Vivo Flow-mediated Dilation Q30612
Q64188307 2016-03-02 2019-08 Combining PD-1 Blockade, CD137 Agonism and Adoptive Cell Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma Q30612
Q64188826 2016-03-02 2021-07-30 Different Types of Fruits on Metabolic Function and Cognitive Performance Q30612
Q64793166 2016-03-02 2017-04-01 Protecting the Corneal Endothelium During Cataract Surgery Using the Anterior Capsule Q30612
Q64807584 2016-03-02 2018-03-02 Obesity: Prospective Evaluation of Upper Airway Obstruction and Compliance in Obese Patients in Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Q30612
Q64818729 2016-03-02 2019-12-31 Community Acquired Sepsis Cohort Q30612
Q65392590 2016-03-02 2017-07-10 Anti-vasculaR Endothelial Growth Factor plUs Anti-angiopoietin 2 in Fixed comBination therapY: Evaluation for the Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema Q30612
Q65393821 2016-03-02 2018-11-07 A Study of ALKS 3831 in Adults With Schizophrenia (The ENLIGHTEN-2 Study) Q30612
Q65394147 2016-03-02 2018-06-08 Study of the Analgesic Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Tanezumab in Subjects With Osteoarthritis of the Hip or Knee. Q30612
Q65395905 2016-03-02 2017-10-02 A Study Comparing Upadacitinib (ABT-494) Monotherapy to Methotrexate (MTX) Monotherapy in Subjects With Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Who Have an Inadequate Response to MTX (SELECT-MONOTHERAPY) Q30612
Q65397763 2016-03-02 2017-08-31 RollOut -Pre-Rolled TachoSil in Laparoscopic Utilisation. A Non-Interventional Study Q30612
Q65398525 2016-03-02 2016-09-02 Genetic of SportS Induced Endofibrotic Remodeling Q30612
Q65465457 2016-03-02 2018-11-29 Integrating Supportive Care in Cystic Fibrosis Q30612
Q65466148 2016-03-02 2019-12 A Study of Olaratumab (LY3012207) in Participants With Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma Q30612
Q66041602 2016-03-02 2017-12-02 Virtual Reality and Manual Dexterity in in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Q30612
Q66042454 2016-03-02 2019-12 Repurposing Anti-TNF for Treating Dupuytren's Disease Q30612
Q66047608 2016-03-02 2018-01-01 Subgingival Microbiome Following Mechanical Treatment and it's Effect on Peri-implant Sub-mucosa in Aggressive Periodontitis Patients Q30612
Q66070250 2016-03-02 2020-12-02 Development of Patient Tailored Guideline of Physical Activity for Lung Cancer Q30612
Q66398426 2016-03-02 2019-05-02 Evaluation of the Animal Intervention Used as Therapy Q30612
Q66405784 2016-03-02 2016-09-20 A Three Part Study of MGV354 in Ocular Hypertension or Glaucoma Q30612
Q66407115 2016-03-02 2017-01-11 Lubiprostone for the Treatment of Chronic Idiopathic Constipation Q30612
Q66407640 2016-03-02 2017-01-06 The Pilot Study on Tailored Eradication Therapy According to Clarithromycin Resistance in H.Pylori Patients Q30612
Q66407734 2016-03-02 2018-02-01 Preoperative Treatment With Noninvasive Intra-auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation Pending Bariatric Surgery Q30612
Q66547127 2016-03-02 2017-08-28 Motherhood With MOtor Impairment Due to MAlady (Rare Disease) Q30612
Q67125802 2016-03-02 2018-11-26 Acute Effects of Sitting Time in Older Adults Q30612
Q19863155 2016-03-03 2016-05-15 The Family serie de television
Q23000113 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 Championnat de France de rugby Pro D2 2015-2016 : les résultats de la vingt-et-unième journée Q17633526
Q23012029 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 30º Rally Guanajuato México Q20107484
Q23701422 2016-03-03 2016-04-03 Battle of al-Qaryatayn (2016) Q645883
Q23714156 2016-03-03 2017-11-30 Der Tel-Aviv-Krimi serie de television
Q24005326 2016-03-03 2016-04-14 Terug naar eigen land Q15416
Q25409860 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 Coppa Italia 2015-2016 Q3691256
Q26828104 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series Q19467946
Q27878247 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27878842 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27879422 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27880006 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27880589 2016-03-03 2016-03-06 2016 Peru International Series – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q44812240 2016-03-03 2016-03-05 Al-Tanf offensive Q2001676
Q62062355 2016-03-03 2017-01-03 Apatinib in Recurrent or Refractory Intracranial Central Nervous System Tumorsmalignant Glioma Q30612
Q63404576 2016-03-03 2017-11-10 Photobiomodulation On Muscle Recovery In Professional Soccer Players Q30612
Q64171249 2016-03-03 2017-04-13 Efficacy and Safety Study of DX-2930 to Prevent Acute Angioedema Attacks in Patients With Type I and Type II HAE Q30612
Q64185109 2016-03-03 2017-08-16 Effects of Oxytocin and Lorazepam on Fear-related Intra-amygdalar Activity Q30612
Q64217208 2016-03-03 2019-09-03 COMETE Study : COgnitive Rehabilitation of MEmory in Temporal Epilepsy Q30612
Q65333857 2016-03-03 2019-04 Vaccination Against Pneumococcal in Naïve Abatacept Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Q30612
Q65393500 2016-03-03 2018-01-12 Sleep, Awake & Move - Part II Q30612
Q65394482 2016-03-03 2019-01-28 Emotional Processing, Family Life, Friendship and Social Integration in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Q30612
Q65396341 2016-03-03 2017-11-10 Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of PF-06649751 in Parkinson's Disease Patients With Motor Fluctuations Q30612
Q65399137 2016-03-03 2017-07-04 Assessment of Rheological Parameters of Human Sputum. Q30612
Q66044652 2016-03-03 2016-12-02 Effect of Gluten-free Diets on Anthropometric and Dietary Data of Healthy Eutrophic Women Q30612
Q66044892 2016-03-03 2016-11-07 Effects of Essence of Chicken on Physical Fatigue, Working Memory and Attention Q30612
Q66046533 2016-03-03 2016-06-03 Effectiveness of Combined Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Training on Obesity in Adolescent Girls Q30612
Q66068844 2016-03-03 2018-10 Assessment of Nutritional Status of Patients With Liver Cirrhosis Q30612
Q66079620 2016-03-03 2017-02-16 Efficacy of Fixed Monthly Dosing of Ranibizumab in Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration Q30612
Q66406094 2016-03-03 2021-08-21 Revlimid® Capsules Special Drug Use-results Survey (in Patients With Newly-diagnosed Multiple Myeloma [NDMM]) Q30612
Q66406724 2016-03-03 2019-06 Dapagliflozin Effect on Symptoms and Biomarkers in Patients With Heart Failure Q30612
Q66407999 2016-03-03 2017-01-17 BAX 826 Dose-Escalation Safety Study Q30612
Q66408015 2016-03-03 2022-03-30 Chronic Endometritis and IVF Q30612
Q66409756 2016-03-03 2020-06-30 A Study Investigating Routine Practice of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Management in EMEA Countries Q30612
Q67127701 2016-03-03 2022-06 Impact of a Booster Course of Antenatal Steroids on Neonatal Outcome in Patients With Premature Rupture of the Membranes Q30612
Q20807306 2016-03-04 2016-11-27 2016 Davis Cup Q27020041
Q21422581 2016-03-04 2016-10-28 2016 League of Ireland Premier Division Q27020041
Q21774102 2016-03-04 2016-11-05 2016 Meistriliiga Q27020041
Q23000059 2016-03-04 2016-03-05 Championnat du Super Rugby 2016 : les résultats de la deuxième journée Q17633526
Q23000107 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Championnat de France de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-septième journée Q17633526
Q23000121 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Championnat d'Angleterre du Premiership de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la quinzième journée Q17633526
Q23000126 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Championnat de Ligue celtique 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-septième journée Q17633526
Q23001535 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 2016 Trois Jours de Flandre-Occidentale Q1257171
Q23011851 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 1 : les résultats de la vingt-neuvième journée Q17633526
Q23014671 2016-03-04 2016-03-07 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 2 : les résultats de la vingt-neuvième journée Q17633526
Q23468360 2016-03-04 2016-06-03 Amores perros Q15416
Q24935822 2016-03-04 2016-03-09 Russian championship of sambo 2016 Q18406281
Q24937942 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Coppa Italia Serie A Élite 2015-2016 Q27020041
Q25409996 2016-03-04 2016-03-06 Coppa Italia 2015-2016 Q27020041
Q55335441 2016-03-04 2016-04-17 Gute aussichten. New german photography 2015/2016 Q29023906
Q55336480 2016-03-04 2016-06-05 Taking Off. Henry my Neighbor Q29023906
Q55348937 2016-03-04 2016-05-29 OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen - Everything Architecture Q29023906[2]
Q55349210 2016-03-04 2016-07-24 Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater Q29023906
Q55352635 2016-03-04 2016-06-05 Ukraine Q29023906
Q55359026 2016-03-04 2016-04-23 Selbstgespräche nähern sich wie scheue Rehe Q29023906
Q62812138 2016-03-04 2016-04-12 Effects of a Diet Based on Inulin-rich Vegetables on Gut Health and Nutritional Behaviour in Healthy Humans Q30612
Q63402041 2016-03-04 2016-08-30 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Fixed Dose Combination of DW340 in Patients With Acute Low Back Pain Q30612
Q63579972 2016-03-04 2017-06-02 Image Based Mobile System for Dietary Assessment and Coaching Q30612
Q63599813 2016-03-04 2021-03-03 The Impact of Physical Activity on the Postoperative Symptoms, Complications, and Quality of Life Among Lung Cancer Survivors Q30612
Q64151711 2016-03-04 2022-05-20 IBD Cancer and Serious Infection in Europe Q30612
Q65347532 2016-03-04 2017-05-20 Study to Investigate the Absorption, Metabolism and Excretion of [14C] ASP2215 in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Q30612
Q65393829 2016-03-04 2020-12 Research Initiative to Support the Empowerment of Girls Q30612
Q65465621 2016-03-04 2018-02-28 A Study on the Epidemiology and Testing of Human Epidermal Growth Factor-Receptor 2 (HER2) in Breast Cancer in Germany Q30612
Q66073625 2016-03-04 2016-04-06 Sleep Intervention Q30612
Q66403972 2016-03-04 2017-03-22 Atorvastatin Reduces Chronic Inflammation and aVerage Epogen Dose (ARChIVED) Q30612
Q66406294 2016-03-04 2019-06-10 PCORI Urea Cycle Disorder Study Q30612
Q66406508 2016-03-04 2018-08-10 Extension Study for Patients Entered Into Study Infacort 003 Q30612
Q66406900 2016-03-04 2018-08-14 Effects of Switching From ATRIPLA^TM (Efavirenz, Tenofovir, Emtricitabine) to MK-1439A (Doravirine, Tenofovir, Lamivudine) in Virologically-Suppressed Participants (MK-1439A-028) Q30612
Q66407022 2016-03-04 2016-10-12 Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic Study of Econazole Nitrate Plus Benzydamine HCl Vaginal Pessary Q30612
Q66407678 2016-03-04 2019-09 Pembrolizumab and Doxorubicin Hydrochloride or Anti-Estrogen Therapy in Treating Patients With Triple-Negative or Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Q30612
Q67125229 2016-03-04 2017-11-02 Cervical Pessary vs. Vaginal Progesterone for Preventing Premature Birth in IVF Twin Pregnancies Q30612
Q74272435 2016-03-04 2018-05-04 Phase 2a Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of PH100 Tablet in T2DM Patients With Recent Cardiovascular Q30612
Q74275227 2016-03-04 2017-02-12 Inflammatory Cytokines in Congenital Cataract After Lensectomy and Anterior Vitrectomy Q30612
Q19514012 2016-03-05 2016-03-06 2016 World Allround Speed Skating Championships Q1319876
Q21034783 2016-03-05 2016-09-11 UCI Women’s World Tour 2016 UCI Women's WorldTour
Q21207829 2016-03-05 2018-11-23 2019 Rugby World Cup qualifying Q27020041
Q21824909 2016-03-05 2016-04-24 Marriage Contract serie de television
Q22054795 2016-03-05 2016-05-08 Mrs. Cop 2 serie de television
Q22227098 2016-03-05 2016-10-22 2016 Faroe Islands Premier League Q27020041
Q22773704 2016-03-05 2016-04-23 My Little Baby serie de television
Q22914633 2016-03-05 2016-11-23 2016 Uzbek League Q27020041
Q23010102 2016-03-05 2016-03-06 2016 Italian Athletics Indoor Championships Q3652990
Q23014783 2016-03-05 2016-03-07 Championnat d'Espagne de football 2015-2016 : les résultats de la vingt-huitième journée Q17633526
