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instantia de: Septembre, calendar month of a given year[*], month starting on Thursday[*]
parte de: 2016

initio: 1 septembre 2016 , fin: 30 septembre 2016
Commons: September 2016
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Q28913533 2013-10-29
Operation Render Safe military operation
Q23022289 2016-09-02 2016-09-10 2016 Men's U20 Volleyball European Championship sports season
Q23662541 2016-09-02 2016-09-03 2016 6 Hours of Mexico 6 Hours of Mexico
Q24083741 2016-09-02 2017-05-27 2016–17 Pro12 sports season
Q24865390 2016-09-02 2016-09-04 2016 Asian TV Cup Asian TV Cup
Q24902067 2016-09-02 2016-09-04 2016 International Darts Open tournament
Q25184140 2016-09-02 2017-05-27 2016–17 English Premiership sports season
Q26202381 2016-09-02 2016-10-22 Fantastic serie de television
Q26205597 2016-09-02 2016-09-11 2016 Deauville American Film Festival film festival edition
Q26772536 2016-09-02 2016-09-04 2016-17 English Rugby Premiership, day 1 Wikinews article
Q26772549 2016-09-02 2016-09-03 2016-17 Pro12 Rugby Competition, day 1 Wikinews article
Q26812661 2016-09-02 2018-11-20 Kulipari: An Army of Frogs serie de television
Q26813704 2016-09-02 2016-09-02 Indian general strike of 2016 strike
Q26849096 2016-09-02 2016-09-16 Promi Big Brother, season 4 television series season
Q27335316 2016-09-02 2016-12-02 Q27335316 television series season
Q28024381 2016-09-02 2016-12-30 The Voice (Russia season 5) television series season
Q28129614 2016-09-02 2016-09-07 2016 Girls' Youth NORCECA Volleyball Championship sports season
Q30643913 2016-09-02 2017-05-24 2016–17 Ukrainian Men's Handball Super League sports season
Q30895299 2016-09-02 2017-04-01 Q30895299 sports season
Q30901695 2016-09-02 2017-04-01 Q30901695 sports season
Q55348309 2016-09-02 2016-10-30 Q55348309 temporary exhibition
Q55353805 2016-09-02 2016-12-04 Q55353805 temporary exhibition
Q55355568 2016-09-02 2016-11-06 Q55355568 temporary exhibition
Q55356000 2016-09-02 2016-10-03 Q55356000 temporary exhibition
Q55367799 2016-09-02 2017-01-29 Q55367799 temporary exhibition
Q55372707 2016-09-02 2016-09-18 Q55372707 temporary exhibition
Q61909183 2016-09-02 2018-12-02 Influence of Working Length Methods in the Performance of Pulpectomies in Primary Teeth clinical trial
Q63402605 2016-09-02 2017-01-10 Late Sequelae of Childhood and Adolescent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Survivors After Radiotherapy clinical trial
Q64140027 2016-09-02 2020-06 Ropinirole for the Treatment of Muscle Cramps in Patients With Cirrhosis clinical trial
Q64796447 2016-09-02 2018-04 Use of FFR-CT in Stable Intermediate Chest Pain Patients With Severe Coronary Calcium Score clinical trial
Q66068421 2016-09-02 2019-09-01 Objective Assessment of Disparity Vergence After Treatment of Symptomatic CI in Children clinical trial
Q66069420 2016-09-02 2017-06-10 Adaptation of a Cognitive Training Intervention for Diabetes Self-Management clinical trial
Q66072604 2016-09-02 2018-12-31 Validation of a Predictive Model of Coronary Fractional Flow Reserve in Patients With Intermediate Coronary Stenosis clinical trial
Q66074992 2016-09-02 2018-04-10 Effects of Choline From Eggs vs. Supplements on the Generation of TMAO in Humans clinical trial
Q66079006 2016-09-02 2020-09-30 Using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease Patients: a Multicenter Clinical Trial clinical trial
Q66080568 2016-09-02 2018-12-31 Abbreviated Breast MRI and Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography in Screening Women With Dense Breasts clinical trial
Q66080664 2016-09-02 2017-04-10 An Open Label, Safety Study to Assess the Potential for Adrenal Suppression clinical trial
Q66081241 2016-09-02 2017-05-03 Clinical Study Evaluating the Safety of a New Catheter for Urinary Intermittent Catheterization in Self Catheterized Patients clinical trial
Q66082750 2016-09-02 2018-12 An Exercise Intervention Trial to Reduce Symptoms & Improve Clinical Outcomes of Platinum-Based Treatment in Ovarian Cancer Patients clinical trial
Q66395883 2016-09-02 2021-09-29 Further Cardiovascular Outcomes Research With PCSK9 Inhibition in Subjects With Elevated Risk Open-label Extension clinical trial
Q66398506 2016-09-02 2019-01-31 Safety and Efficacy of Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Alafenamide (F/TAF) Fixed-Dose Combination Once Daily for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex With Men and Are At Risk of HIV-1 Infection clinical trial
Q66399937 2016-09-02 2018-03-12 Efficacy of Ethnodyne Visio in Parkinson's Disease clinical trial
Q66400286 2016-09-02 2017-05-04 A Study to Evaluate the Effects of 4 Weeks Treatment With Subcutaneous Elamipretide on Left Ventricular Function in Subjects With Stable Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction clinical trial
Q66403732 2016-09-02 2019-12-30 Vaccine Therapy in Preventing Cancer Recurrence in Patients With Non-Metastatic, Node Positive, HER2 Negative Breast Cancer That is in Remission clinical trial
Q67127426 2016-09-02 2019-08-31 M6620, Cisplatin, and Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With Locally Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma clinical trial
Q74279729 2016-09-02 2017-11-21 Tai Chi as Physical Activity for Women With Morbid Obesity clinical trial
Q87930651 2016-09-02 2019-03-30 Effect of Milk Warming on the Very Low Birth Weight Infant clinical trial
Q101243177 2016-09-02 2016-09-03 FIL Summer Luge Cup 2016 sports competition
Q21190335 2016-09-03 2016-09-11 2016 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship sports season
Q23891380 2016-09-03 2017-05-21 2016-17 Bundesliga sports season
Q24809946 2016-09-03 2017-06-04 2016–17 EHF Champions League sports season
Q25241126 2016-09-03 2017-05-21 2016–17 Primera División sports season
Q25303463 2016-09-03 2016-11-12 Rank the Prank serie de television
Q26772470 2016-09-03 2016-09-04 2016-17 Top 14 French Rugby, day 3 Wikinews article
Q26821164 2016-09-03 2016-09-11 2016 Sport11 Ladies Open tennis tournament edition
Sport11 Ladies Open
Q27997355 2016-09-03 2016-10-15 Eastern Qalamoun offensive (September—October 2016) military offensive
Q28057233 2016-09-03 2016-10-08 Q28057233 television program
Q28726086 2016-09-03 2016-09-03 Q28726086 sports season
Q30899962 2016-09-03 2017-01-28 Q30899962 sports season
Q48836805 2016-09-03 2017-02-12 Q48836805 Q2999843
sports season
Q55336352 2016-09-03 2016-10-16 Q55336352 temporary exhibition
Q55337530 2016-09-03 2016-10-03 Q55337530 temporary exhibition
Q55357576 2016-09-03 2016-11-27 Q55357576 temporary exhibition
Q55368666 2016-09-03 2016-11-06 Q55368666 temporary exhibition
Q64188537 2016-09-03 2017-05-31 Different Application Strategies When Using Futurabond Universal in Class V Cavities clinical trial
Q66084082 2016-09-03 2017-11-22 A Study Assessing Safety and Efficacy of MD-15 Intraocular Lens in Patients With Aphakic Eye After Cataract Surgery clinical trial
Q68098801 2016-09-03 2016-09-04 Ukrainian Wikiconference 2016 Ukrainian Wikiconference
Q73800079 2016-09-03 2016-10-22 Q73800079 sports season
Q74276773 2016-09-03 2018-12-20 Endoscopic Harvesting in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. clinical trial
Q76159451 2016-09-03[1] 2017-01-08[1] Remezcla Gráfica / Graphic Remix art exhibition[1]
Q94928913 2016-09-03[2] 2016-09-25[2] Fractal Inventiveness exhibition
Q2155172 2016-09-04 2016-10-23 Q2155172 television program
Q17625373 2016-09-04 2017-11-14 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (EUFA) association football competition
Q19588626 2016-09-04 2016-09-05 2016 G-20 Hangzhou summit G-20 summit
Q20901550 2016-09-04 2016-05-24 2015–16 Israel State Cup sports season
Q20942855 2016-09-04 2016-09-11 2016 Tour of Britain Tour of Britain
Q25440406 2016-09-04 2017-05-28 2016–17 Taça de Portugal sports season
Q25442916 2016-09-04 2017-11-30 A Impostora serie de television
Q26769116 2016-09-04 2016-09-11 2016 Dalian Women's Tennis Open Dalian Women's Tennis Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26824209 2016-09-04 2016-09-08 Hurricane Newton category 1 hurricane[3]
Q26838789 2016-09-04 2016-09-11 2016 Trophée des Alpilles tennis tournament edition
Trophée des Alpilles
Q27435475 2016-09-04 2016-10-16 Sorry voor alles television program
Q28042981 2016-09-04 2017-05-07 2016–17 Serie D sports season
Q28669962 2016-09-04 2017-01-19 Q28669962 sports season
Q28669986 2016-09-04 2017-05-14 Q28669986 sports season
Q28670015 2016-09-04 2017-05-07 Q28670015 sports season
Q28670044 2016-09-04 2017-06-02 Q28670044 sports season
Q28670049 2016-09-04 2017-02-01 Q28670049 sports season
Q28670051 2016-09-04 2017-04-23 Q28670051 sports season
Q28670151 2016-09-04 2017-05-07 Q28670151 sports season
Q28670811 2016-09-04 2017-05-07 Q28670811 sports season
Q30893125 2016-09-04 2016-11-06 Q30893125 sports season
Q48836737 2016-09-04 2017-05-27 Q48836737 sports season
Q48839553 2016-09-04 2017-05-27 Q48839553 sports season
Q55335771 2016-09-04 2016-09-18 Q55335771 temporary exhibition
Q55351347 2016-09-04 2016-10-09 Q55351347 temporary exhibition
Q55352545 2016-09-04 2017-01-22 Q55352545 temporary exhibition
Q55353175 2016-09-04 2016-10-23 Q55353175 temporary exhibition
Q55354875 2016-09-04 2016-11-13 Monika Baer temporary exhibition
Q63572155 2016-09-04 2017-02-28 Bioequivalence Study of Two Formulatiosns With the Asscociaton of Efavirenz, Emtricitabine and Tenofovir clinical trial
Q20020736 2016-09-05[4] 2017-01-06[5] Someone to Watch Over Me television program
Q20730976 2016-09-05 2017 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group I qualification
Q24679704 2016-09-05 2016-10-25 Drinking Solo serie de television
Q26736151 2016-09-05 2016-09-10 2016 Six-red World Championship snooker tournament
Q26801089 2016-09-05 2016-09-10 2016 Copa Sevilla Copa Sevilla
tennis tournament edition
Q26806409 2016-09-05 2016-09-11 2016 Shanghai Challenger tennis tournament edition
Shanghai Challenger
Q26810960 2016-09-05 2016-09-11 2016 AON Open Challenger tennis tournament edition
AON Open Challenger
Q26833465 2016-09-05 2016-09-11 2016 TEAN International tennis tournament edition
TEAN International
Q26963068 2016-09-05 2016-11-14 Mary + Jane serie de television
Q26963212 2016-09-05 2016-09-07 Harley and the Davidsons serie de television
Q27048185 2016-09-05 2017-03-19 Flower Crew serie de television
Q27854193 2016-09-05 2017-01-20 Hazte un selfi television program
Q28232900 2016-09-05 2016-10-06 Tricked serie de television
Q28663295 2016-09-05 2016-09-10 2016 Men's U23 Pan-American Volleyball Cup sports season
Q28669972 2016-09-05 2017-02-01 Q28669972 sports season
Q62034426 2016-09-05 2022-09-05 Early Closure Versus Conventional Closure in Postoperative Patients With Low Anteriresection for Rectal Cancer clinical trial
Q62822025 2016-09-05 2018-10-31 Routine Antenatal Care Versus Screening and Treatment of Malaria in Pregnancy in Rwanda clinical trial
Q63402589 2016-09-05 2018-03-01 Bispectral Index(BIS) on Depth of Sedation With Dexmedetomidine, Propofol and Midazolam During Spinal Anesthesia clinical trial
Q64184478 2016-09-05 2018-08-15 Phase I, Placebo-Controlled, Blinded Pilot Study of Ipratropium in Children Admitted to the ICU With Status Asthmaticus clinical trial
Q64789473 2016-09-05 2019-03 Genes-in-Action - Hepcidin Regulation of Iron Supplementation clinical trial
Q64790453 2016-09-05 2021-09-04 All Ligaments Left In Knee Arthroplasty Trial clinical trial
Q64807555 2016-09-05 2017-11-30 Prevention of Nosocomial Infections (CleanKids) clinical trial
Q65395840 2016-09-05 2017-01 Effect of an Apomorphine Pump on the Quality of Sleep in Parkinson's Disease Patients (POMPRENELLE). clinical trial
Q66046443 2016-09-05 2017-07-30 CTA for Internal Herniation After RYGB Surgery clinical trial
Q66070391 2016-09-05 2016-09-12 Psychophysiological Characterization of Different Capoeira Performances in Experienced Individuals clinical trial
Q66080945 2016-09-05 2017-03-15 Can We Improve the Comfort of Pelvic Exams? clinical trial
Q66083035 2016-09-05 2018-12-31 EpiConCES - Epidural Lidocaine for Conversion to CaEsarean Section clinical trial
Q66083405 2016-09-05 2018-12-14 Effects of the SGLT2-inhibitor Empagliflozin on Patients With SIADH - the SAND Study clinical trial
Q66083445 2016-09-05 2017-04-17 TAK-438 Bismuth Drug Interaction Study clinical trial
Q66394570 2016-09-05 2018-02-25 Choice of Palliative Procedures for Pulmonary Atresia With Ventricular Septal Defect Patients clinical trial
Q66396930 2016-09-05 2020-04-05 Doxycycline for the Treatment of Nodding Syndrome clinical trial
Q66398218 2016-09-05 2019-01 Clinical Study on the Safety of CNT-02 for TGCV and NLSD-M clinical trial
Q66400615 2016-09-05 2018-07-31 Isatuximab Single Agent Study in Japanese Relapsed AND Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients clinical trial
Q66404803 2016-09-05 2018-04 Early or Delayed Revascularization for Intermediate and High-risk Non ST-elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes? clinical trial
Q99584950 2016-09-05[6] 2019-11-30[6] Loss of Inflection research grant[6]
research project[6]
Q18625861 2016-09-06 2016-10-27 Expedition 49 expedition to the International Space Station
Q20730966 2016-09-06 2017 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group A qualification
Q20730977 2016-09-06 2017 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group B qualification
Q20730988 2016-09-06 2017 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group H qualification
Q23643870 2016-09-06 2016-10-03 C.L.I.F. 4 serie de television
Q26234690 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters Grand Prix Gold Indonesia Masters
Q26726329 2016-09-06 2016-09-09 2016 Lotto Belgium Tour Lotto Belgium Tour
Q26810882 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Claro Open Barranquilla tennis tournament edition
Seguros Bolívar Open Barranquilla
Q26831321 2016-09-06 2017-04-09 2016–17 SEHA League sports season
Q27536555 2016-09-06 2018-10-27 Dot. serie de television
Q61909854 2016-09-06 2017-03-01 Evaluation of the Pharmacokinetic Profile, Pharmacodynamic Effects, Acceptability and Tolerability of an Oral Amiodarone Solution of 15 mg / mL in Children With Supra Ventricular Tachycardia clinical trial
Q62054457 2016-09-06 2017-09-15 Feasibility and Reliability of Multimodal Evoked Potentials clinical trial
Q64122955 2016-09-06 2019-07-29 De-implementing Inhaled Steroids to Improve Care and Safety in COPD clinical trial
Q64140114 2016-09-06 2019-08-12 An Open-label, Ascending, Repeated Dose-finding Study of Sarilumab in Children and Adolescents With Polyarticular-course Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (pcJIA) clinical trial
Q64151279 2016-09-06 2018-01-08 Tamoxifen to Reduce Unscheduled Bleeding in New Users of the Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS) clinical trial
Q65395003 2016-09-06 2017-03-23 Efficacy, Safety and Acceptability of the New Pen Needle 34gx3,5mm. clinical trial
Q65397230 2016-09-06 2018-01-28 A Multicentre Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of ENIA11 in Patients With Ankylosing Spondylitis clinical trial
Q66045227 2016-09-06 2019-12-31 18F-FSPG PET/CT Imaging in Patients With Cancers clinical trial
Q66069049 2016-09-06 2017-04-05 Cost Effectiveness of the EndoPhys Pressure Sensing Access System vs. Radial A-line for Intra-operative Blood Pressure Monitoring clinical trial
Q66082207 2016-09-06 2017-09-01 Open-label Study of Adalimumab in Japanese Subjects With Hidradenitis Suppurativa clinical trial
Q66083138 2016-09-06 2019-06 Study in Women With Advanced Breast Cancer Receiving Palbociclib With AI or Fulvestrant clinical trial
Q66103638 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters – Men's doubles badminton event
Q66103659 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters – Men's singles badminton event
Q66103673 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters – Women's doubles badminton event
