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Flag of Campeche.svg
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English: Flag of Campeche

Septentrional America → Mexican America → Mexican Nation → Mexican Empire → Mexican Republic → United Mexican States

16 September 1810- Cry of Independence
- Virgin of Guadalupe Standard
3 July 1815- Flags of the Insurgents with battle, commerce, parliament, naval
24 February 1821- Flag of the Three Guarantees
24 August 1821- Flag of the Iturbide's Government
- Flag of the Iturbide's Infantry
27 September 1821- Agustin Iturbide as regency's President of Mexico
28 September 1821- Government decree of the Mexican Independence
2 November 1821- Flag of the Mexican Empire
20 February 1822- National Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe
19 May 1822- Agustin Iturbide as Emperor of Mexico
21 May 1822- Coronation of Agustin Iturbide as Emperor of Mexico
- Coronation of Ana María Huarte as Empress of Mexico
- Agustín Jerónimo de Iturbide is the Prince Imperial of Mexico.
24 January 1823- Antonio López de Santa Anna's rebels
19 March 1823- Abdication of the Emperor Agustin Iturbide I of Mexico
- Abdication of the Empress Ana María Huarte I of Mexico
10 April 1865- Imperial Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe
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This file depicts the coat of arms, banner, or emblem of Mexico, one of its states, municipalities, or any other political subdivision, or a similar distinctive symbol belonging to an international or "recognized" organization, or NGO, operating in or outside of Mexico. According to Mexican copyright law, article 14 subparagraph VII [1] these coats of arms are not eligible for protection under the federal copyright law.

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Flag of Mexico.svg

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