Q23021997 2016-03-05 2016-10-21 2016 Rugby Americas North Championship Q27020041
Q23738111 2016-03-05 2016-03-07 Tour de Orán 2016 Q19588431
Q24934888 2016-03-05 2016-07-09 Prima Divisione IFL 2016 Q27020041
Q25470056 2016-03-05 2016-09-10 Aku Tidak Bisa Berpaling
Q55335642 2016-03-05 2016-05-01 Where Are We Now Q29023906
Q55336547 2016-03-05 2016-06-05 Michael Buthe / Retrospectieve Q29023906[2]
Q55336949 2016-03-05 2016-05-01 Stefan Wissel Q29023906
Q55337774 2016-03-05 2016-06-19 InDRUKwekkend: nieuwe topstukken uit het Brugse prentenkabinet. DEEL II Q29023906
Q55350459 2016-03-05 2016-05-08 Guillaume Bijl Q29023906
Q55352289 2016-03-05 2016-06-18 Rotation des stocks 1984-2016 Q29023906
Q55357953 2016-03-05 2016-06-05 The Gregory Battcock Archive Q29023906
Q55367438 2016-03-05 2016-06-12 Premiers Vidéastes Q29023906
Q55367872 2016-03-05 2016-05-29 Trouver un moyen d habiter le monde Q29023906
Q55369966 2016-03-05 2016-04-10 Outings. Museum buiten kader Q29023906
Q55370125 2016-03-05 2016-06-05 Donas, de Belgische Avant-Gardiste Q29023906
Q55371847 2016-03-05 2016-06-05 Rinus Van de Velde @ Donogoo Tonka Q29023906[2]
Q55372002 2016-03-05 2016-06-19 Money, Good and Evil. A Visual History of the Economy Q29023906
Q55372156 2016-03-05 2016-05-08 Remember Lidice - i.s.m. de Berlijnse tentoonstellingsmaker en galeriehouder René Block Q29023906
Q55373634 2016-03-05 2016-09-04 New Sensorium. Exiting from Failures of Modernization Q29023906
Q62820311 2016-03-05 2018-05-01 An Effect and Safety Observation on PELD Technique for Extraforaminal Disc Herniation at L5/S1 Q30612
Q63597154 2016-03-05 2017-06-30 Spinal Morphine for Postoperative Analgesia in Urology Q30612
Q64795134 2016-03-05 2016-06-20 Training With Elastic Tubing in Cardiopaths: Clinical Trial Q30612
Q64803139 2016-03-05 2017-02-28 Evaluation of Feasibility of Radial Access for Primary Angioplasty and to Assess it in High Risk Subgroups Q30612
Q64837109 2016-03-05 2016-12-14 Effect of Right Lateral Position on Ventilated Preterm Neonates Q30612
Q66409030 2016-03-05 2017-05-17 A Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Relugolix (TAK-385) 40 mg Compared With Leuprorelin in the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids Q30612
Q74275654 2016-03-05 2018-04-10 Open Versus Arthroscopic Release for Lateral Patellar Compression Syndrome: Comparative Study Q30612
Q74279817 2016-03-05 2018-02-19 Neural Effects of Wellness Classes in Women With Vulnerability to Depression ("The Women's Wellness Study") Q30612
Q74282547 2016-03-05 2016-07-06 Effects of Vigiis 101-LAB on a Healthy Populations' Gut Microflora Q30612
Q19576870 2016-03-06 2016-03-12 2016 Arctic Winter Games Q167170
Q20740048 2016-03-06 2016-03-10 2016 Tour de Taiwan Q604500
Q21768432 2016-03-06 2016-03-13 2016 Paris–Nice Q487654
Q22773926 2016-03-06 2016-06-26 Refresh Man serie de television
Q23013593 2016-03-06 2016-03-20 Doctor Thorne serie de television
Q23469209 2016-03-06 2016-05-08 Sueño Fútbol Q15416
Q23762864 2016-03-06 2016-04-10 Race for the White House serie de television
Q25410172 2016-03-06 2017-01-13 K.C. Undercover, season 2 Q3464665
Q55336077 2016-03-06 2016-05-01 Mensen zoals jij en ik Q29023906
Q55367725 2016-03-06 2016-06-12 Große Spritztour Q29023906
Q60836957 2016-03-06 2016-08-07 Shamrock Bowl Conference 2016 Q27020041
Q65345145 2016-03-06 2017-07-28 Taking Charge of Systemic Sclerosis Q30612
Q65400627 2016-03-06 2016-08-28 A Study to Investigate the Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamic Effects, Safety and Tolerability of Repeated Dosing of RO5459072 in Volunteers With Celiac Disease Q30612
Q19867876 2016-03-07[3] 2016-05-09[4] Damien serie de television
Q22099851 2016-03-07 2016-04-26 Pied Piper serie de television
Q23017665 2016-03-07 2016-03-13 2016 Abierto de Puebla Q47345468
Q23017703 2016-03-07 2016-03-13 2016 RC Hotel Open Q47345468
Q23017759 2016-03-07 2016-03-13 2016 Challenger ATP Cachantún Cup Q3649351
Q23017802 2016-03-07 2016-03-13 2016 Zhuhai Challenger Q47345468
Q28034327 2016-03-07 2017 Galileo (RTL 5) Q15416
Q63403760 2016-03-07 2018-12-31 Respiratory Microbiome and COPD Exacerbations (RESMECOPD) Q30612
Q63572435 2016-03-07 2018-11-30 Kinetics of Circulating Tumoral Cells in Bronchial Primitive Cancer Q30612
Q63575494 2016-03-07 2018-10-14 A Study of Enzalutamide Plus Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) Versus Placebo Plus ADT in Patients With Metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC) Q30612
Q63590686 2016-03-07 2020-03 Carboxylesterase-Expressing Allogeneic Neural Stem Cells and Irinotecan Hydrochloride in Treating Patients With Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas Q30612
Q63594367 2016-03-07 2017-10-12 Continuous Glucose Monitoring With Immediate or Delayed Counseling Feedback Q30612
Q63596745 2016-03-07 2016-05-11 In-vitro Effect of Mangosteen Pericarp Extract on Cell Lines Q30612
Q63807845 2016-03-07 2020-06 Efficacy of MBSR Treatment of Cognitive Impairment Among Breast Cancer Survivors Q30612
Q64788730 2016-03-07 2017-01-31 Improving Decision Role Concordance in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients Q30612
Q65335244 2016-03-07 2018-04-26 Hybrid Collaborative Care Randomized Program Evaluation Q30612
Q65393913 2016-03-07 2016-11-28 STOP OA: A PILOT STUDY (GLA:D Canada) - Education and Targeted, Personalized Exercise for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Q30612
Q65400108 2016-03-07 2017-02-22 Impact of Genetic Polymorphism on Propofol Requirement and Recovery for Total Intravenous Anesthesia for Clipping of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysm in Korean Population Q30612
Q65402736 2016-03-07 2016-12-08 A Study to Evaluate Clinical Effect, Pharmacokinetics , Safety, and Tolerability of Umeclidinium in Palmar Hyperhidrosis Subjects Q30612
Q65403976 2016-03-07 2021-01 Vinblastine/Prednisone Versus Single Therapy With Cytarabine for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) Q30612
Q65465469 2016-03-07 2019-10-11 Nintedanib and Weekly Docetaxel in Lung Adenocarcinoma Q30612
Q66073842 2016-03-07 2016-12-31 Parental Real-life Experience During the Neonatal Transfer Q30612
Q66400636 2016-03-07 2019-10-31 The Bangladesh Environmental Enteric Dysfunction Study Q30612
Q66407072 2016-03-07 2017-04-14 The Effect of Remote Ischemic Postconditioning on Postoperative Renal Dysfunction in Patients Undergoing Valvular Heart Surgery Q30612
Q66408666 2016-03-07 2019-12 Medical Assistant Health Coaching for Diabetes in Diverse Primary Care Settings Q30612
Q66547081 2016-03-07 2018-03-01 Post-Operative Water Load Following Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery Q30612
Q67125919 2016-03-07 2019-02 Can Correction of Low Vitamin D Status in Infancy Program for a Leaner Body Composition? Q30612
Q67126169 2016-03-07 2017-06-15 Safety and Tolerability of Egalet-002 in Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Noncancer Pain Q30612
Q67129768 2016-03-07 2020-01 A Study Evaluating KTE-X19 in Adult Subjects With Relapsed/Refractory B-precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ZUMA-3) Q30612
Q74271610 2016-03-07 2016-09-21 Community-Based Lifestyle Intervention for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Diabetes in Arab Women in East-Jerusalem Q30612
Q87079100 2016-03-07 2022-03 Prognostic Value for Predicting Outcome Using Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy in Stroke Rehabilitation Q30612
Q96192953 2016-03-07 2016-03-11 Bibcast 2016 Q1543677
Q18741211 2016-03-08 2016-12-18 2016 BWF Super Series Q149882
Q19883312 2016-03-08 2016-03-15 Of Kings And Prophets serie de television
Q20903338 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships Q1396170
Q21999758 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 World Grand Prix Q17299750
Q23013527 2016-03-08 2016-04-12 The Aliens serie de television
Q23688669 2016-03-08 2016-05-04 Of Kings And Prophets, season 1 Q3464665
Q24871581 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 第69回日本選手権競輪 Q27020041
Q27340090 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27341078 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27342350 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27347932 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27348651 2016-03-08 2016-03-13 2016 All England Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q30896885 2016-03-08 2016-03-26 Coppa Argentina 2016 Q27020041
Q55337034 2016-03-08 2016-05-01 Thu Van Tran Q29023906
Q55355422 2016-03-08 2016-06-12 Electric Ladyland Q29023906
Q63401919 2016-03-08 2018-07 Monitoring Concentration and Pharmacodynamic Effects of Tacrolimus in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Kidney Transplant Recipients Q30612
Q63591813 2016-03-08 2019-02-02 Quantitative Muscle Ultrasound as a Marker of Progression in Children With Muscular Diseases Q30612
Q63595370 2016-03-08 2017-07-19 An Integrated Model of Intelligent Medical Service for Total Joint Replacement Q30612
Q64151382 2016-03-08 2019-09-01 Microbial, Immune, and Metabolic Perturbations by Antibiotics (MIME Study) Q30612
Q64353104 2016-03-08 2018-03-29 Evaluation of the Intestinal Microbiota and Bacterial Translocation in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Q30612
Q64793684 2016-03-08 2023-01-01 HLA-Haploidentical Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation With Post-transplant Cyclophosphamide and Bortezomib Q30612
Q65317151 2016-03-08 2018-04-26 Safety and Efficacy of CRS-207 With Epacadostat in Platinum Resistant Ovarian, Fallopian or Peritoneal Cancer Q30612
Q65393052 2016-03-08 2019-02-22 Oxytocin in Alcohol Use Disorder Q30612
Q65394852 2016-03-08 2017-06-07 Description of Tolerability of LCZ696 (Sacubitril / Valsartan) in Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction (HFrEF) Treated in Real Life Setting Q30612
Q65395937 2016-03-08 2018-02-04 A Study of Abemaciclib in Participants With Cancer That is Advanced or Has Spread to Another Part(s) of the Body Q30612
Q65395942 2016-03-08 2019-01-23 Study of ALN-GO1 in Healthy Adult Subjects and Patients With Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 Q30612
Q65396910 2016-03-08 2018-03-20 Comparison of Two Methods of Administration of the Epidural, by Programmed Intermittent Bolus or Continuous Perfusion, on the Incidence of Cesarean Sections and Instrumented Deliveries in Primiparous Women Q30612
Q65398881 2016-03-08 2017-01-09 Fixed Dose Combination Versus Free Combination of Tiotropium and Olodaterol in COPD Q30612
Q65402304 2016-03-08 2018-10-16 Study of Rovalpituzumab Tesirine (SC16LD6.5) for Third-line and Later Treatment of Subjects With Relapsed or Refractory Delta-Like Protein 3-Expressing Small Cell Lung Cancer (TRINITY) Q30612
Q66060473 2016-03-08 2018-10-17 RAC Pilot - The Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Brief Preventive Intervention Following Psychological Trauma Q30612
Q66071641 2016-03-08 2018-05-31 Finding the Right Tenofovir/Emtricitabine Regimen for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Transgender Women Q30612
Q66076357 2016-03-08 2018-04-26 Sleep to Prevent Evolving Affecting Disorders Q30612
Q66390746 2016-03-08 2018-03-10 Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Games With Virtual Reality in Intellectual Disabilities Q30612
Q66398765 2016-03-08 2019-03 Biochip for HCMV Detection in Breast Milk Q30612
Q66403956 2016-03-08 2017-11-30 Radiofrequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Treatment of Skin Laxity of the Mon Pubis, Labia and Vaginal Introitus Q30612
Q66405904 2016-03-08 2018-09-30 Diffusion MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Using ADC (Apparent Diffusion Coefficient) Histograms in the Evaluation of Adnexal Tumor Aggressiveness Q30612
Q66406781 2016-03-08 2026-02 Women at Risk of Breast Cancer and OLFM4 Q30612
Q66409156 2016-03-08 2017-03-16 Modulation of STAT3 Signaling With Siltuximab in Type 1 Diabetes Q30612
Q66409248 2016-03-08 2019-12 VDOT for Monitoring Adherence to LTBI Treatment Q30612
Q21634275 2016-03-09 2017-07-24 Purpose World Tour Q1573906
Q21968682 2016-03-09 2017-05-10 Underground serie de television
Q22321289 2016-03-09 2016-03-15 2016 Tirreno–Adriatico Q488036