Q66103687 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters – Women's singles badminton event
Q66103701 2016-09-06 2016-09-11 2016 Indonesia Masters – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q66397119 2016-09-06 2018-04-02 Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Multiple Dosing Regimens of Oral Atogepant (AGN-241689) in Episodic Migraine Prevention clinical trial
Q66404219 2016-09-06 2018-11 Feasibility Trial of the Modified Atkins Diet and Bevacizumab for Recurrent Glioblastoma clinical trial
Q74280052 2016-09-06 2019-12-31 Testing a Novel Manual Communication System for Mechanically Ventilated ICU Patients clinical trial
Q100594625 2016-09-06 2016-09-10 Euralex 2016 academic conference
Q24908603 2016-09-07 2016-12-10 2016–17 ISU Challenger Series figure skating series
Q25439300 2016-09-07 2017-05-27 2016–17 Albanian Superliga sports season
Q25440413 2016-09-07 2017-05-27 2016–17 Serbian Cup sports season
Q26707061 2016-09-07 2017-02-24 That Sun in the Sky television program
Q28669940 2016-09-07 2016-10-26 Q28669940 serie de television
Q55335954 2016-09-07 2016-10-09 Q55335954 temporary exhibition
Q55336609 2016-09-07 2016-10-09 Q55336609 temporary exhibition
Q55352174 2016-09-07 2016-10-09 Q55352174 temporary exhibition
Q61904770 2016-09-07 2017-05-17 Reliability of Functional Outcome Measures in Neurofibromatosis 2 clinical trial
Q62054968 2016-09-07 2017-10-09 The Effect of Antioxidants on Skin Blood Flow During Local Heating clinical trial
Q63011351 2016-09-07 2017-11-06 Perioperative Fosfomycin in the Prophylaxis of Urinary Tract Infection in Kidney Transplant Recipients clinical trial
Q63228845 2016-09-07 2017-08-09 Google Health Search Trial clinical trial
Q63229180 2016-09-07 2017-03-24 Support for Perinatal Adherence and Depression clinical trial
Q63813307 2016-09-07 2019-04-01 Study of S-649266 or Best Available Therapy for the Treatment of Severe Infections Caused by Carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative Pathogens clinical trial
Q64139495 2016-09-07 2019-11-19 Reversal Dabigatran Anticoagulant Effect With Idarucizumab clinical trial
Q64837446 2016-09-07 2019-05-31 Retention in PrEP Care for African American MSM in Mississippi clinical trial
Q65395513 2016-09-07 2020-03 LFMS: Initial Trial in Geriatric Bipolar Depression clinical trial
Q66080773 2016-09-07 2018-11-14 Machine Learning for Handheld Vascular Studies clinical trial
Q66394806 2016-09-07 2019-06 The Prognostic Capabilities Of A Preoperative Six-Minute Walk Test To Independently Inform Cardiovascular Risk After Major Noncardiac Surgery clinical trial
Q66396186 2016-09-07 2016-10-25 REpositionable Percutaneous Replacement of NatIve StEnotic Aortic Valve Through Implantation of LOTUS EDGE Valve System clinical trial
Q66396654 2016-09-07 2019-09-08 Study of Pembrolizumab Versus Docetaxel in Participants Previously Treated for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (MK-3475-033) clinical trial
Q66397149 2016-09-07 2018-04-09 Integrating Caregiver Support Into MS Care clinical trial
Q66398108 2016-09-07 2016-10-28 Pilot Study Comparing Effects of Xanomeline Alone to Xanomeline Plus Trospium clinical trial
Q66401136 2016-09-07 2019-01-24 Evaluation of FKB238 and Avastin in Patients With Advanced/Recurrent Non-squamous Non-small Cell Lung Cancer clinical trial
Q66401841 2016-09-07 2019-06 Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) in Liver Allografts clinical trial
Q66405191 2016-09-07 2018-07-11 Efficacy, Safety and Immunogenicity of Takeda's Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine (TDV) in Healthy Children clinical trial
Q69632177 2016-09-07 2016-09-11 2016 Junior Grand Prix Yokohama figure skating competition
Q83806929 2016-09-07 2017-10-18 An Observer Rating Scale of Facial Expression Can Predict Dreaming in Propofol Anesthesia clinical trial
Q22905775 2016-09-08 2016-09-18 2016 Toronto International Film Festival film festival edition
Q23022612 2016-09-08 2016-09-18 athletics at the 2016 Summer Paralympics Paralympic sporting event
Q24935768 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Russian judo championship Russian Judo Championship
Q25389869 2016-09-08 2017-06-03 2016–17 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 sports season
Q26262478 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 CS Lombardia Trophy figure skating competition
Q26834091 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016-17 Pro D2 French Rugby, day 3 Wikinews article
Q26995723 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships Mexico International Badminton Championships
Q27380621 2016-09-08 2019-10-17 Callboys serie de television
Q27539786 2016-09-08 2017-05-13 2016–17 Bahrain First Division League sports season
Q27778629 2016-09-08 2016-09-10 2016 African Volleyball Championship U19 sports season
Q27877833 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q27878432 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q27879020 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27879601 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27880183 2016-09-08 2016-09-11 2016 Mexico International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q30901644 2016-09-08 2017-04-01 Q30901644 sports season
Q55354822 2016-09-08 2016-11-06 Q55354822 temporary exhibition
Q55366612 2016-09-08 2016-11-05 Q55366612 temporary exhibition
Q57435660 2016-09-08 2016-10-09 Vnímání installation
street art
former entity
Q61907982 2016-09-08 2017-01-13 The Effect of Kinesio Taping on Pulmonary Function and Functional Capacity in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure clinical trial
Q61908753 2016-09-08 2018-06-30 Neuroendocrine Response to Oral Alcohol Administration clinical trial
Q63598136 2016-09-08 2017-11-01 Short-term Supplementation, Bone Turnover and Antioxidant Status in Menopause clinical trial
Q63805281 2016-09-08 2020-12-31 Physiotherapy Treatment in Women With Dyspareunia Following Gynecological Cancer: a Pilot Study clinical trial
Q64122524 2016-09-08 2018-08-07 Predictable MR Index for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) clinical trial
Q64819313 2016-09-08 2017-10 Prediction of pCR by Preoperative Biopsy in Breast Cancer With cCR After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. clinical trial
Q65337159 2016-09-08 2019-08 Phase IV to Evaluate the Safety of Self-administered ADASUVE® in Agitated Patients Outside the Hospital Setting clinical trial
Q66042353 2016-09-08 2019-03-31 Sedation Administration Timing: Intermittent Dosing Reduces Time to Extubation clinical trial
Q66070261 2016-09-08 2019-03-08 Comparison of 3 Methods to Diagnose Endolymphatic Hydrops in Meniere's Disease clinical trial
Q66073223 2016-09-08 2016-11-04 Bioequivalence Study of Gefitinib Tablets Under Fasting Conditions clinical trial
Q66079566 2016-09-08 2017-09-29 The Efficacy and Safety of PEG-rhG-CSF(Pegylated Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor)in Patients With Breast Cancer Who Were Treated With Intensive Chemotherapy clinical trial
Q66080505 2016-09-08 2018-02-12 Efficacy and Safety of Burosumab (KRN23) Versus Oral Phosphate and Active Vitamin D Treatment in Pediatric Patients With X Linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH) clinical trial
Q66082721 2016-09-08 2021-09 Patients' Follow-up After Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Caused by Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms clinical trial
Q66394412 2016-09-08 2017-10-30 A Cross-sectional, Observational Multicenter Study to Assess the Reasons for Choosing the 3-year Hormonal IUD and Level of IUDs Knowledge Among Women Aged 18 to 29 Years clinical trial
Q66394961 2016-09-08 2025-09-02 Extension to the Study of Efficacy of CDZ173 in Patients With APDS/PASLI clinical trial
Q66395835 2016-09-08 2019-01-31 Targeting the Microbiome to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Bipolar Disorder clinical trial
Q66396355 2016-09-08 2017-06-23 Study of C1 Inhibitor (Human) for the Prevention of Angioedema Attacks and Treatment of Breakthrough Attacks in Japanese Subjects With Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) clinical trial
Q66396585 2016-09-08 2018-09-30 Benefit-Risk Of Arterial THrombotic prEvention With Rivaroxaban for Atrial Fibrillation in France clinical trial
Q66398629 2016-09-08 2017-06-19 A Study to Determine the Excretion Balance, Pharmacokinetics, Metabolism and Absolute Oral Bioavailability of a Single Oral Dose of [14C]-Labeled Idasanutlin and an Intravenous Tracer Dose of [13C]-Labeled Idasanutlin in a Single Cohort of Parti clinical trial
Q66400153 2016-09-08 2019-09 Dynamic Evaluation of Ankle Joint and Muscle Mechanics in Children With Spastic Equinus Deformity Due to Cerebral Palsy clinical trial
Q66403294 2016-09-08 2019-09 Evaluation of the Initial Prescription of Ketamine and Milnacipran for Depression in Palliative Care clinical trial
Q66403838 2016-09-08 2017-04-27 An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Trelagliptin and Alogliptin on Glucose Variability in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus clinical trial
Q66404161 2016-09-08 2018-09 Impact of the Composition of Packed Red Blood Cell Supernatant on Renal Dysfunction and Posttransfusion Immunomodulation clinical trial
Q67124233 2016-09-08 2016-11-19 A Randomized, Controlled Study to Evaluate the Sensitizing Potential of FMX-101 in Healthy Volunteers Using a Repeat Insult Patch Test Design clinical trial
Q93329022 2016-09-08 2021-09 Ex-vivo Evaluation of the Reactivity of the Immune Infiltrate of Cancers to Treatments With Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting the Immunomodulatory Pathways clinical trial
Q19798752 2016-09-09 2016-10-28[7] Quarry miniseries
Q21683029 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 Rowing at the 2016 Summer Paralympics Rowing at the Summer Paralympics
Q24902098 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 European Darts Trophy sports competition
Q25391228 2016-09-09 2017-05-13 2016–17 Women's EHF Cup Women's EHF European League
Q26709831 2016-09-09 2016-10-01 2016 AFL finals series tournament
AFL finals series
sporting event
Q26822341 2016-09-09 2016-09-10 2016 East Bohemia Tour East Bohemia Tour
Q26834094 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016-17 English Rugby Premiership, day 2 Wikinews article
Q26834100 2016-09-09 2016-09-10 2016-17 Pro12 Rugby Competition, day 2 Wikinews article
Q26835951 2016-09-09 2016-09-16 2016 Tour of China I Tour of China I
Q26838669 2016-09-09 2017-05-01 2016–17 Liga Națională (women's handball) sports season
Q26869558 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 Q26869558 Wikinews article
Q26878733 2016-09-09 2016-09-12 Q26878733 Wikinews article
Q26878786 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 Q26878786 Wikinews article
Q27037172 2016-09-09[8] 2016-09-11[8] 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships New Zealand Badminton Championships[8]
Q27863737 2016-09-09 2016-11-11 Eat Already? television program
Q27877927 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q27878526 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q27879113 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27879694 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27880276 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 2016 New Zealand Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q30682597 2016-09-09 2016-09-13 2016 Asian Rowing Championships Asian Rowing Championships
Q47481510 2016-09-09 2016-09-11 Comiciade 2016 Comiciade
recurrent event edition
Q55349218 2016-09-09 2017-01-22 Q55349218 temporary exhibition
Q55373225 2016-09-09 2016-10-22 Q55373225 temporary exhibition
Q55373652 2016-09-09 2017-01-08 Q55373652 temporary exhibition
Q63400922 2016-09-09 2018-03-21 Renal Artery Dopplers in Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome clinical trial
Q63403117 2016-09-09 2017-09-07 Changes of Ocular Structures After Hemodialysis in Patients With Chronic Kidney Diseases clinical trial
Q63813223 2016-09-09 2020-07 A Case Control Study to Identify the Role of Epigenetic Regulation of Genes Responsible for Energy Metabolism and Mitochondrial Function in the Obesity Paradox in Cardiac Surgery clinical trial
Q63813225 2016-09-09 2021-09 Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of Sovaldi Treatment Regimens in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection in a Korean Real-World Setting clinical trial
Q64150090 2016-09-09 2023-07-31 Understanding Communication in Healthcare to Achieve Trust (U-CHAT) clinical trial
Q66042953 2016-09-09 2019-05-31 Living With Prostate Cancer (LPC) clinical trial
Q66070538 2016-09-09 2017-05-23 MicroRNA as Biomarkers for Development of Metabolic Syndrome in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome clinical trial
Q66072852 2016-09-09 2019-09-09 Validation and Standardization of a Battery Evaluation of the Socio-emotional Functions in Various Neurological Pathologies clinical trial
Q66079501 2016-09-09 2016-11-21 Pressure Injury Prevention in the ICU With Multi-Layer Foam Dressings clinical trial
Q66080290 2016-09-09 2016-12-27 A Phase 2a Study of BIIB074 in the Treatment of Erythromelalgia clinical trial
Q66080482 2016-09-09 2020-07 Long-term Stability of LFP Recorded From the STN and the Effects of DBS clinical trial
Q66081024 2016-09-09 2018-06 Split-tattoo Study Comparing the Safety and Efficacy of 670nm Picosecond Laser Versus 755 nm for Tattoo Removal clinical trial
Q66394763 2016-09-09 2021-01-01 A Study of Ocrelizumab in Participants With Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) Who Have Had a Suboptimal Response to an Adequate Course of Disease-Modifying Treatment (DMT) clinical trial
Q66395312 2016-09-09 2017-11-30 Portal-724 MEMS for Medication Adherence Patients Taking HCV Medications clinical trial
Q66397672 2016-09-09 2018-07-02 Safety and Efficacy Study of GDC-0853 Compared With Placebo and Adalimumab in Participants With Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) clinical trial
Q66399662 2016-09-09 2018-04-26 Comparison of Standard vs Higher Starting Dose of Insulin Glargine in Chinese Patients With Type 2 Diabetes (Glargine Starting Dose) clinical trial
Q66399687 2016-09-09 2019-07-05 A Study of LY3039478 in Japanese Participants With Advanced Solid Tumors clinical trial
Q66404054 2016-09-09 2018-12-26 First in Patient Study for PF-06840003 in Malignant Gliomas clinical trial
Q66406581 2016-09-09 2019-06-14 To Compare the Effects of Immediate-release Tacrolimus and Astagraf XL on Donor-Specific Antibody (DSA) Formation and the Development of Immune Activation (IA) in de Novo Kidney Transplant Recipients clinical trial
Q66545601 2016-09-09 2022-08-31 Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplant With Post-Transplant Cyclophosphamide for Patients With Severe Aplastic Anemia clinical trial
Q79110291 2016-09-09 2021-04 Development of Clinical and Biological Database in Colorectal Cancer clinical trial
Q87076876 2016-09-09 2018-06-25 ThermRheum Version 1 clinical trial
Q98604911 2016-09-09 2018-09-27 Monday-Focused Tailored Rapid Interactive Mobile Messaging for Weight Management 2 clinical trial
Q23719469 2016-09-10 2017-05-31 2016–17 Superleague Greece sports season
Q24283770 2016-09-10 2017-05-25 2016–17 Israel State Cup sports season
Q24884789 2016-09-10 2017-05-14 2016–17 Women's EHF Champions League sports season
Q26708214 2016-09-10 2016-09-18 2016 Japan Women's Open Japan Women's Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26713409 2016-09-10 2016-09-18 2016 Coupe Banque Nationale National Bank Cup
tennis tournament edition
Q26834086 2016-09-10 2016-09-11 2016-17 Top 14 French Rugby, day 4 Wikinews article
Q26836403 2016-09-10 2016-09-10 Q26836403 Wikinews article
Q27245758 2016-09-10 2016-09-17 Quneitra offensive (September 2016) military offensive
Q27817036 2016-09-10 2016-10-15 Q27817036 sports season
Q28669969 2016-09-10 2017-05-14 Q28669969 sports season
