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  • I can't write in your beautiful language, sorry. But I understand it well enough to see that interwiki links to this article are wrong. They connect it to articles about plasma as a form of the matter, as it appears in physics. I discovered this a few moments ago, when I have introduced a wrong interwiki RO, that I'm about to eliminate now, after logging in and posting this message. I'll eliminate some of the other wrong-related interwiki, but someone else has to verify the rest of them. Good luck with your work. BlueMonday 12:10, 1 april 2008 (UTC)
I have corrected them all. BlueMonday 12:38, 1 april 2008 (UTC)

Reponer[modificar fonte]

Io va a reponer iste articulo a Plasma, e addera un nota de disambiguation. Almafeta 19:00, 21 novembre 2011 (UTC)