Q23016184 2016-03-09 2016-03-15 AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol Q13406554
Q23022570 2016-03-09 2016-04-08 Never Say Die Tour Q1573906
Q23044986 2016-03-09 2016-03-09 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 1 : deux matchs en retard Q17633526
Q23046171 2016-03-09 2016-08-12 Azúcar serie de television
Q23057866 2016-03-09 2016-03-27 Palmyra offensive (March 2016) Battalia
Q23662058 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships Q903055
Q55336773 2016-03-09 2016-03-19 Black box Screenings: Detour de Force Q29023906
Q55348939 2016-03-09 2016-03-24 Earth Martyr, Air Martyr, Fire Martyr & Water Martyr (2014) Q29023906[2]
Q61864703 2016-03-09 2022-11-09 SVN53-67/M57-KLH Peptide Vaccine in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Receiving Lenalidomide Maintenance Therapy Q30612
Q63401281 2016-03-09 2022-03-09 Control Post Endovascular Treatment of Aortic Aneurisms Through Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound (SAFEVAR) Q30612
Q64150182 2016-03-09 2019-07-02 Palbociclib In Combination With Letrozole As Treatment Of Post-Menopausal Women With HR+, HER2- Advanced Breast Cancer Q30612
Q65329787 2016-03-09 2020-03 Immunization Anti HLA in the Liver Transplant Recipients (DSATH) Q30612
Q65395431 2016-03-09 2018-11-13 Brentuximab Vedotin in Relapsed/Refractory Germ Cell Tumors Q30612
Q65399126 2016-03-09 2020-04 Hyperglycemia and Mitochondrial Function in The Endothelium of Humans Q30612
Q65399144 2016-03-09 2018-08-31 An Open-Label, Long-Term Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety of CB-03-01 Cream, 1% in Participants With Acne Vulgaris Q30612
Q66041817 2016-03-09 2020-01-09 Parent-child Relationship Among Low-income Families in Hong Kong Q30612
Q66046385 2016-03-09 2020-03-08 Evaluation of Circulating Tumor DNA as a Theranostic Marker in the Management of Glioblastomas. Q30612
Q66069306 2016-03-09 2017-02-04 Comparing Efficacy and Safety of CinnaGen Biosimilar Growth Hormone (CinnaTropin®) Versus Nordilet in Children With Idiopathic Growth Hormone Deficiency Q30612
Q66071576 2016-03-09 2017-03-08 The Application of the E-health Education on Shared Care Program for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Q30612
Q66074832 2016-03-09 2016-07-15 Efficacy and Safety of Picosecond, Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser Therapy Using 1,064 nm and 595 nm Q30612
Q66080823 2016-03-09 2017-12-12 The Impact of Pain Assessment on the Hospital Length of Stay of Patients in a Rehabilitation Unit Q30612
Q66402316 2016-03-09 2016-06-06 The Wire-free Invasive Functional Imaging (WIFI) Study Q30612
Q66408807 2016-03-09 2019-08-30 LUME BioNIS: a Biomarker Study in Patients With NSCLC Q30612
Q66408867 2016-03-09 2020-02 An Open-Label, Phase Ib/II Clinical Trial Of Cdk 4/6 Inhibitor, Ribociclib (Lee011), In Combination With Trastuzumab Or T-Dm1 For Advanced/Metastatic Her2-Positive Breast Cancer. Q30612
Q66409070 2016-03-09 2016-04-15 Potential of an Experimental Mouthwash Formulation to Reduce Dry Mouth Symptoms Q30612
Q66409075 2016-03-09 2019-01-18 The Study of Jian Pi Yi Shen Hua Tan Granules in Cognitive Impairment After Acute Cerebral Infarction Q30612
Q66409746 2016-03-09 2017-02-15 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of AMG 714 in Adult Patients With Celiac Disease Q30612
Q67126088 2016-03-09 2017-03-15 Effects of Botulinum Toxin Injections in Patients With Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Q30612
Q67127569 2016-03-09 2019-07-05 A Study of Obinutuzumab, Rituximab, Polatuzumab Vedotin, and Venetoclax in Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma (FL) or Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Q30612
Q79321452 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q79321555 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q79321658 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q79321728 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q79321831 2016-03-09 2016-03-13 2016 Brazil International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q23001964 2016-03-10 2016-03-20 2016 BNP Paribas Open (women) Q961537
Q23002015 2016-03-10 2016-03-20 2016 BNP Paribas Open (men) Q7787114
Q23021921 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 Championnat de France de rugby Pro D2 2015-2016 : les résultats de la vingt-deuxième journée Q17633526
Q23662219 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships Q2105303
Q24032957 2016-03-10 2016-03-12 Tour de Blida 2016 Q15963277
Q24084521 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Istrian Spring Trophy Istrian Spring Trophy
Q25409965 2016-03-10 2016-03-12 Coppa Italia 2015-2016 Q27020041
Q25465294 2016-03-10 2017-06-03 Atletico Textila serie de television
Q61862233 2016-03-10 2019-03-15 Spontaneous Pneumothorax in Children Q30612
Q62813572 2016-03-10 2016-07-01 Neuromodulation With Low Frequency-Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Q30612
Q63397725 2016-03-10 2018-10-12 Influence of Genetic and Physiological in Weight Loss Q30612
Q63402622 2016-03-10 2016-06-16 Plasma Lipid Response to Glucose Drink Q30612
Q63534679 2016-03-10 2017-03-05 Sympathetic-parasympathetic Ratio of Our Gaze Q30612
Q63577850 2016-03-10 2018-10-31 Childhood Risk Reduction Program in Hispanics Q30612
Q63595454 2016-03-10 2019-07-31 GI Tract Biomarkers in Infants With Different Diets Q30612
Q63596301 2016-03-10 2017-12-20 Comparative Analysis of CO2 Monitoring Methods in Patients With CF Undergoing General Anesthesia Q30612
Q63596634 2016-03-10 2019-04 Development of an IDEAL Framework to Standardise Cytoreductive Surgery for Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases Q30612
Q64139557 2016-03-10 2021-11 (EXPLORER) Study of BLU-285 in Patients With Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis (AdvSM) and Relapsed or Refractory Myeloid Malignancies Q30612
Q64802310 2016-03-10 2018-03-10 Comparing Different Suturing Techniques on the Post-operative Morbidity After Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Q30612
Q64819538 2016-03-10 2017-02-28 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Patients With Alzheimer Disease Q30612
Q65058294 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q65059077 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q65059904 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q65060987 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q65061890 2016-03-10 2016-03-13 2016 Portugal International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q65465904 2016-03-10 2017-03-06 Effect of Language and Confusion on Pain During Peripheral Intravenous Catheterization (KTHYPE) Q30612
Q65466223 2016-03-10 2017-01-23 Long-Term Assessment of Remyelinating Therapy Q30612
Q66043004 2016-03-10 2016-09-26 Audio-Recorded Discharge Instructions for LEP Parents Q30612
Q66068345 2016-03-10 2019-03-31 The Effect of Choline Alfoscerate on Improvement of Cognitive Function in Elderly Patients With Diabetes Q30612
Q66397941 2016-03-10 2018-11-10 Feasibility of Quality of Life Assessment in Routine Clinical Oncology Practice at the University Hospital of Besancon Q30612
Q66398347 2016-03-10 2020-03-10 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With High-Risk Prostate Cancer Undergoing Surgery Q30612
Q66406875 2016-03-10 2018-09-01 TCR-α/β and CD19 Depleted Stem Cell Grafts From Haplo Donors for HSCT in Relapsed Lymphoma Q30612
Q66408165 2016-03-10 2019-02-01 Investigate the Effect of the CREON2000A on Asthma Control in Children With Mild to Moderate Persistent Asthma Q30612
Q67126031 2016-03-10 2030-04-30 Aging, Geriatric Syndromes and Clonal Hematopoiesis Q30612
Q67129914 2016-03-10 2019-11 Hydroxyurea Versus Aspirin and Hydroxyurea in Essential Thrombocythemia Q30612
Q74280998 2016-03-10 2020-12 Observational Study on Micro-invastive Glaucoma Surgical (MIGS Devices) Q30612
Q90692542 2016-03-10 2020-12-10 Tongue Root Retractor For Fibroscopic Intubation Q30612
Q19605486 2016-03-11[5] 2017-06-02[6] Flaked serie de television
Q21561430 2016-03-11 2016-11-06 2016 Tippeligaen Q27020041
Q21843223 2016-03-11 2016-03-13 2015–16 ISU Speed Skating World Cup Final Q16510064
Q22907249 2016-03-11 2016-03-11 Netflix Presents: The Characters serie de television
Q22921199 2016-03-11 2016-11-05 2016 Latvian Higher League Q27020041
Q23015578 2016-03-11 2016-06-03 Let's Dance, season 9 Q3464665
Q23021905 2016-03-11 2016-03-13 Championnat de France de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-huitième journée Q17633526
Q23021962 2016-03-11 2016-03-12 Championnat d'Angleterre du Premiership de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la seizième journée Q17633526
Q23022007 2016-03-11 2016-03-12 Championnat du Super Rugby 2016 : les résultats de la troisième journée Q17633526
Q23050470 2016-03-11 2016-03-13 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 1 : les résultats de la trentième journée Q17633526
Q23057745 2016-03-11 2016-03-19 2016 African Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament Q51036091
Q23057762 2016-03-11 2016-03-19 2016 American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament Q51036091
Q23059085 2016-03-11 2016-03-14 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 2 : les résultats de la trentième journée Q17633526
Q23059176 2016-03-11 2016-03-14 Championnat d'Espagne de football 2015-2016 : les résultats de la vingt-neuvième journée Q17633526
Q23113720 2016-03-11 2016-07-31 Made in Amsterdam - 100 years in 100 works of art Q667276
Q24871774 2016-03-11[7] 2016-03-13[7] 2016 Coupe du Printemps Q2990963[7]
Q25409531 2016-03-11 2016-03-13 Coppa Italia di Serie A2 2015-2016 Q3691711
Q50106361 2016-03-11 2016-03-12 2016 Kicksled World Championship Q27020041
Q55338661 2016-03-11 2016-07-11 In front of - Photographs 2005/2015 Q29023906
Q55354323 2016-03-11 2016-05-09 Nervous Systems. Quantified Life and the Social Question - curated by Anselm Franke in collaboration with Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski from the Tactical Technology Collective Q29023906
Q55367185 2016-03-11 2016-05-29 Kunst, die im Wege steht Q29023906
Q55373636 2016-03-11 2016-03-13 Raster-noton. ambients Q29023906
Q63813324 2016-03-11 2020-12-31 MSB0011359C (M7824) in Subjects With Metastatic or Locally Advanced Solid Tumors Q30612
Q64607778 2016-03-11 2021-08 ER Reactivation Therapy for Breast Cancer Q30612
Q64808199 2016-03-11 2017-08-11 Adiponectin, Leptin, h-CRP Values in Obese Children - Important Markers for Metabolic Syndrome? Q30612
Q65393082 2016-03-11 2018-02-16 Comparative Utility of Clinical Balance Measures in Traumatic Brain Injury Q30612
Q65395867 2016-03-11 2016-06-12 A Bioequivalence Study of Three, 2 mg Nicotine Chewing Gums (Two Tests and One Reference) in Healthy Adult Smokers Q30612
Q65399796 2016-03-11 2019-10-31 Prediction of Postsurgical Symptomatic Outcomes With Preoperative Pessary Use Q30612
Q65402244 2016-03-11 2019-06-26 Vfend Special Investigation For Prophylaxis Q30612
Q66042314 2016-03-11 2017-02-28 Effectiveness of Pre-Consultation Medication Reconciliation Service in Reducing Unintentional Medication Discrepancies During Transition of Care From Hospital Discharge to Primary Care Setting Q30612
Q66044922 2016-03-11 2017-03-01 nCD64 vs. Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio for Predicting In-hospital Outcome in AE-COPD Q30612
Q66046847 2016-03-11 2017-12-31 Study for the Treatment of the Bone Marrow Edema:Core Decompression VS Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) VS Bone Substitute Q30612
Q66069845 2016-03-11 2016-06-30 High Myopia Macular Hole and Retinal Detachment Treated With Double ILM Flaps Q30612
Q66080516 2016-03-11 2016-11-16 Phase III Clinical Study in Patients With Mild to Severe Scalp Psoriasis Q30612
Q66394895 2016-03-11 2016-11-24 Motivation, Brain Function and Mood in Individuals With Cold and/or Flu Q30612
Q66409742 2016-03-11 2019-06-20 GutHeart: Targeting Gut Microbiota to Treat Heart Failure Q30612
Q66410832 2016-03-11 2019-02-19 Protecting From Pneumococcus in Early Life (The PROPEL Trial) Q30612
Q67125606 2016-03-11 2017-06-07 An Open-label Extension Study to Investigate Possible Drug-drug Interactions Between Clobazam and Cannabidiol Q30612