Q28670068 2016-09-10 2017-04-23 Q28670068 sports season
Q28670095 2016-09-10 2017-05-14 Q28670095 sports season
Q28723003 2016-09-10 2017-03-19 Jerry and the Raiders serie de television
Q30894576 2016-09-10 2017-05-21 Q30894576 sports season
Q39081611 2016-09-10 2018-10-16 Q39081611 television program
Q48836801 2016-09-10 2017-02-12 Q48836801 Q2999842
sports season
Q55335978 2016-09-10 2016-09-18 Q55335978 temporary exhibition
Q55336165 2016-09-10 2016-09-25 Q55336165 temporary exhibition
Q55351818 2016-09-10 2016-10-23 Q55351818 temporary exhibition
Q55352002 2016-09-10 2017-01-22 Q55352002 temporary exhibition
Q55352003 2016-09-10 2017-01-22 Q55352003 temporary exhibition
Q55355757 2016-09-10 2017-02-19 Q55355757 temporary exhibition
Q55355758 2016-09-10 2017-01-15 Q55355758 temporary exhibition
Q55357117 2016-09-10 2017-01-08 Q55357117 temporary exhibition
Q55369392 2016-09-10 2017-01-08 Q55369392 temporary exhibition
Q55372157 2016-09-10 2016-11-13 Q55372157 temporary exhibition
Q55372814 2016-09-10 2016-12-11 Q55372814 temporary exhibition
Q61907013 2016-09-10 2016-09-10 Myo-inositol, D-chiro-inositol and Glucomannan in PCOS clinical trial
Q62034704 2016-09-10 2020-07 Health in Individuals With a Spinal Cord Injury: a Prospective Study clinical trial
Q64706546 2016-09-10[3] 2016-09-17[3] Hurricane Orlene category 2 hurricane[3]
Q65396272 2016-09-10 2019-01-01 Respiratory Mechanics and Patient-ventilator Asynchrony Index in Patients With Invasive Mechanical Ventilation clinical trial
Q66073158 2016-09-10 2016-10-14 Characteristics of Empagliflozin Initiators clinical trial
Q66406146 2016-09-10 2019-06 Presurgical Motor Mapping With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) clinical trial
Q67125089 2016-09-10 2021-05-27 Open Label Study to Evaluate Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of Evolocumab (AMG 145) in Pediatric Subjects (10 to 17 Years of Age) With Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HeFH) or Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH). clinical trial
Q24497649 2016-09-11 2017-02-19 Son of Zorn serie de television
Q24577228 2016-09-11 2017-05-25 2016–17 Division 1 Féminine sports season
Q24583039 2016-09-11 2017-05-27 2016–17 Coupe de France sports season
Q24590098 2016-09-11 2016-12-18 Rob & Chyna serie de television
Q26242249 2016-09-11 2017-05 2016–17 Gamma Ethniki sports season
Q26833626 2016-09-11 2016-12-31 Secret Story 6 (Portugal) television program
Q26920495 2016-09-11 2016-09-18 2016 Zhuhai ITF Women's Pro Circuit tennis tournament edition
Zhuhai Open
Q26922251 2016-09-11 2016-09-18 2016 Engie Open de Biarritz tennis tournament edition
Q26929439 2016-09-11 2016-09-18 2016 One Love Tennis Open tennis tournament edition
One Love Tennis Open
Q27314526 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q27314526 sports season
Q27518122 2016-09-11 2016-09-20 2016 CECAFA Women's Championship CECAFA Women's Championship
Q27922470 2016-09-11 2016-10-30 Q27922470 television program
Q28669948 2016-09-11 2017-04 Q28669948 sports season
Q28669949 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28669949 sports season
Q28669950 2016-09-11 2017-04 Q28669950 sports season
Q28669977 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28669977 sports season
Q28669978 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28669978 sports season
Q28669985 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28669985 sports season
Q28669989 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28669989 sports season
Q28670320 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q28670320 sports season
Q28670786 2016-09-11 2017-05-07 Q28670786 sports season
Q28689880 2016-09-11 2016-09-25 Q28689880 Honbasho
Q30888262 2016-09-11 2017-04-30 Q30888262 sports season
Q48836019 2016-09-11 2016-10-30 Q48836019 sports season
Q54666646 2016-09-11 2017-07-09 Anne Will, season 10 television series season
Q56229856 2016-09-11 2016-11-27 Q56229856 temporary exhibition[9]
Q63599041 2016-09-11 2018-03-01 Monitoring Lung Recruitment Maneuver in Anesthetized Morbidly Obese clinical trial
Q64794987 2016-09-11 2019-05-31 Carolina Heart Alliance Networking for Greater Equity clinical trial
Q26721355 2016-09-12 2016-11-22 Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 23) television series season
Q26874141 2016-09-12 2016-09-17 2016 ATP Challenger China International – Nanchang tennis tournament edition
Q26874369 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 Pekao Szczecin Open tennis tournament edition
Pekao Szczecin Open
Q26874370 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 Banja Luka Challenger tennis tournament edition
Banja Luka Challenger
Q26874372 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 Amex-Istanbul Challenger tennis tournament edition
American Express – TED Open
Q26874373 2016-09-12 2016-09-17 2016 Morocco Tennis Tour – Meknes tennis tournament edition
Morocco Tennis Tour – Meknes
Q26907427 2016-09-12 2017-08-22 The ZhuZhus serie television animate
Q26912698 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 Cary Challenger tennis tournament edition
Q26960626 2016-09-12 2016-10-31 Destinos de película television program
Q27058065 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships World University Badminton Championships
Q28229039 2016-09-12[10] 2018-05-23[11] Harry serie de television
Q28413271 2016-09-12 2016-09-25 Love is More Than a Word web series
Q28670138 2016-09-12 2016-10-10 Q28670138 serie de television
Q62062862 2016-09-12 2019-04 non_invasive_aICP_Tumor clinical trial
Q62063036 2016-09-12 2018-01-15 The Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Study clinical trial
Q63846602 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q63846680 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q63846757 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q63846838 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q63846913 2016-09-12 2016-09-18 2016 World University Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q64005475 2016-09-12 2016-09-16 Tropical storm Ian tropical storm
Q64139491 2016-09-12 2018-06-27 Thorough ECG (Electrocardiogram) and Drug Interaction Study With Anetumab Ravtansine and Itraconazole clinical trial
Q64818869 2016-09-12 2017-08-12 Effectiveness of Two Corticotomy Techniques in Retracting the Upper Anterior Teeth by Using Miniscrews clinical trial
Q65337188 2016-09-12 2018-06-05 ssTAP vs TAP Catheters in TAH clinical trial
Q65465366 2016-09-12 2017-09-21 MEDI4736 (Durvalumab) in Patients With Brain Metastasis From Epithelial-derived Tumors clinical trial
Q66044837 2016-09-12 2018-07-16 A Phase I/III Study to Evaluate Efficacy, PK and Safety Between CT-P13 SC and CT-P13 IV in Patients With Active RA clinical trial
Q66066054 2016-09-12 2021-04 A Clinicobiological Database in Metastatic Digestive Cancers clinical trial
Q66068580 2016-09-12 2017-09-11 Influence of Mechanical Ventilation Mode on Arterial Pressure Variations- a Pilot Study clinical trial
Q66068740 2016-09-12 2018-04-02 Evaluation of a Decision Aid for Incidental Genomic Findings clinical trial
Q66078912 2016-09-12 2017-02-17 A Smartphone-based Intervention to Promote an Active Lifestyle in Low Educated Working Young Adults clinical trial
Q66081907 2016-09-12 2016-10-12 A Study to Determine the Bioavailability and Food Effect of a Single TAK-935 Dose in Healthy Participants clinical trial
Q66081959 2016-09-12 2021-01-31 Special Drug Use-results Survey of Duodopa Enteral Solution in Patients With Parkinson's Disease clinical trial
Q66082153 2016-09-12 2017-12-10 A Study to Evaluate if AC-084 is Safe, Its Fate in the Body as Well as Its Potential Effects on the Body in Healthy Subjects clinical trial
Q66082718 2016-09-12 2017-12-21 A Study Treating Participants With Early Axial Spondyloarthritis (axSpA) Taking an Intense Treatment Approach Versus Routine Treatment clinical trial
Q66083086 2016-09-12 2018-02-26 Clinical Significance of Pre-interventional Optical Coherence Tomography in Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Implantation clinical trial
Q66083218 2016-09-12 2016-11-24 Post-authorisation Passive Enhanced Safety Surveillance of Seasonal Influenza Vaccines clinical trial
Q66083299 2016-09-12 2018-08-24 Expedited Interval Tubal Scheduling clinical trial
Q66083752 2016-09-12 2016-12-15 A Prospective Multi-Center Study of Anterior Lens Capsulotomy Using the Mynosys Zepto System clinical trial
Q66083911 2016-09-12 2017-03-04 A Study to Evaluate the Pharmacokinetics and the Effect on Cardiac Repolarization of Odalasvir Administered as a Single Dose Tablet Under Fed Conditions in Healthy Participants clinical trial
Q66395475 2016-09-12 2019-04-01 A Phase I Study to Evaluate PK, Efficacy and Safety of CT-P13 SC in Patients With Active CD and UC clinical trial
Q66399813 2016-09-12 2017-12-31 Dose-Finding Study of Lyophilized Shigella Sonnei 53G Challenge Strain clinical trial
Q66400733 2016-09-12 2018-10 Spatz Adjustable Balloon for Obesity (SABO) clinical trial
Q66400907 2016-09-12 2018-06-15 Clinical Trial of Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorders clinical trial
Q66401296 2016-09-12 2020-09-12 18F-FMAU PET/CT in Diagnosing and Characterizing Prostate Cancer clinical trial
Q66403429 2016-09-12 2018-01-22 PfSPZ Challenge in Healthy Malaria-Naïve Adults in the United States clinical trial
Q66403737 2016-09-12 2018-07-17 Feasibility Study Testing Transcriptional Responses as an Indicator of Individualised Responses to Radiation Effects clinical trial
Q66406336 2016-09-12 2019-09 (1,3)-β-D-glucan Based Diagnosis of Invasive Candida Infection in Sepsis clinical trial
Q66546154 2016-09-12 2017-09-08 Effectiveness of the Myofascial Therapy in the Hemophilic Arthropathy of Ankle clinical trial
Q67130029 2016-09-12 2017-12-20 The Effects of tDCS Combined With Balance Training on Lower Limbs Spasticity in Chronic Stroke Patients clinical trial
Q86740650 2016-09-12 2017-03-28 Q86740650 television series season
Q87932030 2016-09-12 2018-07-31 Description of the Analgesia Obtained With the Anesthesiological Protocols Currently Used in Breast Surgery clinical trial
Q89154669 2016-09-12 2017-07-04 MR Fat Quantification and Elastography During a Very Low-calorie-ketogenic Diet (Pronokal Method®) vs a Low Calorie Diet clinical trial
Q91725128 2016-09-12[12] 2016-10-05[12] matriculation exam autumn 2016 evento
Q99980232 2016-09-12 2018-07-11 Neighbourhood Change in a Comparative Context: a Social-Mobility Approach research grant
research project
Q24685533 2016-09-13 2016-12-07 2016–17 UEFA Champions League group stage sports season
Q27332127 2016-09-13 2017-09-12 Seventy-first session of the United Nations General Assembly United Nations General Assembly ordinary session
Q28452079 2016-09-13 2016-09-21 Tropical Storm Julia tropical storm
Q28501699 2016-09-13 2016-11-01 Q28501699 serie de television
Q28517674 2016-09-13 2018-09-24 Q28517674 television program
Q29384679 2016-09-13[13] 2017-09-12[13] 2016-2017 legislative session of the Riksdag legislative session of the Riksdag
Q57699274 2016-09-13 2017-11-21 This Is It serie de television
Q62041689 2016-09-13 2019-07-01 Efficacy of a Mobile Application vs MBSR in Healthcare Students clinical trial
Q63229574 2016-09-13 2019-03-29 The Acute Effect of Spices on Vascular Health clinical trial
Q63393731 2016-09-13 2020-12 The Effect of ECMO on the Pharmacokinetics of the Drugs and Their Clinical Efficacy clinical trial
Q63535276 2016-09-13 2018-08 Internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients With Chronic Pain and Psychiatric Distress clinical trial
Q63805733 2016-09-13 2019-03 Synchronous Effect of Anesthetics on fMRI, EEG and Clinical Responses clinical trial
Q64151410 2016-09-13 2018-04-30 [18F]FMISO PET/CT After Transcatheter Arterial Embolization in Imaging Tumors in Patients With Liver Cancer clinical trial
Q64188204 2016-09-13 2019-12 Exercise in Adults With Mild Memory Problems clinical trial
Q64221867 2016-09-13 2017-03-28 Nonmyeloablative Conditioning and Transplantation for Patients With Refractory Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) clinical trial
Q64567999 2016-09-13[14] 2016-09-18[14] 2016 Indonesian International Junior Badminton Championships Indonesian Junior International Badminton Championships[14]
Q64793875 2016-09-13 2018-02-01 Adherence/Outcomes After Use of Constipation Action Plan clinical trial
Q65398207 2016-09-13 2023-02 Phase II Trial of Sequential Consolidation With Pembrolizumab Followed by Nab-paclitaxel clinical trial
Q65398861 2016-09-13 2025-06-30 DHEA in Synovial Sarcoma Patients clinical trial
Q66043073 2016-09-13 2020-11 DNA Analysis From Isolated Cardiomyocytes in the Molecular Diagnosis of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy/Dysplasia clinical trial
Q66070937 2016-09-13 2020-12-31 Pediatric Obesity Observational Prospective Trial clinical trial
Q66072828 2016-09-13 2016-10-14 A1 Versus A2® Milk on the Gastrointestinal Physiology, Symptoms and Cognitive Behaviour for the Preschool Children clinical trial
Q66079722 2016-09-13 2018-01-08 A Study of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate for Reduction of Proteinuria in Patients With IgA Nephropathy clinical trial
Q66081796 2016-09-13 2017-05-31 Influenza Vaccine Attitudes, Intent, and Receipt: Pediatric clinical trial
Q66082751 2016-09-13 2018-06-27 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Pertuzumab + Trastuzumab + Docetaxel Versus Placebo + Trastuzumab + Docetaxel in Previously Untreated Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2)-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) clinical trial
Q66083054 2016-09-13 2017-08-08 A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Renal Impairment on the Pharmacokinetics of AL-335 clinical trial
Q66083140 2016-09-13 2017-04-10 Effect of Hepatic and Renal Impairment on the Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Tolerability of BAY1841788 (ODM-201) clinical trial
Q66083642 2016-09-13 2018-08-02 An Extension Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety and Tolerability of Ubrogepant in the Treatment of Migraine clinical trial
Q66394378 2016-09-13 2017-02-21 Influence of Triflusal on Cognitive Functions in Subjects Under Chronic Stress clinical trial
Q66395233 2016-09-13 2017-10-24 A Study to Assess the Immunogenicity and Safety of GSK Biologicals' Infanrix-IPV/Hib Vaccine Administered as a Three-dose Vaccination Course at 3, 4.5 and 6 Months of Age and a Booster Dose at 18 Months of Age in Healthy Infants in Russia clinical trial
Q66396041 2016-09-13 2016-12-22 SJ733 Induced Blood Stage Malaria Challenge Study clinical trial
Q66396531 2016-09-13 2019-06-25 Tepotinib Phase II in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Harboring MET Alterations clinical trial
Q66397921 2016-09-13 2019-06-16 An Open Label Investigational Immuno-therapy Trial of Nivolumab in Cancers That Are Advanced or Have Spread clinical trial
Q80071604 2016-09-13 2016-09-18 2016 Indonesia Junior International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q80071635 2016-09-13 2016-09-18 2016 Indonesia Junior International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q80071662 2016-09-13 2016-09-18 2016 Indonesia Junior International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q80071692 2016-09-13 2016-09-18 2016 Indonesia Junior International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q80071718 2016-09-13 2016-09-18 2016 Indonesia Junior International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q98669350 2016-09-13[15] 2016-12-30[15] Q98669350 legislative session[15]
Q22915920 2016-09-14 2016-09-20 2016 Asian Women's Cup Volleyball Championship sports season
Q23043007 2016-09-14 2016-09-18 2016 European Road Championships sports season
Q26898123 2016-09-14 2016-12-07 20th season of South Park television series season
Q26913405 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships Sydney International Badminton Championships
