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Enough Interlingua to fake it[modificar fonte]

It seems your native language is Swedish (according to your english Wikipedia page), but you may find some info here: Enough interlingua to fake it -- it's an English-language one-page Interlingua tutorial I've been meaning to write for years, your asking for help finally got me around to writing it. Almafeta 23:52, 20 martio 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, it's correct. Thanks for the info, anyway. I'm quite tired now, but might be ready to fake some IA soon. Happy to oblige with the motivation! Wakuran 00:50, 21 martio 2009 (UTC)
One thing I wondered about is the default pronunciation for j? It appears to be ʒ as default in all cases? Otherwise, it looks good, just one typo "definate" to fix when you find the time. Wakuran 01:15, 21 martio 2009 (UTC)
Right, j is always pronounced /ʒ/. Interlingua grammar defines other pronounciations for j that are equivalent (and are not shared by any other letter), but I've only ever seen (well, heard) ʒ used in actual speech. Almafeta 07:57, 21 martio 2009 (UTC)

"Don't adjectives follow the nouns, as generally in Romance?"[modificar fonte]

That's a bit of a difficult bit...

In all the source languages, the default is to have adjectives (before|after) the noun, but allow for the adjectives to go {after|before) the noun for unusual emphasis, euphony, or clarity. Interlingua doesn't really have a fixed rule on this, and the default seems to be "whichever feels right as long as you're consistent about it." Almafeta 14:17, 22 martio 2009 (UTC)

Okay, thanks! Wakuran 14:22, 22 martio 2009 (UTC)

aC[modificar fonte]

Hi Wakuran, 'aC' means 'ante' (before) 'Christo' and not 'after'. Thank you anyway for helping here. --Julian (disc.) 20:06, 25 martio 2009 (UTC)

Oh, sorry. Damn, you're right. I should have known. Sloppy thinking. Thanks for telling. Wakuran 22:46, 25 martio 2009 (UTC)

Patrono:EXPANDC[modificar fonte]

Salute Wakuran ! Gratias pro signalar le problema de visualisation in le Portal:Cursos de Interlingua a cause de le patrono EXPANDC. Si tu pote adjutar con ideas e con phrases utile pro le cursos, pro favor modificar le pagina. --Gratias, Architengi 20:27, 25 martio 2009 (UTC)