Q67128472 2016-03-11 2016-04-11 The Effects of INP on Peripheral Circulation in Dialysis Patients and Patients With PAD and Leg Ulcers Q30612
Q20016120 2016-03-12[8] 2018-04-08[8] School of Rock serie de television
Q21540922 2016-03-12 2016-11-27 Anti World Tour Q1573906
Q23017895 2016-03-12 2016-03-13 Tournoi des 6 Nations 2016 : les résultats de la quatrième journée Q17633526
Q23059703 2016-03-12 2016-03-13 2016 European Cup Winter Throwing Q2575989
Q23403028 2016-03-12 2016-04-14 Hīt offensive guerra
Q23793832 2016-03-12 2016-03-13 2016 GP Liberty Seguros Q6440368
Q23899604 2016-03-12 2016-11-27 2016 Brunei Super League Q27020041
Q28969903 2016-03-12 2016-03-20 Tour du Cameroun 2016 Q578837
Q55335446 2016-03-12 2016-05-29 Digital Archives Q29023906
Q55337526 2016-03-12 2016-05-29 AGORA ARTES. Monat der Stipendiaten der Jungen Akademie Q29023906
Q55337527 2016-03-12 2016-05-29 DEMO:POLIS - Das Recht auf Öffentlichen Raum Q29023906
Q55349687 2016-03-12 2016-07-24 Les Editions Tandem, de la gravure au livre Q29023906
Q55349688 2016-03-12 2016-07-24 Illustre - Lorsque les œuvres se racontent Q29023906
Q55353484 2016-03-12 2016-10-02 Allesbehalve alledaags. Een keuze uit de collectie 1950-1980 Q29023906
Q55353632 2016-03-12 2016-06-06 Fault Zones Q29023906
Q64805045 2016-03-12 2016-11-15 The Effects of Local Vibration and Cervical Stabilization Exercises Applied on Neck Muscles on Balance in Healthy Individuals Q30612
Q64817215 2016-03-12 2017-03-29 Early Identification of Patients in Surgical Intensive Care With a Risk of Acute Respiratory Distress Following Visceral Surgery Q30612
Q64819187 2016-03-12 2016-12-22 To Compare TEG (Thrombelastography) and Conventional Tests in CKD Patients Q30612
Q66068933 2016-03-12 2016-06-20 Consistency of Questionnaires to Evaluating Sexual Functions in Young Healthy Women Q30612
Q66072882 2016-03-12 2016-08-24 Effects of a 10 Component Dietary Supplement on Health and the Quality of Life Q30612
Q66079906 2016-03-12 2018-08-14 Intimate Partner Violence Prevention in Nepal Q30612
Q19842935 2016-03-13 2016-07-04 Houdini and Doyle serie de television
Q20015860 2016-03-13 2016-09-18 2016 IndyCar Series season Q27020041
Q20687065 2016-03-13 2016-08-27 The Get Weird Tour Q1573906
Q21505554 2016-03-13 2016-11-05 2016 Kazakhstan Premier League Q27020041
Q23035043 2016-03-13 2016-03-19 2016 San Antonio Open Q3535045
Q23045712 2016-03-13 2016-03-16 2016 Tour International de Sétif Q15975414
Q25546401 2016-03-13 2016-07-16 Part Time: The Series - Wai kla fan serie de television
Q26833707 2016-03-13 2017-02-21 Atomic Puppet serie de television
Q28683059 2016-03-13 2016-03-27 大相撲平成28年3月場所 Q835803
Q55336637 2016-03-13 2016-06-05 DYSTOTAL Q29023906
Q55336905 2016-03-13 2016-08-28 Schöne Bescherung Q29023906
Q55352435 2016-03-13 2016-06-05 Collectiepresentatie - Abstractie 1920/1960 Q29023906
Q55353276 2016-03-13 2016-05-08 Still on the Road Q29023906
Q55358267 2016-03-13 2016-08-07 Images of the Devine in East-Asia. Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism Q29023906
Q55359131 2016-03-13 2016-07-03 La nécessité de répétition - cycle Cabinet d’amateurs, n°10 Q29023906
Q65392789 2016-03-13 2017-12-06 UltraShape Device for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction in the Male Breast (Pseudogynecomastia) Q30612
Q66044672 2016-03-13 2021-03-12 Intensive Versus Traditional Voice Therapy Q30612
Q66404504 2016-03-13 2016-07-11 Topical Brimonidine to Reduce Inflammation After IPL-treatment in Patients With Facial Telangiectasias Q30612
Q16717642 2016-03-14[9] 2016-03-20[9] 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships Q2990963[9]
Q20741004 2016-03-14[10] 2018-08-17[11] Soy Luna Q1711400
serie de television
Q23015937 2016-03-14 2016-03-22 Baby Sitter serie de television
Q23039324 2016-03-14 2016-03-20 2016 Kazan Kremlin Cup Q15097531
Q23044970 2016-03-14 2016-09-30 Velho Chico serie de television
Q23054397 2016-03-14 2016-03-20 2016 Challenger Banque Nationale de Drummondville Q47345468
Q23057720 2016-03-14 2016-03-20 2016 "GDD CUP" International Challenger Guangzhou Q47345468
Q23058011 2016-03-14 2016-03-20 2016 Irving Tennis Classic Q47345468
Q23058021 2016-03-14 2016-03-20 2016 Jalisco Open Q1393450
Q23995009 2016-03-14 2016-03-31 Nightmare High Q526877
Q24939724 2016-03-14 2016-05-06 Cintora a pie de calle Q15416
Q28670639 2016-03-14 2016-06-07 Spring League IAAFL 2016 Q27020041
Q61862260 2016-03-14 2017-03-21 Decisional Capacity and Informed Consent in Fragile X Syndrome Q30612
Q61862325 2016-03-14 2016-04-07 Nightmare Teacher serie de television
Q62813800 2016-03-14 2016-06-09 Cognitive Effects of Mint Essential Oil Q30612
Q63229463 2016-03-14 2017-03-13 A Qualitative Study on CSII in Children and Adolescents Having Type 1 Diabetes Q30612
Q63397398 2016-03-14 2016-06-02 Multiple-dose Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic Studies of Benapenem inClinical Healthy Subjects Q30612
Q63578285 2016-03-14 2020-03-31 A Study to Assess the Impact of Sarcopenia on the Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer Patients Treated With Chemotherapy Combined With Bevacizumab Q30612
Q64151617 2016-03-14 2020-11 Alvocidib Biomarker-driven Phase 2 AML Study Q30612
Q64217457 2016-03-14 2017-10-23 Study in Participants With Early-Stage or Locally Advanced Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (HER) 2-Positive Breast Cancer to Evaluate Treatment With Trastuzumab Plus (+) Pertuzumab + Docetaxel Compared With Trastuzumab + Placebo + Docetax Q30612
Q64792106 2016-03-14 2016-09-05 Short Interventions to Prevent Trapezius Muscle Fatigue in Computer Work Q30612
Q65393189 2016-03-14 2017-04-13 A Trial to Assess Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Liraglutide in Obese Children Aged 7 to 11 Years Q30612
Q65394708 2016-03-14 2016-06-05 Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of GSK2269557 Administered Via the ELLIPTA Dry Powder Inhaler to Healthy Subjects Q30612
Q65395473 2016-03-14 2020-03-31 Regional Data Exchange to Improve Care for Veterans After Non-VA Hospitalization Q30612
Q65400033 2016-03-14 2019-04 Increase Tolerance for Exercise and Raise Activity Through Connectedness Trial Q30612
Q66398368 2016-03-14 2024-12-02 Phase IV Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Everolimus in Adult Patients With Progressive pNET in China Q30612
Q66405920 2016-03-14 2017-06-16 Safety, Tolerability and Preliminary Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD) of Single and Repeat Oral Doses of GSK3008356 in Healthy and Obese Subjects Q30612
Q66406704 2016-03-14 2017-08-31 PERSEUS: Preliminary Efficacy and Safety of Cenicriviroc in Adult Participants With Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Q30612
Q66407618 2016-03-14 2020-12 Staging Procedures to Diagnose Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Q30612
Q67126541 2016-03-14 2020-09 Anti-OX40 Antibody (MEDI6469) in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Q30612
Q87407074 2016-03-14 2016-12-06 Design BE/NL 2.0 - Handelingen uit het dagelijks leven Q667276
Q18348967 2016-03-15 2016-04-04 2016 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament Q27020041
Q19877851 2016-03-15 2016-05-22 Crowded sitcom del SUA
Q21715039 2016-03-15 2016-11-26 The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour Q1573906
Q21980617 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships Q688120
Q23072460 2016-03-15 2016-03-18 2016 Brussels police raid Q6130595
Q23468693 2016-03-15 2016-06-07 El Caso: Crónica de sucesos serie de television
Q23753798 2016-03-15 2016-04-06 2015-16 Cypriot Men's Volleyball Division 2 Cup Q27020041
Q24034600 2016-03-15 2016-05-05 L.A. Clippers Dance Squad serie de television
Q24939101 2016-03-15 2016-04-24 Non è stato mio figlio Q1259759
Q27115891 2016-03-15 2016-05-03 Club Friday: To Be Continued - Phuean rak phuean rai serie de television
Q27625771 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27625973 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27626170 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27626363 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27626561 2016-03-15 2016-03-20 2016 Swiss Open Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q62063145 2016-03-15 2016-04-15 Regenerative Potential of Cultured Gingival Fibroblast- Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Treatment of Periodontitis Q30612
Q63401121 2016-03-15 2016-11-15 Cayenne Pepper Cataplasm - Safety Study Q30612
Q63404532 2016-03-15 2019-03 Nutrition and Lifestyle Behaviour Peer Support Program Among Malaysian Adults With Metabolic Syndrome (PERSUADE) Q30612
Q63577245 2016-03-15 2019-10 Know Your Risk: Assessment at Screening for Breast Cancer - Pilot Study Q30612
Q63596490 2016-03-15 2020-10-31 Maitland - Community Walking Trials Q30612
Q64122977 2016-03-15 2019-12-01 Post-authorisation Safety Study in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes to Assess the Risk of Liver Injury, Kidney Injury, Urinary Tract and Genital Infections, and Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Patients Treated With Empagliflozin, Compared to DPP-4 Inhibit Q30612
Q64189654 2016-03-15 2019-03-15 Adjuvant ChemoRadiotherapy Prior to Surgery in Stage IVa Oral Cancers Q30612
Q64336299 2016-03-15 2017-03 Pathogenic Species and Genotypes of Bacterial Diversity in Relation to the Severity of Dental Caries Q30612
Q64795250 2016-03-15 2018-09-10 Muscle Quality and Percentage of Fat Following a Lower Limb Injury Q30612
Q64803426 2016-03-15 2018-11 A Single-Center Open-Label Study of 1064 nm Nd:YAG for Nonablative Skin Rejuvenation Q30612
Q64805752 2016-03-15 2017-02-07 First In-human Use of SETALUM™ Sealant: The BlueSeal Clinical Study Q30612
Q65346771 2016-03-15 2017-01-28 Halifax PrenaBelt Trial Q30612
Q65392705 2016-03-15 2016-06-16 Improvement in Pain and Function Following a Physiotherapy Program in Older Adults With Knee Osteoarthritis Q30612
Q65393039 2016-03-15 2018-01-30 Study of Immune Deficiency Patients Treated With Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin (IgPro20, Hizentra®) on Weekly and Biweekly Schedules Q30612
Q65394817 2016-03-15 2017-06-12 Ultrasound-guided Serratus Plane Block for the Quality of Recovery After Modified Radical Mastectomy Q30612
Q65395983 2016-03-15 2017-04-03 A Study to Compare Upadacitinib (ABT-494) to Placebo in Subjects With Rheumatoid Arthritis on Stable Dose of Conventional Synthetic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (csDMARDs) Who Have an Inadequate Response or Intolerance to Biologic DMARD Q30612
Q65397753 2016-03-15 2017-12-12 Study on the Safety and Efficacy of Dalbavancin Versus Active Comparator in Adult Participants With Osteomyelitis Q30612
Q65399101 2016-03-15 2017-10-20 Second Primary Cancers in Patients With Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Q30612
Q65402807 2016-03-15 2017-03-02 A Study of Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir With Ribavirin in Subjects With Cirrhosis and Genotype 3 Hepatitis C Infection Q30612
Q65466211 2016-03-15 2018-09-15 Measurement of Ocular Tensional Fluctuation by Triggerfish Lens Before and After Cataract Surgery in Patients With Exfoliative Glaucoma Q30612
Q66044762 2016-03-15 2016-11-17 Therapeutic Equivalence and Safety of Two Econazole Nitrate Cream, 1% Products in Tinea Pedis Q30612
Q66066923 2016-03-15 2019-07-31 Implementation of Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy at the VA Q30612
Q66070151 2016-03-15 2019-01-15 Estrogen Replacement in Anorexia Nervosa Q30612
Q66387261 2016-03-15 2019-12-31 Development and Validation of Family Adjustment Inventory Q30612
Q66390492 2016-03-15 2019-12-15 A Phase II Study of SGI-110 in Philadelphia-Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Q30612
Q66391563 2016-03-15 2017-05-16 Study of Bevacizumab(BAT1706) and Comparators in Healthy Subjects Q30612
Q66392940 2016-03-15 2019-10 Suicide Prevention Training for PC Providers-in-training Q30612
Q66400313 2016-03-15 2016-05-05 Absolute Bioavailability of BMS-626529 After Oral and Intravenous Dosing Q30612