Q26916065 2016-09-14 2016-09-18 2016 CS U.S. International Figure Skating Classic figure skating competition
Q26922748 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships Belgian International Badminton Championships
Q27105416 2016-09-14 2017-05-17 Blindspot, season 2 television series season
Q27625774 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q27625977 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q27626173 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27626366 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27626565 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Sydney International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q27911960 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27911994 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q27912028 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27912062 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q27912105 2016-09-14 2016-09-17 2016 Belgian International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q28670019 2016-09-14 2017-02-08 Q28670019 sports season
Q55335529 2016-09-14 2016-11-06 Q55335529 temporary exhibition
Q55353636 2016-09-14 2016-09-25 Angst II temporary exhibition
Q63534337 2016-09-14 2019-02 Study on the Effects of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine on Pain in Patients Undergoing Elective Spinal Surgery clinical trial
Q63539132 2016-09-14 2017-04-02 Q63539132 temporary exhibition
Q63584068 2016-09-14 2019-03-31 Family Procedural Presence clinical trial
Q64005476 2016-09-14 2016-09-25 Tropical storm Karl tropical storm
Q64171846 2016-09-14 2020-06-16 An Investigational Immuno-therapy Study for Safety of Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab to Treat Advanced Cancers clinical trial
Q64395770 2016-09-14 2019-09 Proportional Assist Ventilation for Minimizing the Duration of Mechanical Ventilation: The PROMIZING Study clinical trial
Q64599420 2016-09-14 2019-01 Prediction of Cognitive Properties of Memantine for Neurodegenerative Diseases clinical trial
Q64791230 2016-09-14 2020-12 Unraveling a Potential Connection Between Bilirubin Metabolism, Gut Microbiota and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases clinical trial
Q64819300 2016-09-14 2019-09-30 Observation Study: Superselective Drug-Eluting Chemoembolization in Unresectable Intermediate and Advanced HCC Patients clinical trial
Q66045324 2016-09-14 2017-09 Comparison of Rigid Annuloplasty Ring With a Band in the Correction of Secondary Tricuspid Insufficiency clinical trial
Q66080959 2016-09-14 2016-12-08 Reaching in Stroke 3rd Phase clinical trial
Q66081433 2016-09-14 2019-01 Tocotrienol in Combination With Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Women With Breast Cancer clinical trial
Q66081772 2016-09-14 2019-09 Effect of Vascepa on Improving Coronary Atherosclerosis in People With High Triglycerides Taking Statin Therapy clinical trial
Q66081859 2016-09-14 2018-05-07 An Extension Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Elagolix in Premenopausal Women With Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Associated With Uterine Fibroids clinical trial
Q66082280 2016-09-14 2017-06-19 A Study of Mirikizumab (LY3074828) in Participants With Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis clinical trial
Q66084293 2016-09-14 2016-09-16 Proficiency-Based Progression Training for Clinical Communication clinical trial
Q66394188 2016-09-14 2018-06-25 Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of JTE-051 in Subjects With Active Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical trial
Q66396682 2016-09-14 2017-09-27 Single Ascending Dose and Multiple Ascending Dose Study in Healthy Participants and Proof of Mechanism Study in Patients With Ulcerative Colitis clinical trial
Q66402738 2016-09-14 2018-11 A Randomized Controlled Trial on Malaria Primaquine Treatment in Timika, Indonesia (TRIPI) clinical trial
Q66403140 2016-09-14 2019-06 A Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy of MSDC 0602K in Patients With NASH clinical trial
Q66405313 2016-09-14 2018-06-15 A Study of Abemaciclib (LY2835219) Plus Tamoxifen or Abemaciclib Alone in Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer clinical trial
Q66405776 2016-09-14 2018-06-01 Behavioral CVD Prevention Using Informatics clinical trial
Q69632495 2016-09-14 2016-09-18 2016 Junior Grand Prix Cup of Mordovia figure skating competition
Q74273656 2016-09-14 2021-12-30 Subxyphoid Hybrid MAZE Registry for Patients With Persistent Atrial Fibrillation clinical trial
Q80365534 2016-09-14 2019-01-05 Correlation Between Sulcus Anatomy and Other Parameters After Horizontal & Vertical Intraocular Lens (IOLs) Placements clinical trial
Q84569152 2016-09-14[16] 2017-01-08[16] The EY Exhibition: Wifredo Lam art exhibition[16]
Q99081651 2016-09-14 2017-06-25 ProbioKid as Prevention Among Kids With Frequent URTI clinical trial
Q24686942 2016-09-15 2016-12-09 2016–17 UEFA Europa League group stage sports season
Q25386756 2016-09-15 2017-04-27 2016–17 Qatar Stars League sports season
Q26904351 2016-09-15 2016-09-18 Q26904351 Wikinews article
Q27949900 2016-09-15 2019-05-22 L'Émission politique television program
Q55335376 2016-09-15 2017-02-06 Q55335376 temporary exhibition
Q55370722 2016-09-15 2016-11-06 Q55370722 temporary exhibition
Q55370724 2016-09-15 2016-11-04 Q55370724 temporary exhibition
Q62810594 2016-09-15 2017-06-18 Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplementation in Children From 12 to 30 Months of Age. clinical trial
Q63013666 2016-09-15 2019-07-30 Pharmacogenetics of Naltrexone for Stimulant Abuse clinical trial
Q63572329 2016-09-15 2017-11-01 Efficacy of the REThink Therapeutic Online Game clinical trial
Q63579844 2016-09-15 2019-12-31 Antibiotic Dosing in Patients on Intermittent Hemodialysis clinical trial
Q63597653 2016-09-15 2017-06-30 Cosmetology Students and Skin Cancer clinical trial
Q63600209 2016-09-15 2018-12 The Role of Osteopathic Manipulation in the the Management of Post-traumatic Migraine clinical trial
Q64140047 2016-09-15 2020-05-31 Mechanisms of Active Music Engagement to Improve Health Outcomes of Children With Cancer and Parents clinical trial
Q64500448 2016-09-15 2016-10-03 Freshers Tour 2016 concert tour
Q64792628 2016-09-15 2016-10-01 Changes in Sagittal Spine Posture and Flexibility on Adolescents clinical trial
Q64794995 2016-09-15 2016-12-01 Fluid Distribution Timetable on Adherence to Fluid Restriction of Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis clinical trial
Q64795415 2016-09-15 2018-02-24 The Influence of Fatigue on Trunk Motor Control and Brain Activity clinical trial
Q64802268 2016-09-15 2018-04-30 Hohenheim Malnutrition Study in Geriatric Fracture Patients clinical trial
Q64802982 2016-09-15 2017-07-10 RCT- LMA Supreme™ Versus the Spritztube® Tracheal Cannula in Anesthetized Adult Patients clinical trial
Q64836368 2016-09-15 2017-12-15 Use of Sildenafil Citrate in Management of Mild Pre-eclampsia clinical trial
Q66042436 2016-09-15 2017-12-31 Delirium in Geriatric Hospital Single-bed and Multibed Rooms clinical trial
Q66044318 2016-09-15 2018-08-15 A Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Resiliency Program for Critical Care Nurses clinical trial
Q66046127 2016-09-15 2022-09-01 PREdelivery Placental Biomarkers- Pregnancy and Delivery Outcome clinical trial
Q66063444 2016-09-15 2019-01-31 Massively Parallel Sequencing to Identify Microbiological Organisms in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid clinical trial
Q66065783 2016-09-15 2017-06-30 Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes in Pharmacies clinical trial
Q66068322 2016-09-15 2017-05-15 Compassion-Focused Therapy for People With Severe Obesity. clinical trial
Q66075486 2016-09-15 2019-02-08 CTICU Pacifier Activated Music Player and Mother's Voice clinical trial
Q66078651 2016-09-15 2017-11-14 EGESTA - Emergent GI Therapy for Severe, Complicated CDI Using Fecal Microbiota Transplant clinical trial
Q66081400 2016-09-15 2018-08-15 Pathway From Functional Disability to Antimicrobial Resistance in Nursing Home Residents clinical trial
Q66081688 2016-09-15 2016-12-09 Safety and Immunogenicity of Fluzone® Quadrivalent and Fluzone® High-Dose, Influenza Vaccines, 2016-2017 Formulations clinical trial
Q66082585 2016-09-15 2019-07 Pembrolizumab in Treating Patients With EGFR Mutant, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Naive Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer clinical trial
Q66083651 2016-09-15 2018-09-13 An 8-Week Dose-Finding Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Alirocumab in Children and Adolescents With Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia clinical trial
Q66083847 2016-09-15 2017-10-18 Ox Bile- Conjugated Bile Acids Sodium in Type II Diabetes Mellitus clinical trial
Q66345877 2016-09-15 2021-02 Intravenous Chemotherapy or Oral Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Previously Untreated Stage III-IV HIV-Associated Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma clinical trial
Q66393198 2016-09-15 2021-08-01 Gallium Ga 68-labeled PSMA-11 PET/CT in Detecting Recurrent Prostate Cancer in Patients After Initial Therapy clinical trial
Q66394784 2016-09-15 2017-09-15 Capnography At the Bedside: Leading Educational Efforts clinical trial
Q66396337 2016-09-15 2020-02 Pembrolizumab Combined With PLD For Recurrent Platinum Resistant Ovarian, Fallopian Tube Or Peritoneal Cancer clinical trial
Q66396407 2016-09-15 2020-05-31 Study of Pembrolizumab With or Without Platinum-based Combination Chemotherapy Versus Chemotherapy Alone in Urothelial Carcinoma (MK-3475-361/KEYNOTE-361) clinical trial
Q66396632 2016-09-15 2017-07-26 Nexplanon and Combined Oral Contraceptive (COC) Combined Use Study clinical trial
Q66398988 2016-09-15 2017-03-06 Evaluation of the Quality of Bowel Cleansing in a Real Clinical Practice Setting clinical trial
Q66401067 2016-09-15 2017-08-28 Study With Improved Solubility Pazopanib clinical trial
Q66403626 2016-09-15 2017-06-15 This Study Tests the Effect of Risankizumab on the Metabolism in the Liver of Five Additional Drugs to Study Possible Drug Interactions in Patients With Psoriasis With or Without Psoriatic Arthritis clinical trial
Q66546055 2016-09-15 2016-11-15 Examination of Ventavis (Iloprost) Inhalation Behavior Using the I-Neb AAD System in Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension When Switching the Iloprost Nebulizer Solution for Inhalation From 10 μg/mL (V10) to 20 μg/mL (V20) clinical trial
Q67124256 2016-09-15 2017-08-04 KT Intervention to Increase Use of Outcome Measures clinical trial
Q86154514 2016-09-15 2017-09-21 Gallium-68 PSMA-11 PET in Patients With Biochemical Recurrence (2016-09-15) clinical trial
Q86295705 2016-09-15 2018-07-20 Oxygen Reserve Index: Utility as Early Warning for Desaturation in Morbidly Obese Patients clinical trial
Q99584614 2016-09-15[17] 2020-09-30[17] The risks of childbirth in historical perspective research grant[17]
research project[17]
Q99585385 2016-09-15[18] 2017-09-14[18] The Botanical and Meteorological history of the Indian Ocean 1500-1900 research grant[18]
research project[18]
Q99980263 2016-09-15 2018-09-14 Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles research grant
research project
Q24067920 2016-09-16 2017-03-25 2016–17 Cypriot Second Division sports season
Q24068076 2016-09-16 2017-04-30 2016–17 Cypriot Third Division sports season
Q25461693 2016-09-16 2016-11-11 Vain elämää, season 5 television series season
Q26215632 2016-09-16 2017-05-13 2016–17 UAE Pro-League sports season
Q26453967 2016-09-16 2017-02-24 Leipzig Homicide, season 16 television series season
Q26904357 2016-09-16 2016-09-18 Q26904357 Wikinews article
Q26904364 2016-09-16 2016-09-17 Q26904364 Wikinews article
Q26921675 2016-09-16 2016-09-17 Q26921675 Wikinews article
Q26934823 2016-09-16 2016-09-18 Q26934823 Wikinews article
Q26945249 2016-09-16 2016-09-19 Q26945249 Wikinews article
Q27536549 2016-09-16 2016-11-04 Hooten & the Lady serie de television
Q27630575 2016-09-16 2016-09-27 Northern al-Bab offensive conflict
Q27908621 2016-09-16 2016-11-30 Exposition Open End evento
Q28129168 2016-09-16 2017-09-30 Popestar Tour roadshow
Q55336008 2016-09-16 2016-12-17 Q55336008 temporary exhibition
Q55357888 2016-09-16 2016-10-30 Q55357888 temporary exhibition
Q55358518 2016-09-16 2017-01-29 Q55358518 temporary exhibition
Q55368667 2016-09-16 2017-01-15 Q55368667 temporary exhibition
Q63228842 2016-09-16 2020-05 Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy and Fluorouracil or Capecitabine With or Without Zoledronic Acid in Treating Patients With Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer clinical trial
Q63811485 2016-09-16 2016-10-16 Musculo-scrawny Manifestation Associated With the Endometriosis clinical trial
Q64171773 2016-09-16 2019-10-31 Ultrasound Evaluation of the Jugular Venous Pulse (US-JVP) clinical trial
Q64789194 2016-09-16 2022-07 Early Prediction Study clinical trial
Q64790810 2016-09-16 2016-12-31 Fistula Laser Closure clinical trial
Q66075096 2016-09-16 2019-07-01 Treatment of Hyperprolactinemia With the Non-ergoline Dopamine Agonist Ropinirole clinical trial
Q66081347 2016-09-16 2017-07-14 Long-term Follow-up of GEN-003-002 Subjects for Efficacy and Immunogenicity clinical trial
Q66081855 2016-09-16 2017-05-29 Evaluation of Immunogenicity and Safety of the Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis and Inactivated Poliovirus (DPT-IPV) Vaccine Squarekids Co-administered With GSK Biologicals' Human Rotavirus (HRV) Vaccine Rotarix (GSK444563) in Healthy Infants clinical trial
Q66082250 2016-09-16 2017-08-10 Effect of a Fresh Fermented Dairy Drink Product Consumption on Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders clinical trial
Q66082465 2016-09-16 2018-05-02 Remifentanil in Adults With OSA clinical trial
Q66082551 2016-09-16 2017-07-06 Pembrolizumab, Lenalidomide, and Dexamethasone in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Eligible for Stem Cell Transplant clinical trial
Q66082946 2016-09-16 2018-09-06 Prevalence Survey of Plasmodium Falciparum Antimalarial Drug Resistance Markers clinical trial
Q66394212 2016-09-16 2018-09-19 Safety and Efficacy Study of Vaccine Schedule With Ad26.Mos.HIV and MVA-Mosaic in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Infected Adults clinical trial
Q66394360 2016-09-16 2016-12-19 Evaluate Safety of ComBe Five (Liquid) in Healthy Vietnamese Children Aged From 8 - 10 Weeks as a 3-dose Series, Interval for Each Dose is 4 Weeks clinical trial
Q66394535 2016-09-16 2018-02-08 Efficacy and Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF) Versus Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF)-Containing Regimens in Participants With Chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection and Stage 2 or Greater Chronic Kidney Disease Who Have Received a Li clinical trial
Q66395210 2016-09-16 2017-10-18 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of ASP1707 in Postmenopausal Female Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Taking Methotrexate clinical trial
Q66396404 2016-09-16 2018-10-18 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) in Combination With Axitinib Versus Sunitinib Monotherapy in Participants With Renal Cell Carcinoma (MK-3475-426/KEYNOTE-426) clinical trial
Q66401719 2016-09-16 2021-07 The Hemophilia Ultrasound Project clinical trial
Q66404047 2016-09-16 2017-09-12 ChOcolate COnsumption And Blood Pressure (COCOA-BP): A Wearable Devices Pilot Trial clinical trial
Q66406876 2016-09-16 2016-12-09 Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of BI 1026706 in Healthy Chinese and Japanese Male Volunteers clinical trial
Q66547034 2016-09-16 2020-06-30 Copanlisib in Treating Patients With Persistent or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer clinical trial
