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English: Map of the world's time zones
Български: Карта на световете часови зони
Español: Mapa de las zonas horarias del mundo
Esperanto: Mondmapo kun horzonoj
Français : Carte du monde des fuseaux horaires
Deutsch: Weltkarte mit Zeitzonen
Nederlands: Wereldkaart met tijdzones
Italiano: Mappa dei fusi orari
日本語: 世界のタイム ゾーンのマップ
Português: Mapa mundi com fusos horários
Русский: Карта часовых поясов мира
Ελληνικά: Παγκόσμια ζώνων ώρας χάρτης
العربية: خريطة المناطق الزمنية في العالم
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Autor Phoenix B 1of3, TZ master
Altere versiones Supplementary map:
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actual16:32, 2 januario 2019Miniatura pro le version de 16:32, 2 januario 20194 974 × 2 517 (389 KB)BainTheCoolThe basemap that was used for this was from 2011 and was incredibly outdated, I have converted it to the most updated version which includes many changes to coastlines and provinces. I have also tweaked a few areas to be more accurate, such as Sakha and Nunavut. If you spot any mistakes I have made feel free to correct them.
23:30, 30 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 23:30, 30 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)AKS471883Sao Tome to UTC
16:45, 30 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 16:45, 30 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)Bogomolov.PLrevert of the mystification
13:12, 30 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 13:12, 30 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)AKS471883Kostanay Region is UTC+05:00 in 2018 December 21
21:11, 28 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 21:11, 28 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)Bogomolov.PLrevert to the 03:50, 28 DEC 2018 version - mystification as Qostanay (Kostanay) Region didn't change time zone
04:04, 28 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 04:04, 28 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)AKS471883大批汉人定居西藏自治区的政策
03:50, 28 decembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 03:50, 28 decembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)AKS471883外滩钟声上海菜
11:01, 13 novembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 11:01, 13 novembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (685 KB)MaphobbyistCheck
01:13, 2 novembre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 01:13, 2 novembre 20184 972 × 2 517 (675 KB)Bluecrab2Added time zones to the little areas of: Lakshadweep (India), A southern island in the Kujalleq Municipality of Greenland, Parts of Baffin island (Canada), an island lake in Nunavut (Canada), Harrison islands (Canada), Part of the Nunavut land claims agreement Taloyoak Inuat owned lands (Canada), Part of the Nunavaut land claims agreement Hall Beach Inuit owned land (Canada), Part of the Nunavut land claims agreement Gjoa Haven Inuit owned lands (Canada), Russel Island (Canada), Part of Melvi...
06:26, 27 octobre 2018Miniatura pro le version de 06:26, 27 octobre 20184 972 × 2 517 (684 KB)AKS471883On October 26, 2018, Morocco became the last African country to use DST.
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