Q66405597 2016-03-15 2023-01-02 Treatment of Canadian Men and Pre/Postmenopausal Women With ER+ Advanced Breast Cancer in the Real-World Setting With Hormone Therapy ± Targeted Therapy Q30612
Q66406106 2016-03-15 2016-03-30 18750-Sun Protection Factor Assay Q30612
Q66406345 2016-03-15 2016-03-30 18751-Sun Protection Factor Assay. Q30612
Q66409015 2016-03-15 2017-03-22 Efficacy and Safety of Alirocumab Versus Usual Care on Top of Maximally Tolerated Statin Therapy in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Mixed Dyslipidemia (ODYSSEY DM-Dyslipidemia) Q30612
Q67126562 2016-03-15 2019-09 Biomarker-Driven Therapy With Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients With Metastatic Hormone-Resistant Prostate Cancer Expressing AR-V7 Q30612
Q67126750 2016-03-15 2019-06-01 Navigation Services to Avoid Rehospitalization (NavSTAR) Q30612
Q67127337 2016-03-15 2017-05-15 Sym004 in Combination With FOLFIRI in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients Q30612
Q80365232 2016-03-15 2016-08-15 The Effectiveness of Vibrational Applications on Orthodontic Treatment Q30612
Q96759731 2016-03-15 2020-06-15 the Effect of Mobile Medical Used for the Standardized Management of Gestational Diabetes Q30612
Q20053586 2016-03-16 2017-05-17 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders serie de television
Q20716750 2016-03-16 2016-12-07 2016 Copa do Brasil Q27020041
Q20992391 2016-03-16 2016-05-19 Goodbye Mr. Black serie de television
Q22329661 2016-03-16 2016-03-20 2016 Tour of Sarawak Q22329657
Q24265096 2016-03-16 2016-03-20 2016 Volta ao Alentejo Q1411929
Q24335825 2016-03-16 2016-05-25 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, season 1 Q3464665
Q55336223 2016-03-16 2016-09-19 Textile design today. From experiment to series Q29023906
Q55351624 2016-03-16 2016-06-05 Projecties 6. Bouwen op geschiedenis. Reiken naar de toekomst Q29023906
Q55352000 2016-03-16 2016-05-22 Tentoonstelling i.s.m. STORMOPKOMST - Mens en machine Q29023906
Q55355225 2016-03-16 2020-03-16 Bruegel. Unseen Masterpieces. When art meets technology Q29023906
Q61909205 2016-03-16 2017-03-13 Correlation of Solitary Dilated Duct at Mammography With Ultrasonography and Anatomopathological Findings Q30612
Q63403784 2016-03-16 2018-11-01 Stroke Rehabilitation With Exoskeleton-assisted Gait. Q30612
Q63595447 2016-03-16 2017-04-02 Oral Tranexamic Acid and Topical Hydroquinone in the Treatment of Melasma Q30612
Q63596587 2016-03-16 2019-03 Efficacy and Safety Study of a IMSS Developed Phytopharmaceutical for the Treatment of Anxiety. Q30612
Q64150172 2016-03-16 2019-03-15 Cross-vaccination Study of GSK Biologicals' Herpes Zoster Subunit (HZ/su) Vaccine (GSK 1437173A) in Subjects Who Previously Received Placebo in ZOSTER-006 (NCT01165177) and ZOSTER-022 (NCT01165229) Studies. Q30612
Q64173547 2016-03-16 2018-01 Obstetric Perineal Trauma and Physiotherapy Q30612
Q64804644 2016-03-16 2019-03-30 VDR Gene Polymorphisms and Weight Loss in Non-diabetic Overweight and Obese Subjects Q30612
Q64836740 2016-03-16 2021-03-16 Advancing Child Competencies by Extending Supported Services (ACCESS) for Families Program Q30612
Q65316194 2016-03-16 2018-11-01 Evaluation Of CanADVICE+®M-Health System To Support Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Capecitabine Q30612
Q65316514 2016-03-16 2016-11-14 Boston Scientific COMET Wire Validation Study Q30612
Q65317109 2016-03-16 2018-06-06 Nicotine Delivery From Novel Non-Tobacco Electronic System in Smokers Q30612
Q65330797 2016-03-16 2017-04-14 Compare of Petrolatum Gauze, Allevyn, and New Dressing, Betafoam® in the Management of Split-Thickness Skin Graft Donor Site Q30612
Q65347065 2016-03-16 2017-06-01 A Study Using Tumor-Reactive Autologous Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) in Metastatic Melanomas Q30612
Q65350175 2016-03-16 2017-04-17 A Phase II Trial of Sofosbuvir (SOF) and GS-5816 for People With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Recent Injection Drug Use Q30612
Q65392389 2016-03-16 2017-03-09 Prospective Study Evaluating the Use of PROSPECT to Reduce Insomnia in Patients With Early Stage Breast Cancer Q30612
Q65393071 2016-03-16 2019-02-14 Single Rising Dose Study of BI 655088 Administered Intravenously in Healthy Male Volunteers Q30612
Q65398516 2016-03-16 2017-04-03 Safety and Efficacy Study of Albiglutide Liquid Drug Product in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Q30612
Q65465343 2016-03-16 2024-09-30 A Study of Safety and Effectiveness of NovoThirteen® (rFXIII) During Treatment of Congenital FXIII Deficiency in Japan Q30612
Q65466126 2016-03-16 2017-10-24 Using "Store and Forward" Tele-health as an Adjunct to Traditional Outpatient or Home Health Physical Therapy Q30612
Q66045725 2016-03-16 2016-11-30 Effects of Recess Timing and Activity on Children's Eating Behaviors Q30612
Q66068476 2016-03-16 2018-03-28 A Multimodal Approach to Cervical Dystonia Treatment With Association of Botulinum Toxin and Motor Learning Techniques Q30612
Q66392253 2016-03-16 2020-03 Efficacy and Tolerance of High Flow Nasal Cannula for Respiratory Distress Syndrom in Late Preterms (34-36 Weeks) Q30612
Q66392664 2016-03-16 2018-09-20 Cardiac Function and Microcirculation: Type 2 DIABetes and ECHOcardiographic Changes Over Time Q30612
Q66398042 2016-03-16 2018-02-02 Randomized Short-term Pre-surgical Study to Assess the Effects of Abemaciclib (LY2835219) in Early Breast Cancer Patients Q30612
Q66402707 2016-03-16 2018-12 The Physical Fitness Cohort Study in the Community-dwelling Elderly in the WanHwa Area. Q30612
Q66404010 2016-03-16 2019-07 SACRED A Prospective Research Study to Reduce Stroke in Children With Sickle Cell Anemia Q30612
Q66404191 2016-03-16 2020-02 Physical Activity Intervention to Reduce Functional Health Disparities Among Breast Cancer Survivors Q30612
Q66406604 2016-03-16 2019-05-31 Sleep, Awake & Move - Part I Q30612
Q66407641 2016-03-16 2017-02-27 A Trial to Assess the Effects of Liraglutide on Gallbladder Emptying in Overweight and Obese Subjects. Q30612
Q66407746 2016-03-16 2016-03-31 18841- Sun Protection Factor Assay Q30612
Q66407755 2016-03-16 2016-03-31 18842 - Sun Protection Factor Assay Q30612
Q66409257 2016-03-16 2018-01-17 An Investigational Immuno-therapy Trial of Pomalidomide and Low-dose Dexamethasone With or Without Elotuzumab to Treat Refractory and Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma (ELOQUENT-3) Q30612
Q66808199 2016-03-16[9] 2016-03-18[9] 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships - men's singles Q16510064
Q66808227 2016-03-16[9] 2016-03-17[9] 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships - pair skating Q16510064
Q82692599 2016-03-16[12] 2016-03-18[12] Heraldry in Medieval and Early Modern State-Rooms Q40444998
Q15646173 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships Q725169
Q22773934 2016-03-17 2016-04-27 Beyond Words serie de television
Q23660737 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships Q2164862
Q23676936 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships Q2540626
Q26828108 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships Q1679821
Q27669578 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27669664 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27669749 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27669834 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27669920 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Waikato International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q27798352 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27798654 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27798961 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27799264 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27799565 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Jamaican International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q27953771 2016-03-17 2016-03-31 Click Your Heart Q526877
Q30156502 2016-03-17[13] 2016-08-28[13] Berlin – City of Women Q29023906[13]
Q61894210 2016-03-17 2018-05 Next Generation Sequence Target-Directed Therapy in Treating Patients With Cancer Q30612
Q63404458 2016-03-17 2021-03 Study of Cognition and Control in Youths Q30612
Q63583206 2016-03-17 2019-12 Screening of Lysosomal Storage Disorders Diseases in Minority Groups Q30612
Q63592518 2016-03-17 2018-02-28 STable Coronary Artery Diseases RegisTry Q30612
Q64184334 2016-03-17 2023-09 Physical Activity in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Who Receive Palliative First-line Chemotherapy Q30612
Q65141384 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q65141513 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q65141585 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q65141723 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q65141795 2016-03-17 2016-03-20 2016 Romanian International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q65317428 2016-03-17 2019-03-20 Clinical Study of Concurrent Pazopanib and Radiotherapy for Non-metastatic Sarcoma Patients Q30612
Q65392799 2016-03-17 2018-03-31 A Clinical Decision Support Tool for Electronic Health Records Q30612
Q65393514 2016-03-17 2016-08-26 Afatinib in EGFR+NSCLC (Recurrent or Stage IV) - Patients With Poor Performance Status (ECOG 2 or 3) Q30612
Q65394851 2016-03-17 2020-03 Mayo Clinic Foregut Surgery Report Card Questionnaire Q30612
Q65398505 2016-03-17 2017-11-29 A Study to Investigate the Efficacy and Safety of GSK3196165 in Inflammatory Hand Osteoarthritis Q30612
Q65398583 2016-03-17 2019-04-08 Efficacy of Diosmectite (Smecta®) in the Symptomatic Treatment of Acute Diarrhoea in Adults Q30612
Q65404039 2016-03-17 2017-07-19 Study on the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Cariprazine Relative to Placebo in Participants With Bipolar I Depression Q30612
Q65466290 2016-03-17 2017-03-21 The CHECK Trial: A Comparison of Headache Treatment in the ED: Compazine Versus Ketamine Q30612
Q66046905 2016-03-17 2019-06-30 PROTECT2: Diabetes Care - Eye Exam Q30612
Q66061974 2016-03-17 2020-06 European Randomised Study of TOOKAD® Soluble for Prostate Cancer vs Active Surveillance. Post Study Follow-up Q30612
Q66396104 2016-03-17 2021-03-17 Prevalence and Factors Associated With the Occurrence of Depression Six Months After an Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysm Q30612
Q66405735 2016-03-17 2018-03-28 A Study to Evaluate Clear Skin Effect on Quality of Life in Patients With Plaque Psoriasis. Q30612
Q66410570 2016-03-17 2018-02-28 Multiple Ascending Dose Study of PRX003 in Subjects With Psoriasis Q30612
Q66808247 2016-03-17[9] 2016-03-19[9] 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships - ice dancing Q16510064
Q76982589 2016-03-17 2017-05-31 Omalizumab to Mepolizumab Switch Study in Severe Eosinophilic Asthma Patients Q30612
Q20649687 2016-03-18 2016-03-18 Daredevil, season 2 Q3464665
Q22099719 2016-03-18 2016-05-07 Memory serie de television
Q22773589 2016-03-18 2016-05-07 Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-Gi serie de television
Q23092578 2016-03-18 2016-03-20 Championnat d'Angleterre du Premiership de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-septième journée Q17633526
Q23092844 2016-03-18 2016-03-19 Championnat du Super Rugby 2016 : les résultats de la quatrième journée Q17633526
Q23095885 2016-03-18 2016-03-18 Championnat de Ligue celtique 2015-2016 : deux matchs en retard Q17633526
Q23309250 2016-03-18 2016-03-20 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 1 : les résultats de la trente-et-unième journée Q17633526
Q23309328 2016-03-18 2016-03-20 Championnat d'Espagne de football 2015-2016 : les résultats de la trentième journée Q17633526
Q23359971 2016-03-18 2016-03-21 Championnat de France 2015-2016 de Ligue 2 : les résultats de la trente-et-unième journée Q17633526
Q23469417 2016-03-18 2016-03-27 2016 Vuelta del Uruguay Q1849378
Q23647026 2016-03-18 2017-09-30 Backstage serie de television
Q24032963 2016-03-18 2016-03-22 Tour international d'Annaba 2016 Q21418913
Q25425109 2016-03-18 2018-04-06 Dorehami serie de television
Q39233702 2016-03-18[14] 2019-03-17[14] Australia-Japan currency swap agreement (2016-2019) Q39233713
Q55336827 2016-03-18 2016-05-16 Posters. Theatre as Product Q29023906