Q80365477 2016-09-16 2018-12-06 Quality Improvement Project for Reproductive Health Services in India, Phase 1 clinical trial
Q24068645 2016-09-17 2017-03-25 2016-17 STOK Elite Division sports season
Q26904340 2016-09-17 2016-09-18 Q26904340 Wikinews article
Q26912334 2016-09-17 2016-09-17 Q26912334 Wikinews article
Q26945211 2016-09-17 2016-09-24 2016 Neva Cup tennis tournament edition
Kivennapa Ladies' Cup
Q27019797 2016-09-17 2016-09-25 2016 L'Open Emeraude Solaire de Saint-Malo tennis tournament edition
L'Open Emeraude Solaire de Saint-Malo
Q27630183 2016-09-17 2016-10-15 Owens River Fire wildfire
Q27954216 2016-09-17 2017-01-30 Q27954216 television program
Q29384735 2016-09-17 2017-03-09 list of 2016–2017 SHL season game results lista de un projecto de Wikimedia
Q30894831 2016-09-17 2017-06-17 Q30894831 sports season
Q30899214 2016-09-17 2016-11-20 Q30899214 sports season
Q30899960 2016-09-17 2017-05-28 Q30899960 sports season
Q30899978 2016-09-17 2017-04-23 Q30899978 sports season
Q55348152 2016-09-17 2016-12-17 Q55348152 temporary exhibition
Q55367214 2016-09-17 2017-02-26 Q55367214 temporary exhibition
Q61907249 2016-09-17 2018-12-31 Etiology and Incidence Assessment of Radiographically-confirmed Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) clinical trial
Q61907818 2016-09-17 2017-05-20 Impact of Formative OSCE on Students' Summative Clinical Performance clinical trial
Q64835516 2016-09-17 2017-03-24 Simulation-based Low-dose High Frequency (LDHF) Plus Mobile Mentoring (m-Mentoring) Study in Nigeria clinical trial
Q66044522 2016-09-17 2017-02-15 Premedication With Alprazolam and Midazolam for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy clinical trial
Q66401261 2016-09-17 2017-06-08 Icotinib Hydrochloride Cream in Patients With Mild to Moderate Psoriasis clinical trial
Q96278696 2016-09-17 2016-11-06 Coding da Vinci Nord 2016 recurrent event edition
Q25439312 2016-09-18 2017-05-21 2016–17 Primera Divisió sports season
Q27028216 2016-09-18 2016-09-25 2016 Coleman Vision Tennis Championships tennis tournament edition
Coleman Vision Tennis Championships
Q27897254 2016-09-18 2016-09-25 2016 Tour of China II Tour of China II
Q28669922 2016-09-18 2017-04-09 Q28669922 sports season
Q28670158 2016-09-18 2017-06-04 Q28670158 sports season
Q30898910 2016-09-18 2017-10-09 PINY: Institute of New York serie de television
Q31180341 2016-09-18 2017-05-19 Q31180341 sports season
Q55337144 2016-09-18 2016-11-06 Q55337144 temporary exhibition
Q55353279 2016-09-18 2016-11-06 Q55353279 temporary exhibition
Q55353806 2016-09-18 2017-01-01 Q55353806 temporary exhibition
Q55355569 2016-09-18 2016-10-02 Q55355569 temporary exhibition
Q55359134 2016-09-18 2017-01-08 Q55359134 temporary exhibition
Q55369637 2016-09-18 2017-01-15 Q55369637 temporary exhibition
Q64706547 2016-09-18[3] 2016-09-21[3] Hurricane Paine category 1 hurricane[3]
Q89435624 2016-09-18 2020-01-25 Dissecting the Role of Estradiol in Mediating Gender-specific Anxiolytic and Prosocial Effects of Oxytocin clinical trial
Q20804559 2016-09-19[19] 2016-09-25[19] Eneco Tour 2016 BinckBank Tour
Q22908690 2016-09-19 2020-01-30 The Good Place serie de television
Q24195464 2016-09-19 2018-05-07 Kevin Can Wait serie de television
Q26268547 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Moselle Open Moselle Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26268549 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 St. Petersburg Open St. Petersburg Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26268667 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Shanghai Masters snooker tournament
Q26812662 2016-09-19 2017-05-31 Right Now Kapow serie de television
Q26846529 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Toray Pan Pacific Open Pan Pacific Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26879563 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Korea Open Korea Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26897362 2016-09-19 2016-09-24 2016 Guangzhou International Women's Open Guangzhou International Women's Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26906553 2016-09-19 2017-01-06 Cuando vivas conmigo serie de television
Q26933297 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 OEC Kaohsiung tennis tournament edition
OEC Kaohsiung
Q26933314 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Türk Telecom İzmir Cup tennis tournament edition
Türk Telecom İzmir Cup
Q26933332 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Columbus Challenger tennis tournament edition
Columbus Challenger
Q26933784 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Sibiu Open tennis tournament edition
BRD Sibiu Challenger
Q26936292 2016-09-19 2016-09-24 2016 Morocco Tennis Tour – Kenitra tennis tournament edition
Q26973006 2016-09-19 2016-09-20 Q26973006 Wikinews article
Q27317211 2016-09-19 2016-11-07 Star Show 360 serie de television
Q27517491 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 2016 Campeonato Internacional de Tenis de Santos tennis tournament edition
Santos Brasil Tennis Open
Q27981980 2016-09-19 2016-12-12 Babam ve Ailesi serie de television
Q60367971 2016-09-19 2017-01-08 Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven temporary exhibition
Q61907854 2016-09-19 2016-11-21 A Study to Assess the Impact of a Non-SLS Toothpaste Upon Oral Mucosal Desquamation clinical trial
Q62041857 2016-09-19 2026-09 Oscillatory Versus Non-oscillatory Nasal Continuous Airway Pressure Neonatal Respiratory Support clinical trial
Q62062616 2016-09-19 2016-10-29 Bioequivalence Study of CJ-30061 in Healthy Male Volunteers clinical trial
Q64005477 2016-09-19 2016-09-25 Tropical storm Lisa tropical storm
Q64150137 2016-09-19 2018-06-06 Continuous Blockade of the Brachial Plexus clinical trial
Q64151243 2016-09-19 2019-03-19 Evaluation of Immunogenicity and Safety of a Booster Dose of Infanrix Hexa™ in Healthy Infants Born to Mothers Vaccinated With Boostrix™ During Pregnancy or Immediately Post-delivery clinical trial
Q64188078 2016-09-19 2019-07 LIBERATE - PRO: Eclipse™ System Registry clinical trial
Q64216585 2016-09-19 2016-12-25 Impact of Collaborative Pharmaceutical Care on Hospital Admission Drug Prescriptions for Patients 65 Years of Age and Older clinical trial
Q64790680 2016-09-19 2017-01-01 2D Strain of Right Ventricle in Peroperative of Cardiac Surgery clinical trial
Q64802252 2016-09-19 2017-05-01 Effect of Prebiotic Fructans to Reduce Number of Febrile Infections in Children clinical trial
Q64816811 2016-09-19 2017-04-21 Validity of an Actigraph Accelerometer Following Critical Illness clinical trial
Q66041399 2016-09-19 2018-09-30 Accelerated Corneal Cross-linking With Different Riboflavin Solutions clinical trial
Q66043173 2016-09-19 2018-07-31 Closed-loop Versus Conventional Ventilation Mode During Mobilization Period in Critical Care Patients clinical trial
Q66070676 2016-09-19 2018-01-20 WAVE Study- Walking and Aging in VErona Study clinical trial
Q66072697 2016-09-19 2019-12-19 Custodiol Versus Blood Cardioplegaia in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery clinical trial
Q66078640 2016-09-19 2019-11 Clinical Impact of Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring clinical trial
Q66081295 2016-09-19 2016-12-20 A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Volanesorsen on Cardiac Repolarization Conducted in Healthy Volunteers clinical trial
Q66082260 2016-09-19 2017-03-16 Efficacy, Safety and Dose Finding Trial of Topical Jaungo Application in Atopic Dermatitis Patients clinical trial
Q66083920 2016-09-19 2017-09-18 A Two Comparator, Controlled Phase 3 Study in Patients With and Without Evaporative Dry Eye clinical trial
Q66084301 2016-09-19 2017-08-02 A Study Comparing Tazarotene Cream 0.05% to TAZORAC® (Tazarotene) Cream 0.05% and Both to a Placebo Control in the Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis clinical trial
Q66395125 2016-09-19 2017-08-29 3D Versus 4K Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy clinical trial
Q66397487 2016-09-19 2018-03-31 Effectiveness of a Mobile Technology Intervention for the Treatment of Depression clinical trial
Q66398394 2016-09-19 2019-10-31 Study of Nivolumab in Patients With Advanced Refractory Biliary Tract Cancers clinical trial
Q66402502 2016-09-19 2019-07 Chemoprevention of Gastric Carcinogenesis clinical trial
Q66405218 2016-09-19 2019-12 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in Chronic Neuropathy clinical trial
Q66405831 2016-09-19 2019-08-01 Simvastatin in Reducing Pancreatitis in Patients With Recurrent, Acute or Chronic Pancreatitis clinical trial
Q66546678 2016-09-19 2017-11-17 Hypovitaminosis D Prediction Score clinical trial
Q76981227 2016-09-19 2017-08-15 Olfactory Contributions to Sleep-dependent Food Craving clinical trial
Q79111211 2016-09-19 2020-09 An SMS Intervention to Improve Adherence to Stimulant Medications in Adults With ADHD clinical trial
Q99584845 2016-09-19[20] 2018-05-31[20] Hearing Trouble: Sound Art in Post-Conflict Cities research grant[20]
research project[20]
Q99585138 2016-09-19[21] 2021-09-18[21] Living with Monuments: life and cultural landscape between the 4th and 2nd millennia BC in the Avebury region, Wiltshire research grant[21]
research project[21]
Q99585411 2016-09-19[22] 2018-04-06[22] Following the wires: sensing socio-material practices of everyday electricity supply in post-conflict Greater Beirut. research grant[22]
research project[22]
Q20033526 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series Japan Open Badminton Championships
Q23058749 2016-09-20 2017 2017 UEFA Women's Under-17 Championship qualification sports season
Q24090683 2016-09-20 2016-12-07 Q24090683 sports season
Q25287228 2016-09-20 2018-05-06 Are You The One? El Match Perfecto television program
Q25440459 2016-09-20 2017-05-31 2016–17 Montenegrin Cup sports season
Q26105925 2016-09-20 2017-05-16 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season 4 television series season
Q26874527 2016-09-20 2017-04-04 New Girl, season 6 television series season
Q26945247 2016-09-20 2016-09-21 2016 Giro di Toscana Giro di Toscana
Q26972959 2016-09-20 2016-09-21 Q26972959 Wikinews article
Q26988087 2016-09-20 2016-09-22 Q26988087 Wikinews article
Q27346265 2016-09-20 2016-10-15 Housing serie de television
Q27530176 2016-09-20 2016-10-11 National Treasure serie de television
Q27798389 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series – Men's singles badminton event
Q27798693 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series – Women's singles badminton event
Q27798999 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27799302 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27799602 2016-09-20 2016-09-25 2016 Japan Super Series – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q28439704 2016-09-20 2016-10-25 Strut serie de television
Q28668184 2016-09-20 2016-09-21 Q28668184 miniseries
Q28669708 2016-09-20 2016-11-26 Q28669708 sports season
Q28669721 2016-09-20 2016-11-26 Q28669721 sports season
Q30348769 2016-09-20 2017-03-14 This Is Us, season 1 television series season
Q61909748 2016-09-20 2017-10 Deliberate Practice With Validated Metrics Improves Skills Acquisition clinical trial
Q62024964 2016-09-20 2020-01-31 Impact of an Orthotic Intervention in Children With Peripheral Neuropathy clinical trial
Q62034907 2016-09-20 2017-10-12 KIDScore D3 Clinical Study clinical trial
Q62590898 2016-09-20 2017-01-29 Q62590898 temporary exhibition
Q63011982 2016-09-20 2017-09-13 The Effects of Safety Seeking Behaviors During Exposure Therapy for Adults With Spider Phobia clinical trial
Q63229708 2016-09-20 2018-12-31 Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Arresting Dental Caries clinical trial
Q63392949 2016-09-20 2018-09-30 Study Evaluating the Effects of Toradol and Lyrica for Pain Control After Donor Nephrectomy clinical trial
Q63393320 2016-09-20 2019-03-31 Confirmatory Trial in the Evaluation of Ca Electroporation for the Treatment of Cutaneous Metastases clinical trial
Q63397611 2016-09-20 2019-10 Evaluation of Cognitive Function in a Suicidal Crisis clinical trial
Q63400871 2016-09-20 2017-09-27 XC8 in the Treatment of Patients With Bronchial Asthma clinical trial
Q63401770 2016-09-20 2018-02-20 A Multi-disciplinary Pain Intervention (MUD-PI) for Patients With Chronic Widespread Primary Pain clinical trial
Q63404939 2016-09-20 2016-12-20 Immediate Post-placental Insertion of IUCD During Cesarean Delivery Versus 6 Week Post-Cesarean Insertion clinical trial
Q63573587 2016-09-20 2017-11-08 Evaluation of the Efficiency of Tailored Dietary Advice in Improving the Nutrient Adequacy of the Diet of French Pregnant Women clinical trial
Q63807829 2016-09-20 2018-02-28 Efficacy and Safety of Oral Semaglutide Using a Flexible Dose Adjustment Based on Clinical Evaluation Versus Sitagliptin in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. clinical trial
Q64150087 2016-09-20 2019-05 Andecaliximab as Monotherapy and in Combination With Anti-Cancer Agents in Japanese Participants With Gastric or Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma clinical trial
Q64173246 2016-09-20 2019-03-01 Surgical Treatment in Diabetic Patients With Grade 1 Obesity clinical trial
Q64188153 2016-09-20 2019-04-29 Canadian Humira Post Marketing Observational Epidemiological Study : Assessing Humira Real-life Effectiveness and Impact on HS Burden of Illness clinical trial
Q64793630 2016-09-20 2017-12-15 Cephalometric Evaluation of a Clear Mandibular Advancement Appliance Based on the Twin-block Design clinical trial
Q66043062 2016-09-20 2017-07-12 Impact of the Continuous Measurement of Blood Glucose on Insulin Pump on Child Quality of Life With Type 1 Diabetes clinical trial
Q66043198 2016-09-20 2019-05 Quantitative Evaluation of Motor Function Before and After Surgery for Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis clinical trial
Q66043367 2016-09-20 2017-03-10 Immunomodulatory Effects of IVIg on Pregnancy Rate of Patient With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss clinical trial
Q66071857 2016-09-20 2017-07-31 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Telmisartan/Amlodipine/Rosuvastatin clinical trial
Q66071981 2016-09-20 2019-12-31 Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Oral Anticoagulants in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation clinical trial
Q66072563 2016-09-20 2018-09-20 Hemodynamic Assessment of Distal Revascularization Interval Ligation clinical trial
Q66074239 2016-09-20 2018-09-05 The Cultural Formulation Interview-Engagement Aid clinical trial
Q66077137 2016-09-20 2021-10-27 Caloric Restriction Before Surgery in Treating Patients With Endometrial, Prostate, or Breast Cancer clinical trial
Q66077443 2016-09-20 2017-01-12 Phytotherapy Strategy for Sleep Disorders Related to Anxiety With a Combination of Eschscholtzia and Valerian Extracts clinical trial
Q66080161 2016-09-20 2019-07-27 A Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of MSTT1041A in Participants With Uncontrolled Severe Asthma clinical trial
Q66080632 2016-09-20 2017-12 A Partnership Approach to Enhance Health Care Literacy clinical trial
Q66081476 2016-09-20 2018-12 Continuation Study of Entinostat in Combination With Pembrolizumab in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors clinical trial
Q66081893 2016-09-20 2017-10-30 Efficacy and Safety of Oral Semaglutide Versus Placebo in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treated With Diet and Exercise Only clinical trial
Q66081895 2016-09-20 2017-08-31 A 38 Week Trial Comparing Effect and Safety of Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart vs. Insulin Glargine Plus Insulin Aspart in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Treated With Basal Insulin With or Without Oral Antidiabetic Treatment in Need of Treatment clinical trial
Q66394674 2016-09-20 2019-06-19 A Study of Vericiguat in Participants With Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction (HFrEF) (MK-1242-001) clinical trial
Q66395045 2016-09-20 2020-03-01 A Safety and Efficacy Study of CC-122 in Combination With Nivolumab in Subjects With Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) clinical trial
Q66397458 2016-09-20 2018-03-20 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guided Self-Help for Binge Eating Disorder clinical trial
Q66401004 2016-09-20 2017-08-10 A Study Comparing the Effect of Albiglutide With Exenatide on Regional Brain Activity Related to Nausea in Healthy Subjects clinical trial
Q66401980 2016-09-20 2019-05-30 Efficacy and Safety of Ofatumumab Compared to Teriflunomide in Patients With Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis clinical trial
Q66405109 2016-09-20 2018-04-28 An Observational Study of Alogliptin Benzoate in Participants With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 clinical trial
Q66405374 2016-09-20 2017-04-20 FRailty WAlking Patterns (FRAP) Study clinical trial
Q66406182 2016-09-20 2019-12-31 The Correlate of Risk Targeted Intervention Study clinical trial
Q66545757 2016-09-20 2018-04-10 Efficacy and Safety of Oral Semaglutide Versus Placebo in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes and Moderate Renal Impairment clinical trial
Q66546038 2016-09-20 2019-12 Preliminary Evaluation of Uptake in Bone Metastases and Biodistribution of [68Ga]P15-041 clinical trial
Q22662417 2016-09-21 2019-06-07 Designated Survivor serie de television
Q24070370 2016-09-21 2019-02-26 Lethal Weapon serie de television
Q24128123 2016-09-21 2019-04-12 Speechless serie de television
Q24262430 2016-09-21 2018-03-10 Falling Water serie de television
Q25440318 2016-09-21 2017-05-24 2016–17 Armenian Cup sports season
Q25440319 2016-09-21 2017-05-17 2016–17 Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Cup sports season
Q26160413 2016-09-21 2016-11-10 Shopaholic Louis serie de television
Q26237540 2016-09-21 2017-05-10 Black-ish, season 3 television series season
Q26834340 2016-09-21 2016-11-10 On the Way to the Airport serie de television
Q27000095 2016-09-21 2017-05-17 The Goldbergs, season 4 television series season
Q27920980 2016-09-21 2017-03-08 Talking Street television program
Q28669711 2016-09-21 2016-11-26 Q28669711 sports season
Q30748710 2016-09-21 2017-05-17 Speechless, season 1 television series season
Q39071217 2016-09-21 2017-05-17 Designated Survivor, season 1 television series season
Q51880013 2016-09-21 2016-10-19 Q51880013 television program
Q59856725 2016-09-21 2017-01-23 Magritte. La trahison des images temporary art exhibition
Q61908983 2016-09-21 2018-10 Evaluation of Stroop Effect in Patients With Schizophrenia clinical trial
Q63807813 2016-09-21 2029-02-02 Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Focal Hand Dystonia clinical trial
Q63808441 2016-09-21 2020-09 Dietary Oxalate and Immune Cell Function clinical trial
Q63813249 2016-09-21 2019-10 B/F/TAF FDC in HIV-1 Infected Virologically Suppressed Adolescents and Children clinical trial
Q64150075 2016-09-21 2022-05-02 Cancer and Other Disease Risks in U.S. Nuclear Medicine Technologists clinical trial
Q64184890 2016-09-21 2023-09-28 Hodgkin Lymphoma Molecular Profiling and Clinical Outcomes in U.S. Community Oncology Practices clinical trial
Q64836384 2016-09-21 2018-09-21 Effect of Lidocaine With Magnesium Sulfate on the Success of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block clinical trial
Q66045821 2016-09-21 2020-10-04 Retinal Pigment Epithelium Safety Study For Patients In B4711001 clinical trial
Q66063378 2016-09-21 2019-06-15 Incorporating teleCBIT Into a Hospital-Based Tic Program clinical trial
Q66067697 2016-09-21 2017-07-06 A Real-world Study to Examine the Relationship Between Simple Physical Functioning Tests, Complications and Recovery Following Abdominal Surgery. clinical trial
Q66068891 2016-09-21 2018-02-21 Role of RDW as Anon Invasive Index for Predicting Liver Cell Failure and Portal Hypertension in Cirrhotic Patient clinical trial
Q66071037 2016-09-21 2016-12-08 Clinical Performance of the OxyAqua Daily Disposable Silicone Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens clinical trial
Q66072212 2016-09-21 2016-09-23 Health Professional Dietary Habits and Blood Omega-3 Fatty Acid Concentrations clinical trial
Q66081110 2016-09-21 2017-11-17 A Double-blinded Trial Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Insulin Degludec/Liraglutide and Insulin Degludec Both in Combination With Metformin in Japanese Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Inadequately Controlled With Basal or Pre-mix/Com clinical trial
Q66081555 2016-09-21 2016-12-30 The Pediatric Eating Assessment Tool clinical trial
Q66081621 2016-09-21 2017-02-28 Relevance and Nuisances of Respiratory Rate Alarm Generated by Multi-parametric Monitors in Non Ventilated ICU Patients clinical trial
Q66082039 2016-09-21 2019-07-15 Routine Clinical Practice for Use of Intravitreal Aflibercept Treatment in Patients With Diabetic Macular Edema clinical trial
Q66082377 2016-09-21 2017-02-09 Pharmacokinetics and Safety of BI 695501 clinical trial
Q66082818 2016-09-21 2018-05-03 Monitoring the Alterations That Occur in the Brain Following Traumatic Brain Injury clinical trial
Q66083950 2016-09-21 2017-05 Clinical Trial on Acupuncture Therapy in Patients With Gastrointestinal Neoplasms Laparoscopic Surgery clinical trial
Q66084282 2016-09-21 2018-02-27 A Study to Evaluate the Effects of a Prostate Health Formulation clinical trial
Q66084300 2016-09-21 2017-05-31 A Study Comparing Tazarotene Cream 0.1% to TAZORAC® (Tazarotene) Cream 0.1% and Both to a Placebo Control in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris clinical trial
Q66312125 2016-09-21 2017-12-28 Q66312125 serie de television
Q66394655 2016-09-21 2016-12-01 Assessment of the Efficacy of an Experimental Occlusion Technology Dentifrice in Dentinal Hypersensitivity clinical trial
Q66395086 2016-09-21 2017-08-22 Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of GS-9876 in Participants With Active Rheumatoid Arthritis on Background Therapy With Methotrexate clinical trial
Q66395904 2016-09-21 2018-02-15 A Study to Assess the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic Activity of Intravitreal LKA651 in Patients With Macular Edema clinical trial
Q66398290 2016-09-21 2021-07 Elotuzumab, Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone (ERd) in the Induction, Consolidation and Maintenance Treatment of Transplant-Eligible, Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma Patients clinical trial
Q66398489 2016-09-21 2017-11-16 Optimizing the Assessment of Refractive Outcomes After Cataract Surgery clinical trial
Q66399882 2016-09-21 2020-09 A New Interdisciplinary Collaboration Structure to Improve Medication Safety in the Elderly clinical trial
Q66404493 2016-09-21 2019-02-19 Pivotal Study of MRI-guided Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer clinical trial
Q69632871 2016-09-21 2016-09-25 2016 Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana Cup figure skating competition
Q74286995 2016-09-21 2016-11-18 Dermal Photo Allergic Skin Reaction clinical trial
Q99585132 2016-09-21[23] 2018-03-20[23] The War of the Locust: science, politics, culture and collaboration in the Anti-Locust Research Centre, 1940-45 research grant[23]
research project[23]
Q23057933 2016-09-22 2019-05-10 Easy serie de television
Q23253777 2016-09-22 2017-02-23 How To Get Away With Murder, season 3 television series season
Q24049966 2016-09-22 2016-12-08 Pitch serie de television
Q24063397 2016-09-22 2016-12-08 Notorious serie de television
Q25223269 2016-09-22 2017-05-18 Grey's Anatomy, season 13 television series season
Q25338553 2016-09-22 2016-09-28 2016 Asian Men's Cup Volleyball Championship sports season
Q25386956 2016-09-22 2016-09-24 2016 CS Nebelhorn Trophy figure skating competition
Q26973042 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 Q26973042 Wikinews article
Q26995700 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Polish International Badminton Championships Polish International Badminton Championships
Q26998563 2016-09-22 2016-10-16 Aleppo offensive (September–October 2016) military operation
Q27888279 2016-09-22 2016-11-10 Paranoid serie de television
Q28114475 2016-09-22 2017-03-08 Q28114475 serie de television
Q28413493 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships Colombia International Badminton Championships
Q30900147 2016-09-22 2016-10-03 Q30900147 sports season
Q55348951 2016-09-22 2016-10-02 Q55348951 temporary exhibition[9]
Q55351819 2016-09-22 2016-11-20 Q55351819 temporary exhibition
Q61909387 2016-09-22 2016-11-19 Toxicokinetic Study of Lambda-cyhalothrin Biomarkers of Exposure clinical trial
Q63570762 2016-09-22 2016-12-21 Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Multiple Ascending Doses of SKI-O-703 in Healthy Volunteers clinical trial
Q64184624 2016-09-22 2019-01-23 Study of Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab Versus Nivolumab in Combination With Ipilimumab Placebo in Patients With Recurrent or Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck clinical trial
Q64791796 2016-09-22 2018-08-15 Sputum Labeling Utilizing Synthetic Meso-Tetra (4-Carboxyphenyl) Porphyrin (TCPP) for Detection of Lung Cancer clinical trial
Q64805750 2016-09-22 2017-12-08 Buprenorphine Transdermal Patches in Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair clinical trial
Q65395381 2016-09-22 2020-09-30 Enzalutamide and Paclitaxel Before Surgery in Treating Patients With Stage I-III Androgen Receptor-Positive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer clinical trial
Q66046675 2016-09-22 2017-12 TRANexamic Acid to Reduce Bleeding in BURN Surgery clinical trial
Q66065789 2016-09-22 2023-12-31 Breast Cancer Screening for Underserved Women: Comparing Outcomes and Lowering Recall Rates With 3D- vs. 2D-mammography clinical trial
Q66071636 2016-09-22 2016-12-22 Mediterranean Diet, Trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) and Anti-oxidants in Healthy Adults clinical trial
Q66075729 2016-09-22 2016-11-23 A Single Dose Study of SHR4640 in Healthy Male Volunteers clinical trial
Q66076118 2016-09-22 2019-12 Specialty Mental Health Probation in North Carolina clinical trial
Q66078897 2016-09-22 2017-07-27 Single Bolus Intravenous Ephedrine Attenuates Reduction of Core Body Temperature in Patients Undergoing Spinal Anesthesia for Arthroscopic Knee and Ankle Surgery clinical trial
Q66080441 2016-09-22 2019-03-22 Sacubitril-valsartan and Heart Failure Patients : the ENTRESTO-SAS Study clinical trial
Q66083318 2016-09-22 2018-01-22 Efficacy and Safety of IBI303 in Adult Patients With Active Ankylosing Spondylitis clinical trial
Q66396446 2016-09-22 2017-07-24 Effect of Tiotropium + Olodaterol on Breathlessness in COPD Patients clinical trial
Q66402837 2016-09-22 2017-04-29 A Study of Prexasertib (LY2606368) in Participants With Advanced Cancer clinical trial
Q66405146 2016-09-22 2019-11-01 Early Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation in Treating Patients With Relapsed or Refractory High-Grade Myeloid Neoplasms clinical trial
Q66405511 2016-09-22 2018-01-19 Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Evogliptin in Subjects With Hepatic Dysfunction clinical trial
Q66406403 2016-09-22 2018-05-01 The Efficacy of Sentimag in Detection of Sentinel Node Biopsy clinical trial
Q66407765 2016-09-22 2018-12-20 EMBRACE-SC: Observational Study of Subcutaneous (SC) Tocilizumab Alone or in Combination With Conventional Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (cDMARDs) in Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical trial
Q79958469 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q79958485 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q79958497 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q79958510 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q79958520 2016-09-22 2016-09-25 2016 Colombia International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q21061146 2016-09-23 2016-10-01 Clásico RCN 2016 Clásico RCN
Q22946172 2016-09-23 2017-12-15 The Exorcist serie de television
Q25832162 2016-09-23 2017-11-03 The Lodge serie de television
Q25916838 2016-09-23 2016-11-12 The K2 serie de television
Q26791910 2016-09-23 2016-10-01 Afghan cricket team in Bangladesh in 2016–17 sports tour
Q26844639 2016-09-23[24] 2016-09-25[24] 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships Australian Junior International Badminton Championships[24]
Q26973049 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 Q26973049 Wikinews article
Q26973050 2016-09-23 2016-09-24 Q26973050 Wikinews article
Q26995829 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 State of the Map 2016 recurrent event edition
Q27031493 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 Q27031493 Wikinews article
Q27037910 2016-09-23 2016-09-26 Q27037910 Wikinews article
Q27037930 2016-09-23 2016-09-26 Q27037930 Wikinews article
Q27913089 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q27913091 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q27913094 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27913096 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27913098 2016-09-23 2016-09-25 2016 Australian Junior International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q27953315 2016-09-23 2016-12-27 Q27953315 television program
Q28333424 2016-09-23[25] 2017-01-15[25] Q28333424 exhibition
Q28671534 2016-09-23 2017-03-11 Q28671534 Coppa Italia
sports season
Q28773358 2016-09-23 2017-02-12 Von Dürer bis van Gogh - Sammlung Bührle trifft Wallraf art exhibition
temporary exhibition
Q30748498 2016-09-23 2017-03-31 Dr. Ken, season 2 television series season
Q30900090 2016-09-23 2017-03-24 Liv and Maddie, season 4 television series season
Q30900146 2016-09-23 2016-10-03 Q30900146 sports season
Q55353639 2016-09-23 2017-02-26 Q55353639 temporary exhibition
Q55356735 2016-09-23 2016-12-11 Q55356735 temporary exhibition
Q55357226 2016-09-23 2017-01-08 Q55357226 temporary exhibition
Q63229513 2016-09-23 2020-10-14 Identification of Genetic Factors Implicated in Orofacial Cleft Using Whole Exome Sequencing clinical trial
Q63398135 2016-09-23 2017-06-12 A Pilot Study of Online Yoga for MPN Patients clinical trial
Q63574062 2016-09-23 2018-02-02 Feasibility of Home-based Virtual Reality Rehabilitation for the Upper Extremity in Subacute and Chronic Stroke clinical trial
Q63813244 2016-09-23 2019-05 Pharmacokinetics of Firsocostat or Fenofibrate in Adults With Normal and Impaired Hepatic Function clinical trial
Q64807236 2016-09-23 2016-12-15 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of 3 Dosages of Estriol After Continuous Vaginal Administration for 21 Days clinical trial
Q64807995 2016-09-23 2017-06-30 Pralatrexate for Relapsed or Refractory Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma clinical trial
Q66045712 2016-09-23 2018-09-30 Encapsulated Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Dental Pulp Regeneration. clinical trial
Q66045890 2016-09-23 2020-03-31 Study to Assess Resource Utilization and Quality of Life of Patients With RRMS Treated With Tecfidera in Greece clinical trial
Q66080577 2016-09-23 2017-03-06 Safety and Immunogenicity of Fluzone® Quadrivalent Vaccine Administered to Healthy Children clinical trial
Q66081127 2016-09-23 2017-05-04 A Thorough QTc Trial Evaluating the Effect of SNAC on Cardiac Repolarisation in Healthy Male Subjects. clinical trial
Q66082873 2016-09-23 2017-01-25 DURABLE-I Study: Dielectric Unravelling of Radiofrequency ABLation Effectiveness clinical trial
Q66084355 2016-09-23 2018-05 A Study of Preimplantation Genetic Screening With Next Generation Sequencing Technology on Advanced Age Women clinical trial
Q66393820 2016-09-23 2019-09 Gemcitabine in Newly-Diagnosed Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma clinical trial
Q66397044 2016-09-23 2019-05-14 A Study of Atezolizumab as First-line Monotherapy for Advanced or Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer clinical trial