Q55355223 2016-03-18 2016-08-21 Uncensored photographs Q29023906
Q55355224 2016-03-18 2016-08-21 Reuzen Q29023906
Q55370260 2016-03-18 2016-06-05 At first sight Q29023906
Q55370843 2016-03-18 2016-06-19 WE transFORM. Kunst und Design zu den Grenzen des Wachstums Q29023906
Q55372077 2016-03-18 2016-08-28 Stad van morgen. Over de rand Q29023906
Q62041090 2016-03-18 2018-01-19 Investigation of an Amino Acid Supplement on Glucose Levels in Obese Subjects Q30612
Q64123136 2016-03-18 2022-03-31 Ibrutinib, Fludarabine Phosphate, Cyclophosphamide, and Obinutuzumab in Treating Patients With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Q30612
Q64216597 2016-03-18 2018-07-22 Afatinib in NSCLC With HER2 Mutation Q30612
Q65393167 2016-03-18 2016-06-06 Clinical Evaluation of ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day and ACUVUE® OASYS® Q30612
Q65395862 2016-03-18 2017-08-04 A Phase 1 Relative Bioavailability Study of Ambrisentan and Tadalfil Fixed Dose Combination Tablets in Healthy Subjects Q30612
Q66071111 2016-03-18 2018-10-10 Special Drug Use Surveillance of Leuplin PRO for Injection Kit 22.5 mg in "Premenopausal Breast Cancer" Q30612
Q66080819 2016-03-18 2017-09-12 The Impact of Denutrition on the Hospital Length of Stay for Patients Undergoing Rehabilitation Q30612
Q66547172 2016-03-18 2019-02-26 Phase II Study of Ramucirumab With Chemotherapy in Patients With Metastatic Gastroesophageal Junction and Gastric Cancer Q30612
Q66808213 2016-03-18[9] 2016-03-19[9] 2016 World Junior Figure Skating Championships - ladies' singles Q16510064
Q67129818 2016-03-18 2020-12 Chemotherapy Followed by Surgery and Neoadjuvant Hemothoracic Intensity Modified Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Patients With Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Q30612
Q86274704 2016-03-18 2016-06-25 The Effect of Whole-body Vibration Training Q30612
Q21402270 2016-03-19 2016-06-11 European Football League 2016 Q27020041
Q22039334 2016-03-19 2016-03-22 Tour d'Annaba 2016 Q21418913
Q23092190 2016-03-19 2016-03-20 Championnat de France de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la treizième journée Q17633526
Q23094228 2016-03-19 2016-03-19 Tournoi des 6 Nations 2016 : les résultats de la cinquième journée Q17633526
Q30100650 2016-03-19 2016-03-23 Mit 50/50 liv Q1259759
Q55335465 2016-03-19 2016-07-17 Maler, Dichter, Entdecker, Erfinder Q29023906
Q55355738 2016-03-19 2016-07-03 Bilder vom Maler Q29023906
Q55357108 2016-03-19 2016-10-16 Reinhard Mucha Q29023906
Q55366283 2016-03-19 2016-06-12 Lee Miller (1907-1977) Q29023906
Q56313025 2016-03-19 2016-03-28 Чемпионат Дании по шахматам 2016 Q3775620
Q64140119 2016-03-19 2021-03 Assessment of Tecfidera® in Radiologically Isolated Syndrome (RIS) Q30612
Q64803556 2016-03-19 2021-03-19 Evaluation of Plasma Sphingosine-1-Phosphate as A Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Q30612
Q66046027 2016-03-19 2021-02-19 Brain and Mindfulness Q30612
Q95079046 2016-03-19[15] 2016-04-10[15] 類疊 ‧ 磨變 Q464980
Q95080806 2016-03-19[16] 2016-04-10[16] I am A Pikachu Q464980
Q5604505 2016-03-20 2017-03-20 1395 SH anno
Q17112163 2016-03-20 2016-11-13 2016 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season Q27020041
Q17455748 2016-03-20 2016-11-27 2016 Formula One World Championship Q27020041
Q20045331 2016-03-20 2016-03-31 第88届日本高中棒球选拔赛 Q27020041
Q23308275 2016-03-20 2016-03-23 Ku’damm 56 Q1259759
Q24137245 2016-03-20 2016-04-24 Come fai sbagli serie de television
Q55358196 2016-03-20 2016-04-08 Magna Carta Shelf #2: Eva Vuillemin Q29023906
Q59390255 2016-03-20 2016-02-20 L'oeuvre graphique Q29023906
Q59564395 2016-03-20 2016-04-03 Deutsche Alpine Skimeisterschaften 2016 Q27020041
Q60837106 2016-03-20 2016-08-14 IAFL1 Conference 2016 Q27020041
Q62813499 2016-03-20 2018-04-13 Effects of Green Tea on Body Weight Reduction and Gut Microbiota Q30612
Q62816988 2016-03-20 2017-05-20 To Compare Efficacy of Low Dose Diclofenac (25mg) in Management of Postoperative Pain After Periodontal Flap Surgery Q30612
Q63572199 2016-03-20 2021-03-20 Intraoperative Monitoring to Predict Postoperative Complications After Thyroidectomy Q30612
Q64217135 2016-03-20 2017-10-26 Correlation Between the Genetic and Neuroimaging Signatures in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Patients Before Surgery Q30612
Q65399351 2016-03-20 2016-09-05 Empa Add on to Insulin in Japanese Patient With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Q30612
Q66045112 2016-03-20 2017-04-20 Effect of Continuous Thoracic Epidural Analgesia on Gut Motility Following Emergency Laparotomy Q30612
Q66547196 2016-03-20 2019-05-20 Quality of Life After Ministernotomy Versus Full Sternotomy Aortic Valve Replacement Q30612
Q22920552 2016-03-21 2016-03-27 2016 Volta a Catalunya Q755125
Q23005502 2016-03-21 2016-09-17 2016 League of Ireland Cup Q27020041
Q23022223 2016-03-21 2016-05-24 Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 22) Q3464665
Q23292870 2016-03-21 2016-04-03 2016 Miami Open (men) Q13222030
Q23534938 2016-03-21 2016-03-27 2016 Tour de Normandie Q2297177
Q23536953 2016-03-21 2016-03-27 2016 Blossom Cup Q3641095
Q23584428 2016-03-21 2016-03-27 2016 Gemdale ATP Challenger Q47345468
Q23647089 2016-03-21 2016-03-27 2016 San Luis Open Challenger Tour Q47345468
Q23697367 2016-03-21 2016-11-19 2016 Kazakhstan Cup Q27020041
Q23784198 2016-03-21 2016-04-15 Schweizer Alpine Skimeisterschaften 2016 Q27020041
Q24033374 2016-03-21 2016-03-28 Baker Canyon Fire Q169950
Q27864600 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships Q799376
Q27866590 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27866809 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27867031 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27867250 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27867470 2016-03-21 2016-03-25 2016 European U17 Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q62054276 2016-03-21 2018-12-30 The Relationship Between CD138 Count of Endometrium and Reproductive Outcome Q30612
Q63403762 2016-03-21 2020-03-21 Distribution of Helicobacter Pylori After Gastrectomy Q30612
Q63534787 2016-03-21 2018-06-30 Androgen Deprivation Therapy, External Beam Radiotherapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery Boost for Prostate Cancer Q30612
Q64140145 2016-03-21 2019-01-30 Lirilumab and Nivolumab With 5-Azacitidine in Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) Q30612
Q64187101 2016-03-21 2016-07-29 Tocilizumab Real-Life Human Factors (RLHFs) Validation Study Q30612
Q64397808 2016-03-21 2021-01 Innovative Imaging of the Conjunctiva, Cornea, and Ocular Adnexa Q30612
Q64807613 2016-03-21 2016-12-24 Evaluation of Remineralizing Efficacy of Combination Varnishes on White Spot Lesions in ECC Children Q30612
Q65315831 2016-03-21 2018-02-20 Safety, Tolerability, Efficacy and Pharmacodynamics of CAL02 in Severe Pneumonia Caused by Streptococcus Pneumoniae Q30612
Q65348471 2016-03-21 2018-06-11 Topical Erythropoietin Hydrogel Formulation for Diabetic Foot Ulcers Q30612
Q65392317 2016-03-21 2017-03-17 A Study Investigating the Effects of Niagen™ in Healthy Adults. Q30612
Q65392585 2016-03-21 2016-04-05 A Study in Patients With Neovascular Age Related Macular Degeneration or Macular Edema Secondary To Retinal Vein Occlusion to Evaluate Usability of the Ranibizumab (Lucentis®) Prefilled Syringe (PFS) Q30612
Q65393594 2016-03-21 2016-04-11 Initial Performance of a Modified Daily Disposable Contact Lens Q30612
Q65400652 2016-03-21 2017-04-14 The Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Study of RO6889450 in Healthy Volunteers Q30612
Q65466055 2016-03-21 2020-03 Contribution of a Clinical Pathway for the Treatment of Hip Prosthesis Infections Q30612
Q65466269 2016-03-21 2020-09 Effect of Early Education on the Observance of CPAP Treatment Q30612
Q66080514 2016-03-21 2018-03-06 Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Multi-Site Phase 2b Clinical Study Q30612
Q66402664 2016-03-21 2020-03 Simvastatin as a Neuroprotective Treatment for Moderate Parkinson's Disease Q30612
Q66407381 2016-03-21 2018-08-27 Post-Approval Study of the TECNIS® Toric Extended Cylinder Range Intraocular Lens (IOL) Q30612
Q66407729 2016-03-21 2017-08-31 Study of OTO-104 in Subjects With Unilateral Meniere's Disease Q30612
Q66408552 2016-03-21 2021-01 Study of the Effects of Pembrolizumab in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Q30612
Q66408861 2016-03-21 2019-06-05 A Study to Evaluate the Safety and Clinical Response of Subretinal Administration of CNTO 2476 in Participants With Geographic Atrophy Q30612
Q66546825 2016-03-21 2017-06-14 A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Safety of EUS-guided Transluminal Drainage With 'Niti-S SPAXUS Stent' Q30612
Q67129999 2016-03-21 2018-05-16 Eosinophilic Esophagitis Intervention Trial-1 Food vs. 4 Food Elimination Diet Followed by Swallowed Glucocorticoids Q30612
Q19862822 2016-03-22 2016-05-25 Heartbeat serie de television
Q21980627 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships Q1983296
Q22115051 2016-03-22 2016 2017 Caribbean Cup qualification Q27020041
Q23005323 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 Players Tour Championship 2015/2016 – Finals Q17299750
Q23110699 2016-03-22 2017-12-21 De tafel van Tijs Q15416
Q24514642 2016-03-22 2020-06-07 You Me Her serie de television
Q25374298 2016-03-22 2016-05-24 Stitchers, season 2 Q3464665
Q27877950 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27878549 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27879136 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27879717 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27880299 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 2016 New Zealand Open Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q55372276 2016-03-22 2016-05-22 Auto da Fé Q29023906
Q55372278 2016-03-22 2016-05-22 Handsworth Songs (1986) Q29023906
Q63402588 2016-03-22 2017-07-18 To Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of ADVAGRAF® After Treatment With a Tacrolimus in New Liver Transplant Recipients Q30612
Q63807862 2016-03-22 2017-02-24 Effect of Fasting and Refeeding on T-cell Fate Q30612
Q64807890 2016-03-22 2018-03 Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of HUDC_VT in Patients With Bacterial Vaginosis Q30612
Q65336941 2016-03-22 2019-12 A Pilot Study of (MR) Imaging With Pyruvate (13C) to Detect High Grade Prostate Cancer Q30612
Q65337271 2016-03-22 2020-06 Feasibility of Medical Abortion by Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine Q30612
Q65393278 2016-03-22 2016-05-11 Bioavailability Study of Five Tablet Formulations of Dabigatran Etexilate Compared to Commercial Capsule Formulation in Healthy Male Subjects Q30612
Q65400971 2016-03-22 2017-11-03 Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Mean Arterial Pressure After Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation Q30612
Q65402701 2016-03-22 2019-10 Perceval Sutureless Implant Versus Standard-Aortic Valve Replacement Q30612
Q65465353 2016-03-22 2019-05-31 CREAD Study: A Study of Crenezumab Versus Placebo to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety in Participants With Prodromal to Mild Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Q30612
Q66042576 2016-03-22 2016-08-22 A Pharmacokinetic Study Comparing EG12014 and Herceptin (Trastuzumab) in Healthy Male Volunteers Q30612
Q66045563 2016-03-22 2018-10 Involvement of Polyomaviruses in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Goitrigenesis. Q30612
Q66066129 2016-03-22 2017-01-18 Determinants of Time Required by Medical Information Technicians for Quality Control of Hospital Activity Coding Q30612
Q66083832 2016-03-22 2020-01 Clinical Performance of Incremental and Bulk Fill Composites in Class II Restorations Q30612
Q66402968 2016-03-22 2017-08-20 Development of a MR Scanner Capable of Being Sited in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Firefly Sheffield) Q30612
Q66404801 2016-03-22 2017-07-05 Study of Efficacy and Safety of Secukinumab in Japanese Patients With Active Ankylosing Spondylitis Q30612
Q66406121 2016-03-22 2017-05-30 Decreases in Diffusing Lung Capacity for Carbon Monoxide (DLCO) in Occupational Divers and Their Impact on Decompression Sickness Risks Q30612
Q66407074 2016-03-22 2017-08-03 A Study to Compare Upadacitinib (ABT-494) to Placebo in Subjects With Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Who Are on a Stable Dose of Conventional Synthetic Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (csDMARDs) and Have an Inadequate Response to csDMARDs Q30612
Q66409985 2016-03-22 2019-06 DAPA, EQW, DAPA/MET ER and PHEN/TPM ER in Obese Women With PolycysticOvary Syndrome (PCOS) Q30612
Q66410446 2016-03-22 2018-11-24 Aminolaevulinic Acid Photodynamic Therapy for HPV+ Low Grade Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (LSIL;CIN1) Q30612
Q67128546 2016-03-22 2017-04-11 Comparing Efficacy and Safety of 2 Dose Regimens of Subcutaneous Administration of TEV-48125 Versus Placebo for the Preventive Treatment of Chronic Migraine Q30612
Q73774007 2016-03-22 2016-03-29 Campionati canadesi di sci alpino 2016 Q27020041
Q73799713 2016-03-22 2016-03-27 Campionati statunitensi di sci alpino 2016 Q27020041
Q87931136 2016-03-22 2020-12-31 Automated Algorithm Detecting Physiologic Major Stenosis and Its Relationship With Post-PCI Clinical Outcomes Q30612
Q22097630 2016-03-23 2016-11-06 2016 FA WSL Q27020041
Q22893799 2016-03-23 2016-03-28 Women's Volleyball Thai-Denmark Super League 2016 Q27020041
Q22893810 2016-03-23 2016-03-28 Men's Volleyball Thai-Denmark Super League 2016 Q27020041
Q23022604 2016-03-23 2016-10-29 The Offspring World Tour 2016 Q1573906
Q23286087 2016-03-23 2016-04-03 2016 Miami Open (women) Q2537831
Q23666616 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships Q995595
Q23738753 2016-03-23 2016-03-25 Tour international de Constantine 2016 Q15983532
Q23814063 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships Q1526627
Q23872762 2016-03-23 2016-03-28 Trinational Esperanto Congress Q13403102
Q24859841 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Triglav Trophy Q2990963
Q24935031 2016-03-23 2016-03-30 Campionati italiani di sci alpino 2016 Q27020041
Q27518531 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q27518574 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q27518617 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q27518659 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q27518701 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 2016 Polish Open Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q30890914 2016-03-23 2016-03-26 Coppa Italia 2016-2017 Q27020041
Q47106800 2016-03-23 2016-03-29 IJF 2016 Q369474
Q55348151 2016-03-23 2016-04-02 Black Box Screenings: Al-Akrab Q29023906
Q55352169 2016-03-23 2016-05-08 Tropicalization Q29023906
Q55352170 2016-03-23 2016-05-08 Disjecta Q29023906
Q55352171 2016-03-23 2016-05-08 Graphic Chic Q29023906
Q55357954 2016-03-23 2016-07-03 Ben Rivers Q29023906
Q61862228 2016-03-23 2018-03-01 Investigating Efficacy and Safety of Once-weekly NNC0195-0092 (Somapacitan) Treatment Compared to Daily Growth Hormone Treatment (Norditropin® FlexPro®) in Growth Hormone Treatment naïve Pre-pubertal Children With Growth Hormone Deficiency Q30612
Q63011696 2016-03-23 2016-07-21 Evaluation of the Beneficial Effects of a Probiotic Product in Healthy Adult Subjects. Q30612
Q63401896 2016-03-23 2016-07-31 The Acute Effect of Moderate Intensity Stair-Climbing on Postprandial Blood Glucose Q30612
Q63597761 2016-03-23 2017-01-23 Is There a Worse Outcome When the Systolic Blood Pressure is Lower Than Heart Rate in Those Adult Trauma Patients With Isolated Head/Neck Injury Q30612
Q64150300 2016-03-23 2019-12 Single-arm Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Sunitinib, in Subjects With RET Fusion Positive or FGFR2 Amplification, Refractory Solid Tumors Q30612
Q64173392 2016-03-23 2019-01-28 A Study of Avelumab With Axitinib Versus Sunitinib In Advanced Renal Cell Cancer (JAVELIN Renal 101) Q30612
Q64792800 2016-03-23 2019-03-02 The Efficacy and Safety of Nab-paclitaxel Plus S-1 in First-line Treatment of Advanced Biliary Tract Adenocarcinoma Q30612
Q64817511 2016-03-23 2016-12-15 Protein Intake and Step Reduction in Older Adults Q30612
Q65344614 2016-03-23 2016-07-25 Evaluation of ColdZyme® on Experimentally Induced Common Cold. Q30612
Q65394353 2016-03-23 2020-10-31 Molecular, Cellular, and Genetic Characterization of Human Adipose Tissue and Its Role in Metabolism Q30612
Q65397193 2016-03-23 2017-11-08 Functionality and Accuracy of the smARTrack System in Real-Life ICU Settings Q30612
Q65550189 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q65550221 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q65550249 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q65550281 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q65550309 2016-03-23 2016-03-27 2016 Giraldilla International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
Q66082619 2016-03-23 2017-12-07 Clinical Effects of Peroneal Nerve Functional Electrical Stimulation (WalkAide[R]) for Chronic Stroke Patients Q30612
Q66402096 2016-03-23 2019-10-15 A Patient-Centered Intervention to Improve Opioid Safety Q30612
Q66404650 2016-03-23 2018-08-08 Telehealth in Improving Quality of Life in Patients During Post Radiation Therapy Visits Q30612
Q66407184 2016-03-23 2017-07-31 Study of Phasix™ Mesh for VHWG Grade 3 Midline Hernia Repair Q30612
Q66407413 2016-03-23 2019-07-27 LCL161 Plus Topotecan for Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Small Cell Lung Cancer and Select Gynecologic Malignancies Q30612
Q66410476 2016-03-23 2016-10-26 A Study of HMPL-689 in Healthy Volunteers Q30612
Q66410705 2016-03-23 2017-04-10 Efficacy and Safety of 2 Dose Regimens of TEV-48125 Versus Placebo for the Preventive Treatment of Episodic Migraine Q30612
Q67127572 2016-03-23 2019-08-29 A Study of Obinutuzumab, Polatuzumab Vedotin, and Lenalidomide in Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma (FL) and Rituximab in Combination With Polatuzumab Vedotin and Lenalidomide in Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLB Q30612
Q73776951 2016-03-23 2016-03-31 Campionati francesi di sci alpino 2016 Q13406554
Q87076246 2016-03-23 2022-12-01 Genetic and Epigenetic Risk of T2D in the UAE Q30612
Q19883293 2016-03-24 2017-05-11 The Catch serie de television
Q21560448 2016-03-24 2016-03-26 WikiArabia 2016 Q27968055
Q23057953 2016-03-24 2016-08-27 2016 Faroe Islands Cup Q27020041
Q23498314 2016-03-24 2016-03-27 Championnat de France de rugby Pro D2 2015-2016 : les résultats de la vingt-troisième journée Q17633526
Q23607495 2016-03-24 2016-03-27 2016 Settimana Internazionale di Coppi e Bartali Q382673
Q23728338 2016-03-24 2016-05-19 The Catch, season 1 Q3464665
Q55356083 2016-03-24 2016-05-29 Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling Q29023906
Q55368663 2016-03-24 2016-09-04 An Imagined Museum. Works from the Centre Pompidou, the Tate and the MMK Q29023906
Q62812341 2016-03-24 2018-01-31 Post-amputation Survival Following Rehabilitation Medium and Long-term Follow up Study, a Retrospective Analysis. Q30612
Q62817802 2016-03-24 2016-06-13 Expanding Phase III Study of Tyroserleutide for Injection Q30612
Q63396873 2016-03-24 2018-12-25 Nasal Splint and Endoscopic Nasal Septal Repair Surgery Q30612
Q63401068 2016-03-24 2020-08-01 Non-contrast MR Imaging for Whole Body Cancer Detection and Characterization Q30612
Q63571216 2016-03-24 2017-04-20 A Study of Two Different Dose Combinations of Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab in Subjects With Previously Untreated, Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma Q30612
Q63571367 2016-03-24 2019-09-30 Crisis Line Facilitation Q30612
Q63592000 2016-03-24 2016-10-04 Vibratory Perturbation-based Pinch Task Training for Stroke Patients Q30612
Q63613562 2016-03-24 2018-02-23 Application of Forced Breath Technique While CPAP Therapy for Apnea Classification Q30612
Q64795716 2016-03-24 2021-08-01 Research Into Antipsychotic Discontinuation and Reduction Trial Q30612
Q65336887 2016-03-24 2020-07 ARQ-761 Treatment With Gemcitabine/Nab-Paclitaxel Chemotherapy In Pancreatic Cancer Q30612
Q65344460 2016-03-24 2020-06-30 Osimertinib and Necitumumab in Treating Patients With EGFR-Mutant Stage IV or Recurrent Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Who Have Progressed on a Previous EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Q30612
Q65394919 2016-03-24 2017-10-12 A Study of Baricitinib (LY3009104) in Participants With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Q30612
Q65396456 2016-03-24 2017-02-02 A Study of Patients With Dry Mouth and Sticky Saliva During Radiotherapy Q30612
Q65400488 2016-03-24 2020-03-13 A Study to Evaluate TAK-931 in Participants With Advanced Nonhematologic Tumors Q30612
Q65400634 2016-03-24 2017-12-07 A Comparative Study to Observe the Effect of Concomitant Use of Corticosteroid Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Participants Who Are Treated With a Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Inhibitor or Tocilizumab (TCZ) as Their Second Biological Treat Q30612
Q65465945 2016-03-24 2017-05-04 The Change of NK Cell Activity After Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Q30612
Q66045962 2016-03-24 2018-03-24 Comparison of Peripheral Perfusion Level Between Two Groups of Newborns According to Their Infectious Status Defined by the Criteria of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Q30612
Q66072699 2016-03-24 2016-12-01 Impact of Text Messaging in the Management of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Q30612
Q66394843 2016-03-24 2019-06 Impact of Neutrophil Activation in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Treated With Endovascular Therapy Q30612
Q66406896 2016-03-24 2019-03 Delivery of Malaria Chemoprevention in the Post-discharge Management of Children With Severe Anaemia in Malawi Q30612
Q66407983 2016-03-24 2018-02 Nivolumab Monotherapy or Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab, for Unresectable Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM) Patients Q30612
Q66409368 2016-03-24 2022-03 Investigation of Metformin in Patients With Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer in Combination With Enzalutamide vs. Enzalutamide Alone Q30612
Q66409607 2016-03-24 2018-06-05 Efficacy and Safety of Subcutaneous Administration of TEV-48125 for the Preventive Treatment of Migraine Q30612
Q89153940 2016-03-24 2018-04-20 Verify if Amelogenins Had Some Benefits in Improving Lower 2nd Molar Periodontal Healing After 3rd Molar Extraction Q30612
Q23498328 2016-03-25 2016-03-27 Championnat de Ligue celtique 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-huitième journée Q17633526
Q23498331 2016-03-25 2016-03-27 Championnat du Super Rugby 2016 : les résultats de la cinquième journée Q17633526
Q55335925 2016-03-25 2016-07-03 Frauke Dannert Q29023906
Q55354472 2016-03-25 2016-09-04 A History. Contemporary Art from the Centre Pompidou Q29023906
Q55373662 2016-03-25 2017-07-15 AppArtAward 2016 – Highlights Q29023906
Q61757340 2016-03-25 2016-03-28 2016 Vuelta Ciclista a Chiloé Q56318150
Q62041545 2016-03-25 2018-11-30 CAELYX® as Adjuvant Treatment in Early Stage Luminal B Breast Cancer BREAST CANCER Q30612
Q63394946 2016-03-25 2020-01 Safety and Compliance of Renal Cancer Patients Treated by Non-IV Drugs Q30612
Q63570672 2016-03-25 2018-03-25 Reference Curve on Bone Mineral Density in Young Adult: French Multicenter Study Q30612
Q64140127 2016-03-25 2019-12-23 Effort to Prevent Nosocomial Pneumonia Caused by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Mechanically Ventilated Subjects Q30612
Q64397654 2016-03-25 2018-08 Brentuximab Vedotin in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory EBV-and CD30-positive Lymphomas Q30612
Q64803685 2016-03-25 2018-12-31 Optical Coherence Tomography in Cerebral Amyloidosis Q30612
Q65315803 2016-03-25 2018-07-09 Phase Ib/II Study of MEDI4736 Evaluated in Different Combinations in Metastatic Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma Q30612
Q65333165 2016-03-25 2018-12 Vorapaxar as an Add-On Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients With and Without Diabetes Mellitus Q30612
Q65399003 2016-03-25 2018-01-23 Safety and Pharmacokinetic Study of TRX-818 in Asian Solid Tumor Patients Q30612