Q66399622 2016-09-23 2018-01-11 Safety and Efficacy of Bexagliflozin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients With Moderate Renal Impairment clinical trial
Q66400176 2016-09-23 2020-03-31 Safety and Tolerability of Atezolizumab (ATZ) in Combination With Radium-223 Dichloride (R-223-D) in Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) Progressed Following Treatment With an Androgen Pathway Inhibitor clinical trial
Q66402484 2016-09-23 2016-10-04 A Phase 2a Study to Evaluate the Effects of Sirukumab in Subjects With Severe Poorly Controlled Asthma clinical trial
Q74285902 2016-09-23 2021-07-21 Healthy Eating ASD clinical trial
Q100341693 2016-09-23[26] 2017-01-29[26] De Boeddha in het Tropenmuseum temporary exhibition[26]
Q24882957 2016-09-24 2016-09-25 2016 Italian Basketball Supercup sports season
Q25408614 2016-09-24 2016-10-01 2016 FIRS Women's Roller Hockey World Cup sports season
Q26897545 2016-09-24 2017-03-25 Star Wars Rebels, season 3 television series season
Q26973036 2016-09-24 2016-09-25 Q26973036 Wikinews article
Q27001786 2016-09-24 2016-09-30 Tour de Côte d'Ivoire 2016 Tour de Côte d'Ivoire
Q27098562 2016-09-24 2016-10-07 Typhoon Chaba typhoon
Q28670016 2016-09-24 2017-05-30 Q28670016 sports season
Q28670278 2016-09-24 2017-06-10 Q28670278 sports season
Q28671410 2016-09-24 2016-09-25 Q28671410 Q3504456
Q29562872 2016-09-24 2017-01-14 I Hate You I Love You serie de television
Q29639204 2016-09-24 2017-06-03 2016–17 OK Liga sports season
Q30741066 2016-09-24 2017-06-10 Q30741066 sports season
Q48836715 2016-09-24 2017-06-03 Q48836715 sports season
Q55336220 2016-09-24 2016-11-20 Q55336220 temporary exhibition
Q55336238 2016-09-24 2016-11-13 Q55336238 temporary exhibition
Q55336473 2016-09-24 2016-11-13 Q55336473 temporary exhibition
Q55336624 2016-09-24 2016-12-11 Q55336624 temporary exhibition
Q55336967 2016-09-24 2016-11-20 Q55336967 temporary exhibition
Q55349690 2016-09-24 2017-01-08 Q55349690 temporary exhibition
Q55350787 2016-09-24 2016-12-31 Q55350787 temporary exhibition[9]
Q55350788 2016-09-24 2016-12-18 Q55350788 temporary exhibition[9]
Q55350792 2016-09-24 2016-12-31 Q55350792 temporary exhibition[9]
Q55352292 2016-09-24 2016-10-29 Q55352292 temporary exhibition
Q55354779 2016-09-24 2017-01-08 Q55354779 temporary exhibition
Q55357956 2016-09-24 2016-11-20 Q55357956 temporary exhibition
Q55357957 2016-09-24 2016-11-20 Q55357957 temporary exhibition
Q55366924 2016-09-24 2017-02-05 Q55366924 temporary exhibition
Q55367440 2016-09-24 2017-01-29 Q55367440 temporary exhibition
Q76159397 2016-09-24[27] 2017-01-02[27] Anthony Hernandez art exhibition[27]
Q76159414 2016-09-24[28] 2017-01-29[28] The Campaign for Art: Drawings, Part II art exhibition[28]
Q23301616 2016-09-25 2017-05-14 Once Upon a Time, season 6 television series season
Q24211712 2016-09-25 2017-05-21 28th season of The Simpsons television series season
Q25440100 2016-09-25 2017-05-31 2016–17 Albanian Cup sports season
Q26203654 2016-09-25 2017-05-21 Family Guy, season 15 television series season
Q26804644 2016-09-25 2017-05-15 Quantico, season 2 television series season
Q26959130 2016-09-25 2016-10-01 2016 Wuhan Open Wuhan Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26959991 2016-09-25 2016-10-01 2016 Tashkent Open tennis tournament edition
Tashkent Open
Q27307919 2016-09-25 2017-01-27 Tuyul & Mba Yul Reborn soap opera
Q27538014 2016-09-25 2016-10-02 2016 Red Rock Pro Open tennis tournament edition
Party Rock Open
Q28719455 2016-09-25 2017-04-30 Q28719455 sports season
Q29360054 2016-09-25 2016-12-04 Secrets and Lies, season 2 television series season
Q55349490 2016-09-25 2016-10-30 Q55349490 temporary exhibition
Q55349491 2016-09-25 2016-10-30 Q55349491 temporary exhibition
Q63397305 2016-09-25 2017-06-10 Study of the Efficacy of GGRO: a Novel Cognitive Training App clinical trial
Q64706548 2016-09-25[3] 2016-10-03[3] Hurricane Ulika category 1 hurricane[3]
Q64706549 2016-09-25[3] 2016-09-30[3] Tropical Storm Roslyn tropical storm[3]
Q64802443 2016-09-25 2018-08-24 Apixaban in End-stage Kidney Disease : A Pharmacokinetics Study clinical trial
Q66398957 2016-09-25 2017-05-10 Influence of Intraoral Photobiomodulation in Individuals With Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction clinical trial
Q26381967 2016-09-26 2016-11-15 Woman with a Suitcase serie de television
Q26932610 2016-09-26 2016-10-02 2016 Chengdu Open Chengdu Open
tennis tournament edition
Q26932619 2016-09-26 2016-10-02 2016 ATP Shenzhen Open tennis tournament edition by gender
ATP Shenzhen Open
tennis tournament edition
Q27031299 2016-09-26 2016-10-02 2016 Tiburon Challenger tennis tournament edition
Tiburon Challenger
Q27031301 2016-09-26 2016-10-02 2016 Open d'Orléans tennis tournament edition
Open d'Orléans
Q27032919 2016-09-26 2016-10-02 2016 BFD Energy Challenger tennis tournament edition
Q27056196 2016-09-26 2016-10-01 2016 Claro Open Medellín tennis tournament edition
Seguros Bolívar Open Medellín
Q27961115 2016-09-26 2017-05-23 Q27961115 sports season
Q43405998 2016-09-26 2015-12-04 Spotlight television program
serie de television
Q56321118 2016-09-26 2016-09-27 Q56321118 sports season
Q63399698 2016-09-26 2018-01-10 French Version of the Orofacial Esthetic Scale clinical trial
Q63577721 2016-09-26 2021-04-27 A Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Upadacitinib (ABT-494) for Induction and Maintenance Therapy in Subjects With Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis (UC) clinical trial
Q64802499 2016-09-26 2016-11 Ultrasound-guidance for Intraosseous Access During Earthquake clinical trial
Q64836960 2016-09-26 2017-12-31 Effectiveness of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Pain clinical trial
Q65403206 2016-09-26 2018-07 Non Invasive Detection of Cardiac Allograft Rejection by Circulating microRNAs clinical trial
Q66067292 2016-09-26 2020-02-01 Osseointegrated Human-Machine Gateway clinical trial
Q66068410 2016-09-26 2018-10-21 Effect of Cilostazol on Carotid Atherosclerosis Estimated by 3D Ultrasound in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes clinical trial
Q66073475 2016-09-26 2019-09 Characterization of the Neo-squamous Epithelial Barrier clinical trial
Q66080596 2016-09-26 2018-03-31 High Water Intake in Polycystic Kidney Disease clinical trial
Q66081293 2016-09-26 2020-07-31 Patient Actor Training to Improve HIV Services for Adolescents in Kenya clinical trial
Q66081956 2016-09-26 2017-12-11 A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Trastuzumab Emtansine in Combination With Atezolizumab or Atezolizumab-Placebo in Participants With Human Epidermal Growth Factor-2 (HER2) Positive Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer (BC) clinical trial
Q66394538 2016-09-26 2017-08-17 A Single Dose Study of E6130 in Japanese Healthy Adult Male Subjects clinical trial
Q66396164 2016-09-26 2018-06 Open Lung Protective Ventilation in Cardiac Surgery clinical trial
Q66396511 2016-09-26 2020-01-13 Dose Escalation Study of JNJ-54767414 (Daratumumab) in Chinese Participants With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma Who Failed at Least 2 Prior Lines of Systemic Therapy clinical trial
Q66401847 2016-09-26 2017-03-16 An Exploratory Study on the Effects of Repeat Doses of Albiglutide Compared to Exenatide on Gastric Myoelectrical Activity and Gastric Emptying in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Subjects clinical trial
Q66404526 2016-09-26 2017-12 CCRT With Temozolomide Versus RT Alone in Patients With IDH Wild-type/TERT Promoter Mutation Grade II/III Gliomas clinical trial
Q67124261 2016-09-26 2017-12-20 The Study of the Implantation Window From Endometrial Biopsy With Gene Expression Methods clinical trial
Q93731056 2016-09-26[29] 2016-09-18[29] Exposition Les Rouart, de l’impressionnisme au réalisme magique temporary art exhibition[29]
Q20033529 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Badminton Championships Korea Open Badminton Championships
Q23022016 2016-09-27 2017-04-30 2016–17 Basketball Champions League sports season
Q23787625 2016-09-27 2016-12-20 Aftermath serie de television
Q27798529 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Super Series – Men's singles badminton event
Q27798836 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Super Series – Women's singles badminton event
Q27799139 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Super Series – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27799440 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Super Series – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27799740 2016-09-27 2016-10-02 2016 Korea Open Super Series – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q27915975 2016-09-27 2016-12-13 Nada Será Como Antes miniseries
Q28666287 2016-09-27 2017-05-11 Q28666287 sports season
Q61906917 2016-09-27 2017-09-27 Comprehensive Analysis of Gene Mutation Profile in Chinese NSCLC Patients by Next-generation Sequencing clinical trial
Q61908855 2016-09-27 2018-04-03 A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of LIV-GAMMA SN Inj. in Primary Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) clinical trial
Q62821726 2016-09-27 2017-09-20 Mirvaso® Gel and Dysport® for Erythema and Flushing of Rosacea clinical trial
Q63393106 2016-09-27 2018-08-01 Helicobacter Pylori and it's Hematological Impact clinical trial
Q63397930 2016-09-27 2019-02-01 Evaluating the Feasibility of RESCUE: An Adjunctive HAI-Based Intervention for Veterans With PTSD clinical trial
Q63403934 2016-09-27 2018-08-27 Home-Based Functional Exercise Program in Patients With Patellar Femoral Syndrome Over a 10-Week Period clinical trial
Q63596510 2016-09-27 2018-06-04 Serum Insulin Response After Acute and Chronic Sucralose Ingestion in Healthy Volunteers With Variable Body Mass Index clinical trial
Q64151177 2016-09-27 2017-07-21 Treatment of Nasal Airway Obstruction Using the Aerin Medical Device clinical trial
Q64186994 2016-09-27 2017-09-15 A Clinical Trial to Evaluate Prophylactic Emicizumab Versus no Prophylaxis in Hemophilia A Participants Without Inhibitors clinical trial
Q64394238 2016-09-27 2019-09 A Study of TRC105 in Combination With Paclitaxel/Carboplatin and Bevacizumab in Non-Squamous Cell Lung Cancer clinical trial
Q64796356 2016-09-27 2017-01-30 Structural Changes of Subcutaneous Tissue by Ultrasonographies in Patients After Treatment With PnKCelulitis® Program clinical trial
Q65465817 2016-09-27 2019-09 Retinal Neuro-vascular Coupling in Patients With Neurodegenerative Disease clinical trial
Q66045797 2016-09-27 2020-01-01 Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Goff Transpancreatic Septotomy vs. Double Wire Technique for Achieving Biliary Access in Technically Challenging ERCPs clinical trial
Q66069177 2016-09-27 2020-02-28 Ambulatory ICU Study for Medically and Socially Complex Patients clinical trial
Q66080588 2016-09-27 2020-08-30 G-CSF Alone or Combination With GM-CSF on Prevention and Treatment of Infection in Children With Malignant Tumor clinical trial
Q66080750 2016-09-27 2017-03-09 A Study to Evaluate the Immunogenicity and Safety of Seqirus Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV) in a Pediatric Population 6 Months Through 59 Months of Age. clinical trial
Q66082842 2016-09-27 2018-01-23 AssessmeNT of the Incidence of Clostridium Difficile Infections in Hospitalized Patients on Antibiotic TrEatment clinical trial
Q66083081 2016-09-27 2020-08-17 Anemia Studies in Chronic Kidney Disease: Erythropoiesis Via a Novel Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitor Daprodustat-Non-Dialysis (ASCEND-ND) clinical trial
Q66083366 2016-09-27 2016-11-27 Evaluation Study of the Bioavailability of Brexpiprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablets in Healthy Male Subjects clinical trial
Q66394184 2016-09-27 2017-04-27 Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Initial Administration of 17 mg Vortioxetine Intravenously With 10 mg/Day Vortioxetine Orally in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder clinical trial
Q66394620 2016-09-27 2017-07-01 The Effect of Dexmedetomidine on Neuroendocrine Stress Hormone Release and Heart Rate Variability in Patients Undergoing Major Spinal Surgery clinical trial
Q66394650 2016-09-27 2017-08-20 Bougie Use in Emergency Airway Management clinical trial
Q66394903 2016-09-27 2018-05-12 Clinical Evaluation of Use of Prismocitrate 18 in Patients Undergoing Acute Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) clinical trial
Q66397313 2016-09-27 2017-12 A Clinica Study of Pyrotinib in Patients of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer With HER2 Mutation clinical trial
Q66397324 2016-09-27 2016-09-27 A Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Agent [18F]-ODS2004436 as a Marker of EGFR Mutation in Subjects With NSCLC clinical trial
Q66545934 2016-09-27 2017-07-01 Effect of Anesthesia on Quality of Recovery in Patients Undergoing Correctional Tibial Osteotomy - A Randomized Controlled Trial clinical trial
Q67124844 2016-09-27 2021-01 LCI-GU-URO-CRI-001: Crizotinib in Patients With c-MET or RON-Positive Metastatic Urothelial Cancer clinical trial
Q67127796 2016-09-27 2020-09-01 Metabolomic and Inflammatory Effects of Oral Aspirin (ASA) in Subjects at Risk for Melanoma clinical trial
Q87599748 2016-09-27 2016-09-29 extraordinary French legislative session (from September 27th, 2016 to September 29th) french legislative session of the 14th legislature[30]
extraordinary French legislative session
Q87931615 2016-09-27 2021-12-31 Endostomal Three-dimensional Ultrasonography for Parastomal Hernia clinical trial
Q97045731 2016-09-27 2019-12-05 Clinical Study to Gather Information How Micronutricients Such as Vitamins, Dietary Minerals and Omega-3 Fatty Acid (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Added to the Diet of Pregnant Women Effects the Medical State of the Mother and Infants at Delivery clinical trial
Q24700175 2016-09-28 2017-05-10 Criminal Minds, season 12 television series season
Q24939831 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 Q24939831 film festival edition
Q25338984 2016-09-28 2016-09-28 The Wrong Girl serie de television
Q27058656 2016-09-28 2016-10-10 Hurricane Matthew category 5 hurricane
Q27074456 2016-09-28 2016-10-01 2016 CS Autumn Classic International figure skating competition
Q27185813 2016-09-28 2016-10-16 2016 Dabiq offensive Battalia
Q27514850 2016-09-28 2016-10-22 Blue serie de television
Q27645908 2016-09-28 2016-12-01 Big Brother: Over the Top television series season
Q27864710 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series – Men's singles badminton event
Q27864711 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series – Women's singles badminton event
Q27864712 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series – Men's doubles badminton event
Q27864713 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series – Women's doubles badminton event
Q27864714 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q27864715 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Vietnam International Series Vietnam International Series
Q28451159 2016-09-28 2017-01-15 2016–17 Polish Cup of men's volleyball sports season
Q28726032 2016-09-28 2017-02-17 Q28726032 sports season
Q30435095 2016-09-28 2017-02-08 Code Black, season 2 television series season
Q42407042 2016-09-28 2016-09-30 SMWCon Fall 2016 Semantic MediaWiki Conference
Q50314147 2016-09-28 2017-01-15 Q50314147 temporary exhibition
Q54866668 2016-09-28 2016-09-29 2016 Indian Line of Control strike
Q63397716 2016-09-28 2017-04-24 Response Surface Pathway Design With Two Interventional- and One Response Variable in Estimating Minimum Efficacy Dose clinical trial
Q63533935 2016-09-28 2019-09 Evaluation of Medical Device clinical trial
Q63585234 2016-09-28 2016-12-09 Simulated Clinical Use Testing on the DropSafe Safety Pen Needle clinical trial