Q65399150 2016-03-25 2017-01-09 Crossover Study to Evaluate the Abuse Potential of Intranasal Esketamine Compared to Racemic Intravenous Ketamine in Nondependent, Recreational Drug Users Q30612
Q66065368 2016-03-25 2018-10-08 AED Log Analysis of 19 Cases in Out-of-hospital Environment Q30612
Q66395224 2016-03-25 2019-12 Structural and Functional Brain Reorganization in Neuropathic Pain. Influences of the Loss of Sensitivity and the Atrophy Cortical on Activations Due to Stimulation Allodynic Q30612
Q66395227 2016-03-25 2019-12 Structural and Functional Brain Reorganization in Neuropathic Pain: Basal State of Local Cerebral Blood Flow and Functional Connectivity Q30612
Q66404706 2016-03-25 2017-05-30 Detection of KRAS, NRAS et BRAF Mutations in Plasma Circulating DNA From Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Q30612
Q66405020 2016-03-25 2016-12-06 Nitrous TRD Bipolar Depression Q30612
Q73799481 2016-03-25 2016-04-03 2016 Slovenian National Alpine Ski Championships Q27020041
Q87407075 2016-03-25 2016-06-19 Jaon, l'archipel de la maison Q667276
Q87407076 2016-03-25 2016-10-23 Bike to the Future Q667276
Q22940692 2016-03-26 2016-04-09 Page Turner serie de television
Q22978020 2016-03-26 2016-03-26 Tvoje tvář má známý hlas serie de television
Q23392957 2016-03-26 2016-03-27 2016 Critérium International Q1140575
Q23498313 2016-03-26 2016-03-27 Championnat de France de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-neuvième journée Q17633526
Q23498326 2016-03-26 2016-03-27 Championnat d'Angleterre du Premiership de rugby 2015-2016 : les résultats de la dix-huitième journée Q17633526
Q23647002 2016-03-26 2016-04-02 2016 Engie Open de Saint-et-Marne Q47345468
Q23689690 2016-03-26 2016-07-23 Austrian Football League 2016 Q27020041
Q23711376 2016-03-26 2016-11-12 Tatlı İntikam serie de television
Q23954972 2016-03-26 2016-06-12 2016 Lao Premier League Q27020041
Q25303402 2016-03-26 2017-05-22 Noddy, Toyland Detective serie de television
Q55355507 2016-03-26 2016-07-17 Riddle of the Burial Grounds. Curated by Tessa Giblin Q29023906
Q55726351 2016-03-26 2017-06-26 11th Chunlan Cup Q1049733
Q56322216 2016-03-26 2016-05-14 Les Faucons
Q64150239 2016-03-26 2019-12 Study of Pembrolizumab in Subjects With Advanced Gastric or Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma Who Progressed After First-Line Therapy With Platinum and Fluoropyrimidine: Integration of Molecular Subtypes Through Integrative Genomic Analys Q30612
Q64395471 2016-03-26 2019-06 Trial of Integrated Smoking Cessation, Exercise and Weight Management in Serious Mental Illness: TRIUMPH Q30612
Q64795038 2016-03-26 2016-05-19 Identification of New Biomarkers of Banana and Tomato Intake Q30612
Q66407331 2016-03-26 2016-11-20 Reduced of Ambient Melamine Exposure by Melamine Workplace Intervention Q30612
Q66409033 2016-03-26 2017-05-16 A Placebo-Controlled, Phase 3 Study of Relugolix (TAK-385) 40 mg in the Treatment of Pain Symptoms Associated With Uterine Fibroids Q30612
Q76980038 2016-03-26 2019-03-01 Lateral Sinus Augmentation Using L-PRF as Sole Graft Material Q30612
Q22973924 2016-03-27 2016-06-12 Vampire Detective serie de television
Q23447066 2016-03-27 2016-09-03 Asisten Rumah Tangga serie de television
Q23558613 2016-03-27 2016-04-02 Dreiband-Weltcup 2016/2 Q16510064
Q23647201 2016-03-27 2016-04-03 2016 Wilde Lexus Women's USTA Pro Circuit Event Q886270
Q23788821 2016-03-27 2016-06-24 46 Yok Olan serie de television
Q24067491 2016-03-27 2016-12-04 Pensi (acara televisi) Q15416
Q55335750 2016-03-27 2016-05-29 Data Broker Q29023906
Q55336701 2016-03-27 2016-05-29 Design my Privacy Q29023906
Q55354819 2016-03-27 2016-06-26 Divine Decadence - Abattoir Fermé@ Kasteel van Gaasbeek Q29023906
Q55373454 2016-03-27 2016-05-29 Some Become Part Time Singers and Some Keep Pretending Q29023906
Q63403710 2016-03-27 2016-10-19 Analgesic Value of Adductor Canal vs Femoral Block After Total Knee Arthroplasty Q30612
Q13537346 2016-03-28[17] 2016-04-03[17] 2016 World Figure Skating Championships Q2990963[17]
Q20730933 2016-03-28 2016-04-04 2016 IIHF Women's World Championship Q27020041
Q21998218 2016-03-28 2017 Maigret serie de television
Q22261476 2016-03-28 2016-05-31 My Lawyer, Mr. Jo serie de television
Q22326445 2016-03-28 2016-06-14 The Royal Gambler serie de television
Q22672529 2016-03-28 2016-04-03 2016 China Open Q17299750
Q22928359 2016-03-28 2016-09-20 Monster serie de television
Q23739593 2016-03-28 2016-07-18 Valiente amor Q15416
Q24034566 2016-03-28 2016-04-11 Tomorrow Boy Q526877
Q25409999 2016-03-28 2016-07-09 Lega Nazionale A 2016 Q27020041
Q25429028 2016-03-28 2016-11-05 2016 Toppserien Q27020041
Q62040247 2016-03-28 2020-03 FOXP1 Syndrome: The Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment is Characterizing FOXP1-related Neurodevelopmental Disorders Using Genetic, Medical, and Neuropsychological Measures. Q30612
Q63572736 2016-03-28 2017-02-15 Safety and Immunogenicity of Typhax, a Typhoid Vaccine Q30612
Q63807858 2016-03-28 2019-07-31 Efficacy in Controlling Glycaemia With Victoza® (Liraglutide) as add-on to Metformin vs. OADs as add-on to Metformin After up to 104 Weeks of Treatment in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Q30612
Q63813351 2016-03-28 2020-05 Longitudinal Study of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease Q30612
Q64189502 2016-03-28 2016-08 Evaluating the Effectiveness of an ACT-Based Bibliotherapy Intervention Among Adults Living With Chronic Pain Q30612
Q64397820 2016-03-28 2019-06-29 Motivational Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Intervention and Biomarkers Q30612
Q64791831 2016-03-28 2018-04-27 Post-op Ketamine Study Q30612
Q65330983 2016-03-28 2020-06-01 Clinical Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Macitentan in Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension After Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation Q30612
Q65393605 2016-03-28 2020-07-01 Adoptive Cellular Immunotherapy for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy With Ex Vivo Generated Polyomavirus-Specific T-Cells Q30612
Q65394643 2016-03-28 2017-01-12 Multiple Dose Study Of PF-05251749 In Healthy Volunteers Q30612
Q65397760 2016-03-28 2018-01-05 Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity Study of Different Vaccine Schedules With Ad26.Mos.HIV and Clade C Glycoprotein (gp)140 in Healthy Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Uninfected Adults Q30612
Q65401533 2016-03-28 2019-06 Study of E7777 in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma and Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma Q30612
Q66041603 2016-03-28 2026-08-01 Effects of Short-term Diet on HDL Composition and Function Q30612
Q66043680 2016-03-28 2018-12-31 The Impact of Qigong on Quality of Life and Sleep Disturbance in Head and Neck Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy Q30612
Q66046686 2016-03-28 2017-03-28 Flourishing App: An Evaluation With High School Students Q30612
Q66068082 2016-03-28 2021-03-28 Adverse Airway Effects From Tobacco and E-Cigarettes Q30612
Q66073039 2016-03-28 2017-01-10 Immune Benefits of Consumption of Dairy Yogurt in Elderly Q30612
Q66407129 2016-03-28 2017-06-09 A Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of ASP4345 in Patients With Schizophrenia Q30612
Q66407935 2016-03-28 2017-06-02 Recruiting Blood Donor With Allogeneic Natural Killer Cell Q30612
Q66408188 2016-03-28 2020-02 A Phase 1 Dose Escalation and Cohort Expansion Study of TSR-042, an Anti-PD-1 Monoclonal Antibody, in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors Q30612
Q66547094 2016-03-28 2018-02-20 Effectiveness and Implementation of the HiBalance Program in Clinical Practice Q30612
Q66547341 2016-03-28 2018-10-03 PQR309 and Eribulin in Metastatic HER2 Negative and Triple-negative Breast Cancer (PIQHASSO) Q30612
Q67129001 2016-03-28 2018-09-06 Single Ascending Dose Study of AMG 570 in Healthy Subjects Q30612
Q79111322 2016-03-28 2016-07-06 Treatment Seeking for Social Anxiety Q30612
Q21793979 2016-03-29 2016-04-03 MLG Major Championship: Columbus Q48004378
Q23043385 2016-03-29 2016-04-03 2016 India Super Series Q1505882
Q23655565 2016-03-29 2016-03-31 2016 Three Days of De Panne Q1257167
Q23657274 2016-03-29 2016-04-03 2016 Torneo Internacional Challenger León Q47345468
Q23658050 2016-03-29 2016-04-04 2016 Open Harmonie mutuelle Q47345468
Q23658056 2016-03-29 2016-04-03 2016 Israel Open Q2896105
Q23878255 2016-03-29 2016-04-03 Campionati norvegesi di sci alpino 2016 Q27020041
Q25400911 2016-03-29 2016-04-02 Campionato panpacifico di hockey su slittino 2016 Q1539532
Q63394542 2016-03-29 2016-10-07 Efficacy of the Administration of Colloidal Silicon Dioxide in Tablet Dosage Form in Patients With Acute Diarrhea Q30612
Q64123132 2016-03-29 2023-03-31 Smart Start: A Phase II Study of Rituximab, Lenalidomide, and Ibrutinib Q30612
Q64216658 2016-03-29 2019-12 High-Dose Weekly Carfilzomib Plus Cyclophosphamide and Dexamethasone in the Treatment of Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Q30612
Q64217398 2016-03-29 2019-11 Bronchial Trans-epithelial Transport in Patients With Idiopathic Multiple Dilations of the Bronchi Q30612
Q64789862 2016-03-29 2017-06-13 Assessment of the Effect of Spa Treatment on the Functional Severity of Arthrosis Q30612
Q64807750 2016-03-29 2017-02-23 Assessment of Non-medical Use of Misoprostol in Case of Miscarriage or Threatened Miscarriage. Q30612
Q65317742 2016-03-29 2017-05-17 Role of the Auditory Efferent System in Auditory Perceptual Learning Q30612
Q65318411 2016-03-29 2018-02-09 Study to Compare the Efficacy of Tocilizumab With or Without Glucocorticoid Discontinuation in Rheumatoid Arthritis Participants Q30612
Q65336625 2016-03-29 2019-09 A Comparative Study Between a Pre-hospital and an In-hospital Circulatory Support Strategy (ECMO) in Refractory Cardiac Arrest (APACAR2) Q30612
Q65395044 2016-03-29 2016-11-02 Extension Study to Evaluate the Immunogenicity and Safety of the Second Dose of GBS Trivalent Vaccine in Healthy Non-Pregnant Subjects. Q30612
Q65396877 2016-03-29 2023-07-03 Prospective Study of Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis After the Age of 65 Q30612
Q65397892 2016-03-29 2020-02-06 Study of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Combination With Dinaciclib (MK-7965) in Hematologic Malignancies (MK-3475-155) Q30612
Q65400189 2016-03-29 2022-02-28 Vonoprazan Study in Patients With Erosive Esophagitis to Evaluate Long-term Safety Q30612
Q65465341 2016-03-29 2020-09-29 Muscular Biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Q30612
Q66069055 2016-03-29 2017-10-07 The "Metabolically-obese Normal-weight" Phenotype and Its Reversal by Calorie Restriction Q30612
Q66073484 2016-03-29 2017-10-10 A Phase I-c Study of Recombinant GM-CSF Herpes Simplex Virus to TreatⅣ M1c Q30612
Q66405323 2016-03-29 2017-12-31 Student Outcomes in Fitness and Nutrition ISEO Q30612
Q66405859 2016-03-29 2016-11-11 Cardiac Output Changes During Hyperbaric and Isobaric Bupivacaine in Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section Q30612
Q66406339 2016-03-29 2022-05-01 Radiation Therapy With or Without Cisplatin in Treating Patients With Stage III-IVA Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Who Have Undergone Surgery Q30612
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Q65608176 2016-03-31 2016-04-03 2016 Ivory Coast International Badminton Championships – Men's singles Q57733494
Q65608182 2016-03-31 2016-04-03 2016 Ivory Coast International Badminton Championships – Women's singles Q57733494
Q65608188 2016-03-31 2016-04-03 2016 Ivory Coast International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles Q57733494
Q65608192 2016-03-31 2016-04-03 2016 Ivory Coast International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles Q57733494
Q65608199 2016-03-31 2016-04-03 2016 Ivory Coast International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles Q57733494
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Q66078372 2016-03-31 2016-03-31 Evaluation of Sunscreens Under Actual Use Conditions Q30612
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