Q63585454 2016-09-28 2018-06-30 The Impact of Exercise on Hand Function, Daily Activities Performance and Quality of Life of SLE' Patients clinical trial
Q64140099 2016-09-28 2019-04-30 BI 695501 Versus Humira in Patients With Active Crohn's Disease: a Trial Comparing Efficacy, Endoscopic Improvement, Safety, and Immunogenicity clinical trial
Q64151160 2016-09-28 2019-03-26 Safety and Tolerability of VK2809 in Patients With Primary Hypercholesterolemia and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease clinical trial
Q64790240 2016-09-28 2019-07 Prevention of Influenza and Other Wintertime Respiratory Viruses Among Healthcare Professionals in Israel clinical trial
Q64801963 2016-09-28 2017-01-21 Acupuncture Outcomes Based Rehabilitation clinical trial
Q64805322 2016-09-28 2019-09-30 GPR109A and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Niacin in Outcome Measures clinical trial
Q64819263 2016-09-28 2020-10-30 The Asia Primary Tube Versus Trab (TVT) Study clinical trial
Q65342758 2016-09-28 2022-05 Study of SRP-4045 and SRP-4053 in DMD Patients clinical trial
Q65465875 2016-09-28 2017-04-14 Study to Evaluate the Overall Performance of the Zalviso System™ (Sufentanil Sublingual Tablet System) 15 mcg clinical trial
Q66046900 2016-09-28 2017-01-12 Safety and Clinical Tolerability of hdmASIT+TM Peptides Administered in HDM-induced Allergic Patients clinical trial
Q66074933 2016-09-28 2021-03-15 Copper Cu-64 TP3805 PET/CT in Imaging Patients With Urothelial Cancer Undergoing Surgery or Biopsy clinical trial
Q66076786 2016-09-28 2019-02-28 Steroid Nasal Irrigation for Flavor Evaluation and Detection Study clinical trial
Q66082172 2016-09-28 2019-03-08 Comparison of High Versus Escalating Shocks in Cardioverting Atrial Fibrillation clinical trial
Q66082236 2016-09-28 2018-02-18 Study on Sodium and Caffeine in Children and Adolescents clinical trial
Q66082696 2016-09-28 2020-04-14 Anemia Studies in Chronic Kidney Disease: Erythropoiesis Via a Novel Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitor Daprodustat-Dialysis (ASCEND-D) clinical trial
Q66083039 2016-09-28 2018-02-02 Does the Response to a Mini-fluid Challenge of 3ml/kg in 2 Minutes Predict Fluid Responsiveness for Pediatric Patient? clinical trial
Q66394059 2016-09-28 2019-08-19 Elotuzumab Safety Surveillance In Japanese Patients With Relapse Or Refractory Multiple Myeloma clinical trial
Q66396276 2016-09-28 2019-05 Neuromodulation Treatment of Vestibular Migraines clinical trial
Q66396789 2016-09-28 2021-05-21 Genetic Testing and Phenotypic Characterization of Severely Obese Pediatric and Adult Volunteers clinical trial
Q66398745 2016-09-28 2018-01-30 Intra-articular Volumetric Assessment After Total Knee Arthroplasty clinical trial
Q66400090 2016-09-28 2018-01-09 Study of Pts With Philadelphia Chromosome-Pos ALL With Comb of Ibrutinib, Dasatinib, and Prednisone clinical trial
Q66402389 2016-09-28 2019-12-01 Study to Assess the Activity of Molecularly Matched Targeted Therapies in Select Tumor Types Based on Genomic Alterations clinical trial
Q66403825 2016-09-28 2020-06-30 Lymphodepletion and Anti-PD-1 Blockade to Reduce Relapse in AML Patient Not Eligible for Transplant clinical trial
Q66404496 2016-09-28 2017-01-01 Biomarker Study in Participants With Migraine clinical trial
Q66405994 2016-09-28 2017-10 Structural and Functional Repercussions of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Sequelae clinical trial
Q69633110 2016-09-28 2016-10-02 2016 Junior Grand Prix Tallinn Cup figure skating competition
Q74273211 2016-09-28 2016-10-27 Comparative Pharmacokinetic Study of Lidocaine Patch 1.8% (ZTlido™) and Lidocaine Patch 5% (Lidoderm®) in Healthy Subjects clinical trial
Q77825716 2016-09-28[31] 2017-01-29[31] Maíno's Adorations: Heaven on Earth art exhibition[31]
Q79111233 2016-09-28 2021-03-31 Efficacy and Safety of SCM-CGH in Patients With Steroid-Refractory or Dependent Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease clinical trial
Q92271825 2016-09-28 2017-11-22 Temperature Monitoring in Cardiac Surgery: Agreement Between Different Clinical Methods clinical trial
Q19954598 2016-09-29 2019-05-17 Mighty Magiswords web series
Q24204560 2016-09-29[32] 2016-10-29[32] 2016 League of Legends World Championship sports league
Q24910080 2016-09-29 2017-04-13 2016–17 ABA League sports season
Q27865929 2016-09-29 2016-12-04 Q27865929 serie de television
Q55337534 2016-09-29 2016-10-01 Q55337534 temporary exhibition
Q55348952 2016-09-29 2017-01-22 Q55348952 temporary exhibition[9]
Q55355227 2016-09-29 2017-01-22 Q55355227 temporary exhibition
Q55358437 2016-09-29 2017-08-06 Q55358437 temporary exhibition
Q63393793 2016-09-29 2017-12-30 Mindfulness Exercises to Reduce Anxiety and Pain During Urodynamic Testing clinical trial
Q64123004 2016-09-29 2020-01-31 Enhanced Epidermal Antigen Specific Immunotherapy Trial -1 clinical trial
Q64150825 2016-09-29 2019-01-03 Expiratory Muscle Strength Training in Improving Bulbar Function and Quality of Life in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer clinical trial
Q64151241 2016-09-29 2021-12-15 A Study of LY3214996 Administered Alone or in Combination With Other Agents in Participants With Advanced/Metastatic Cancer clinical trial
Q65346913 2016-09-29 2017-03-02 Clinical Study to Investigate the Biological Activity, Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Ponesimod in Subjects With Symptomatic Chronic GVHD clinical trial
Q66042708 2016-09-29 2017-06-10 Clinical Trial Verifying C-REX LapAid and C-REX DMH/DMHC clinical trial
Q66042709 2016-09-29 2019-01-04 Educational Intervention in Increasing Knowledge About Prostate Cancer in High-Risk Neighborhoods clinical trial
Q66067280 2016-09-29 2018-09-29 Refinement of LaborView clinical trial
Q66075689 2016-09-29 2017-03-08 IOP Changes With Different Anesthetic Agents During Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery clinical trial
Q66079173 2016-09-29 2016-10-24 Drug-Drug Interaction Study Between DWC20155 / DWC20156 and DWC20161 in Healthy Volunteers clinical trial
Q66080119 2016-09-29 2019-02-14 Effect of Liraglutide for Weight Management in Pubertal Adolescent Subjects With Obesity clinical trial
Q66081329 2016-09-29 2018-12 The Association Between Post-ERCP Acute Pancreatitis and Various Genetic Mutations clinical trial
Q66083266 2016-09-29 2017-01-05 Mi Band Step Challenge to Improve Body Composition in Overweight University Students clinical trial
Q66083627 2016-09-29 2016-12-12 Single Rising Dose Study of BI 690517 in Healthy Volunteers clinical trial
Q66084061 2016-09-29 2020-09-29 Hand K-wire Infections in Operating Room Versus Ambulatory Setting clinical trial
Q66389582 2016-09-29 2018-06-13 Salud y Vida 2.0: Enhancing Integrated Behavioral Health for Diabetics in the Rio Grande Valley clinical trial
Q66395720 2016-09-29 2022-09-01 Study of IACS-010759 in Subjects With Relapsed or Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) clinical trial
Q66402921 2016-09-29 2019-12-31 KOREA Study (Korea Osimertinib Real World Evidence Study to Assess Safety and Efficacy) clinical trial
Q66403132 2016-09-29 2019-09-30 Long-Term Side Effects of Ruxolitinib in Treating Patients With Myelofibrosis clinical trial
Q66403482 2016-09-29 2019-09 Validation of the Hospital Asthma Severity Score (HASS) clinical trial
Q66403842 2016-09-29 2017-02-23 The Utility of Pulse Pressure Variation to Predict the Fluid Responsiveness During Pneumoperitoneum and Reverse-Trendelenburg Position clinical trial
Q66405050 2016-09-29 2017-04-28 Effect of His-Ventricular (HV) Interval Optimisation in Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy clinical trial
Q66406458 2016-09-29 2017-08-30 Response of Individuals With Ataxia-Telangiectasia to Metformin and Pioglitazone clinical trial
Q66546753 2016-09-29 2019-12 General Anesthesia Versus Sedation During Intra-arterial Treatment for Stroke clinical trial
Q67125812 2016-09-29 2019-09 Trial to Demonstrate the Efficacy and Safety of Internet-delivered Behavioral Treatment for Adults With Tic Disorders clinical trial
Q73763828 2016-09-29[33] 2016-10-01[33] 2016 CS Autumn Classic International - ice dancing sporting event
Q99081089 2016-09-29 2017-02-14 Compensatory Movements With Axon-Hook and Greifer in Transradial Amputees clinical trial
Q99585387 2016-09-29[34] 2017-02-28[34] Hakluyt@400: A Commemorative Series to Enhance Public Understanding of the History of English Exploration and Voyages of Discovery research grant[34]
research project[34]
Q13446473 2016-09-30 2016-10-21 2016 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup sports season
Q18844733 2016-09-30 2016-09-30 Crisis in Six Scenes serie de television
Q20646602 2016-09-30 2018-06-22 Luke Cage serie de television
Q24909125 2016-09-30 2017-06-16 2016–17 ACB season sports season
Q25386997 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial figure skating competition
Q25415514 2016-09-30 2017-05-07 2016–17 PlusLiga sports season
Q26268485 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 ESL One: New York 2016 sports competition
Q27057796 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 Q27057796 Wikinews article
Q27057813 2016-09-30 2016-10-01 Q27057813 Wikinews article
Q27062224 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 Festival international de géographie 2016 International Festival of Geography
Q27076106 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 Q27076106 Wikinews article
Q27076314 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 Q27076314 Wikinews article
Q27076842 2016-09-30 2016-10-03 Q27076842 Wikinews article
Q27335568 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships Ethiopia International Badminton Championships
Q27957648 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Tour de Corse Tour de Corse
Q28229604 2016-09-30 2016-10-16 2016 New York Film Festival film festival edition
Q28337435 2016-09-30 2017-01-15 Stigmata - actions & performances 1976-2016 exhibition
Q28441349 2016-09-30 2016-09-30 Luke Cage, season 1 television series season
Q28443714 2016-09-30 2016-11-04 The Level serie de television
Q41582509 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Route 91 Harvest music festival edition
Q55335745 2016-09-30 2016-11-27 Q55335745 temporary exhibition
Q55335855 2016-09-30 2016-11-27 Q55335855 temporary exhibition
Q55336619 2016-09-30 2017-01-15 Q55336619 temporary exhibition
Q55350125 2016-09-30 2016-10-30 Q55350125 temporary exhibition
Q55351625 2016-09-30 2017-01-15 Q55351625 temporary exhibition
Q55353804 2016-09-30 2017-01-08 Q55353804 temporary exhibition
Q55366292 2016-09-30 2017-01-08 Q55366292 temporary exhibition
Q55367188 2016-09-30 2017-01-29 Q55367188 temporary exhibition
Q55370262 2016-09-30 2017-01-08 Q55370262 temporary exhibition
Q55370268 2016-09-30 2017-01-17 Q55370268 temporary exhibition
Q55372815 2016-09-30 2017-01-08 Q55372815 temporary exhibition
Q63229566 2016-09-30 2021-12-31 Transforming Recovery Through Exercise and Community clinical trial
Q64150068 2016-09-30 2019-09 High-Intensity Interval Training for Women at Heightened Risk for Breast Cancer clinical trial
Q64173538 2016-09-30 2019-08-01 Study of Cobimetinib in Combination With Atezolizumab and Bevacizumab in Participants With Gastrointestinal and Other Tumors clinical trial
Q64187122 2016-09-30 2020-12-31 Mélisses Garden: Effect on Anxious State in Adult Patients Hospitalized in Psychiatry clinical trial
Q64188179 2016-09-30 2018-07-28 LLLT for Reducing Waste Circumference and Weight clinical trial
Q64217371 2016-09-30 2018-07-23 Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Immunogenicity of an MF59-Adjuvanted Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine Compared to Non-influenza Vaccine Comparator in Adults ≥ 65 Years of Age clinical trial
Q64392594 2016-09-30 2018-01-31 Impact and Use of Abatacept IV for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Real Life Setting clinical trial
Q64792887 2016-09-30 2017-02-20 Correlation of Audiovisual Features With Clinical Variables and Neurocognitive Functions in Bipolar Disorder, Mania clinical trial
Q64804971 2016-09-30 2018-01-28 The Use of 18F-ALF-NOTA-PRGD2 PET/CT Scan to Predict the Efficacy and Adverse Events of Apatinib in Malignancies. clinical trial
Q64807269 2016-09-30 2021-09-30 MCT and Capsaicin Provocation Challenge in Diagnosis of Chronic Cough clinical trial
Q64835527 2016-09-30 2019-09-30 Postoperative NSCLC Treated With Integrated Medicine Base on Circulating Tumor Cell Detection clinical trial
Q65334596 2016-09-30 2017-05-30 Clotting With Different Dialyzer Membranes clinical trial
Q66043901 2016-09-30 2017-01-10 Ridge Preservation With Provisional Ovoid Pontic clinical trial
Q66061957 2016-09-30 2019-09-30 Multi-Level Communication Strategies for HPV Vaccination in Hmong Adolescents clinical trial
Q66073230 2016-09-30 2017-09-28 The Influence of Mindfulness on the Link Between Consumer Culture Values and Well-being clinical trial
Q66077838 2016-09-30 2020-05-27 An Open-Label Pharmacokinetics and Safety Study of Talazoparib (MDV3800) clinical trial
Q66080231 2016-09-30 2017-04-07 Selective HDAC6 Inhibitor ACY-241 in Combination With Ipilimumab and Nivolumab clinical trial
Q66080328 2016-09-30 2017-05-31 Impact of Feeding Interval of Preterms on the Time of Transition From Tube Feeding to Oral Feeding clinical trial
Q66081765 2016-09-30 2018-09-30 Multi-channel Stimulation for Post Stroke Spasticity (MUSTS) clinical trial
Q66082675 2016-09-30 2019-01-11 Linagliptin Add-on to Insulin Background Therapy clinical trial
Q66084156 2016-09-30 2018-12-18 Increased Physical Activity Through Mindfulness clinical trial
Q66394541 2016-09-30 2018-10-26 Study of Ibrutinib in Combination With Bortezomib and Dexamethasone in Subjects With Relapsed/Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma clinical trial
Q66394680 2016-09-30 2018-08-09 Humeral Compression/Distraction Device clinical trial
Q66394913 2016-09-30 2017-06-30 CPC-201 Alzheimer's Disease Type Dementia: PET Study clinical trial
Q66396151 2016-09-30 2024-08-31 Yervoy Pregnancy Surveillance Study clinical trial
Q66396401 2016-09-30 2020-03-19 Study of Pembrolizumab (MK-3475) Monotherapy in Locally Advanced/Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (MK-3475-427/KEYNOTE-427) clinical trial
Q66400853 2016-09-30 2017-11-27 Study for Collection of Aflibercept Data in Routine Practice clinical trial
Q66401964 2016-09-30 2019-06-30 Bosentan Treatment of Digital Ulcers Related to Systemic Sclerosis clinical trial
Q66404119 2016-09-30 2018-01-31 A Study in Adult Patients With Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Who Also Have Type 2 Diabetes clinical trial
Q73763739 2016-09-30[33] 2016-10-01[33] 2016 CS Autumn Classic International - men's singles sporting event
Q73763770 2016-09-30[33] 2016-10-01[33] 2016 CS Autumn Classic International - ladies' singles sporting event
Q73763794 2016-09-30[33] 2016-10-01[33] 2016 CS Autumn Classic International - pair skating sporting event
Q79110176 2016-09-30 2017-04-30 Effect of Escalating Oral Vitamin D Replacement on HOMA-IR in Vitamin D Deficient Type 2 Diabetics clinical trial
Q79959366 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships – Men's doubles badminton event
Q79959376 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships – Men's singles badminton event
Q79959386 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships – Women's doubles badminton event
Q79959400 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships – Women's singles badminton event
Q79959414 2016-09-30 2016-10-02 2016 Ethiopia International Badminton Championships – Mixed doubles badminton event
Q86156349 2016-09-30 2017-06-21 Topical Ophthalmic AGN-195263 for the Treatment of Evaporative Dry Eye (2016-09-30) clinical trial
Q86307024 2016-09-30 2016-10-31 Evaluation of Dry Eye Symptoms in CAE With Application of Intranasal Neurostimulation clinical trial
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